The Flawed System
4 Off to Astralin
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The Flawed System
Author :FluffyCotton
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4 Off to Astralin

{My memories?}

[Yes. Your memories are actually even more precious than your soul. After all, everyone has a soul, however no one can have the same life experiences and feelings they encounter throughout their life.]

{Is there anything else besides my soul and memories?}

[Well you can sell your current gender and turn into a male. However I advised you to not do this, as living the opposite gender may be a literal pain in the ass.]

{How so?}

[Well...entering the wrong bathroom could be one example. And since you were originally a girl in love with a boy, falling in love with another guy living as a guy could be seen as morally unethical in this new world.]

{I see. So it's my memories that are going to be sold huh...}

Justine looked at the golden ball dejectedly and sighed.

{Is it possible to keep some memories?}

Even though it was inevitable to lose some memories to purchase some goods in the System, Justine was hopeful in keeping her most treasured memories of John and her family.

[Yes. Would you like to sell your miscellaneous memories and only keep the important ones?]

{...So you knew what I was about to say huh?}

[Of course, I am the System after all.]

Justine could fully imagine a nose raised to the heavens while the System was saying that. However she didn't counter the System's raised nose. Better yet, it was in her benefit if the System was so understanding.

[You'll only remember only the important things of your previous life and forget the rest. So once more, are you sure you want to sell a portion of your memories? ]


[Okay, you will receive the aftereffects of this decision when you are reborn.]

Confused, Justine quickly replied to him {Wait. Why after I am reborn? Why not now?}

[Well firstly, it would cause major inconveniences to the System if you are a complete idiot and couldn't decide what to buy. And secondly, it would be better for your future parents to see a slightly intelligent yet innocent baby, not a baby that holds a 18 year old soul in it.]

{Wow, that's the first time you were ever so considerate of me!} Justine exclaimed and was astonished with the sudden treatment that the System gave her. One has to know that the System was like a stingy friend who never payed their share of the meal.

[Well of course I would be considerate. After all you are buying goods from me. Now onto the main topic. According to the deal, you are going to sell your memories to obtain items. However it is impossible to buy everything with just your memories alone, so I'll be creating a currency to show how much a portion of your memories are worth.]

[90% of memories exchanged...Host has gained 9,000 Life Credit]

[Remaining 10% would be be sent back to Host and memories would be revealed to Host bit by bit as Host ages.]

Then as if a ghost, a bunch of words appeared saying:




{Hey System, although you said you were almighty and awe-inspiring, why are there so little options to choose from?}

[That is because....] The System was embarrassed by her remark. [I was separated from my other half. You can even say that I was the younger one and my other half was the older one.]

{In other words, you're a little brat.} Justine was inwardly smiling and couldn't wait to tease this young boy.

[Hmph, even if I am a little brat, there's no problem in my decisions and judgement.]

{Right~right~} She was totally unaware that the golden ball was about to explode in anger, but soon calm downed before it smiled deviously.

[If you keep on underestimating me, you would never know if the prices of my goods suddenly rise one day~~~]

{ Σ(°△°|||) You can't do that! That's not fair!} She started to panic once more and acknowledged that this System sure can be a devil.

[Hmph, that's right. Well enough playing around. What would you like to purchase?]

{Mmmm} Justine was confused and decided to check her status first before moving onto the store.

Name: Justine Crexia

Age: 18 years old

Job: None

Life Credits: 9,000

Strength: 8

Vitality: 7

Agility: 12

Intelligence: 15

Luck: ?

{What's the status of an average person?}



{So does that means that I have a frail body in the future?}

[Yes, but on the bright side, look at Agility and Intelligence. Both of them are pretty high compared to the average person. Especially Intelligence, maybe you can even become a magician?]

{A magician?}

[Did I not mention it? Your new world has jobs such as Warriors, Magicians, and the rare Priests. Also it will be a place full of diversity. Unlike your world full of humans, this new world named Astralin, has multiple races. Such as Elves, Dwarves, Specters and Demons. Although there's intelligent Divine Beasts, they're a minority that could only be counted in two hands. Besides those Divine Beast are beasts that try to strengthen themselves to reach the pinnacle. They are mainly called Magical Beast.]

{Wow, what a massive dump of information...}

[But this information is necessary as your fate in this new world is uncertain.] The System gave a meaningful look at her and Justine knew that it was just the System's way to say 'be careful.'

A silence then ensued before Justine said,{Now onto the store shall we?}

[Sure, I'll just provide a short summary of the items that you are going to look at.]


[Supreme Yin Magic Manual: A manual that requires user to be of Female gender. Speed of cultivation will be 10 times faster than the average person. 5,000 Life Credit]


[Supreme Yang Magic Manual: A manual that requires the user to be of Male gender. Speed of cultivation will be 10 times faster than the average person. 5,000 Life Credit]


[Life Reversal Pill: Can only be consumed when the user has a severe injury. Otherwise the user that consumed this pill would die from the amount of excess healing properties. 1,000 Life Credit]


[Akain's Crimson Sword: A sword of a deceased emperor. Once unsheathed, mortals would tremble and thousands would die. Over the years, the sword of the emperor has absorbed countless blood and turned crimson. Has properties to intimidate enemies and allies. 500 Life Credits]


[Rubber Ducky: Do not be fooled. This rubber ducky, once used in a bath, could cause the user to experience euphoria. Alleviates all fatigue and stress. 5 Life Credits]

After seeing Justine's final look at the endless list of items, the System patiently asked her. [So what would you like to buy?]

{First I definitely need the Supreme Yin Magic Manual. Otherwise I would be a completely useless girl that can be killed in this ruthless world. So that brings me down to 4,000 Life Credits.}

[ Supreme Yin Magic Manual coming right up!]

Then all of the sudden, Justine received an influx of information flooding her mind. All of it was weird and she didn't understand most of it, if not all because it was in a different language.

{Hey, why is this not in english? Are you sure you gave me the right thing?} Justine asked confusedly to the system, which in response to her said that it was in the native language of Astralin.

Justine, still doubtful yet unwilling to stop shopping was already looking at the next item, Akain's Crimson Sword. Although it was a hefty 500 Life Credits to spend on a sword, nevertheless, she knew that there will be a dangerous situation in which she will be required to kill a person if needed to.

{Ah right, it'll sure be troublesome for a young lady like you to be carrying around such a big sword the size of a door. Let's see...where was it?]

The System was rummaging through the store list and eventually stopped on one of the item. When Justine was looking at it more closely, the description said that it was a ring that contains 10 meters^2 of space inside of it.

Although Justine had looked through the list, this blue ring was only at the price of 20 Life Credits. Naturally she didn't pay attention to all items as there were simply too much things that were begging for her attention.

[This ring will naturally equip it to you once you reach 10 years old. That'll be the time when you'll experience the baptism. Just say to your future parents that you found the ring on the streets and coincidentally it was pretty so you took it home. Additionally, as it was a recommendation from me, you'll only have to buy it at half the price so it'll only be 10 Life Credits]

Justine nodded happily at the sudden discount and added the ring on to her list of things to buy.

[Now with the Supreme Yin Magic Manual, Akain's Crimson Blade and the Storage Ring, is there anything else you wish to buy?]

Justine hesitated before bashfully saying,{I buy the Rubber Ducky.}

The System, in return, was stupefied. He never thought his Host would buy this item out of the many countless items, which only costed 5 Life Credits.

[May I ask the reason why?]

{It's actually very simple. In this new world, I believe that I would have countless problem that would arrive on my doorsteps. That in return, would cause stress and fatigue to me. Therefore, I would need this Rubber Ducky to cleanse me from worldly problems.}

[I see...very reasonable thinking. Okay and that would be a total of 5515 Life Credits. Would you like to reconfirm anything?]


[Okay...payment has been accepted. Host has received the remaining-]

{3,485 Life Credits. I was a student that excelled in math so I could so simple subtraction easily.}

Now it was Justine's turn to have her noise raised high, as if she solved poverty although it was a simple math problem.

The System looked at the white ball and sighed [I wonder who's the little brat now?]

{What did you say? I couldn't hear you.}

[Nothing. Nothing at all. Ahahaha.]

Justine still clueless on what he said and asked, {So when am I going to be leaving to this new world?}

[In about 10 minutes.]

{WHAT! That fast?}

[Well of course. We did spend a lot time talking and buying things so there will be little time left remaining.]

{Then let me quickly check the enchanting function.}

With little time remaining, Justine hurriedly opened the enchant function.

Enchant: The method to upgrade an item.

[Akain's Crimson Sword: Sword will be able to conduct magic very well. 1,000 Life Credit]

[Storage Ring: Expand space to 20 meter squared. 100 Life Credits]

[Rubber Ducky: Rubber Ducky now has the function to raise the temperature of the water to 105 degrees. 50 Life Credits]

Justine now understood what enchanting did. It would improve any existing item that belonged to her and furthermore the prices weren't cheap to enchant. Take the sword for an example. To buy it, it costed 500 Life Credits but enchanting it would equal the cost of buying 2 Akain's Crimson Sword. When she took a look at the storage ring, the price of enchanting was the original price of the product multiplied by 5. Lastly when Justine looked at the Rubber Ducky, she almost spat out a mouthful of blood, almost dying before she had reborn. The price of the Rubber Ducky had been raised by exactly ten times. From 5 to 50 Life Credits, it could secretly imply that hot water to bath in was not very common.

[Well it seems your time is up! Have fun out there!]

{HOLD UP! You're not coming with me?}

The main reason why she was unafraid of being reborn was because she thought that the System was coming with her. However the words it spoke simply implied that it was sending a farewell to her. Never would she expect to be on a lone journey in a new world.

[Well duh. I am a Flawed System. Remember that I separated with my other half? Apparently, if I was still complete, I would be able to accompany you on your journey, but unfortunately, I can not. I simply lack the power to supervise you at every given moment. The remaining 70% would soon turn into 0% after a few years.]

{Will I ever see you again?}

[Of course you will! Once you have 10,000 Life Credits, you'll have the opportunity to come back. You'll have a natural feeling on what to do at that time so don't worry too much.]

{Oh.Phew} The continuous bombs that the System couldn't even be counted anymore and Justine was now focused on her inevitable departure.

[It's about time. And I have one more surprise for you. (✧∀✧)/]

Cautiously, Justine asked, {What can that be?}

[Oh nothing much. Just remember that the world you will be going to be at is parallel to Earth.]

The system then gave a profound look before returning to his usual cheerful yet demanding-to-be-punched-attitude.

Justine however, was still confused before everything around her contorted and was blurry. The last thing she could hear was the System saying [Ciao!]

{What did he mean when he said that Astralin was parallel to Earth?} Justine thought before she eventually passed out.
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    《The Flawed System》