The Flawed System
3 System?
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The Flawed System
Author :FluffyCotton
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3 System?

A little white light was floating around in a dark space. If Alex, Christina or Rachel were here, they'd discover that it was the light that they saw after Justine's death.

Justine was the only source of light in this never ending darkness. Then suddenly another ball of light appeared. Only it was much bigger and was golden. Then weirdly enough, the ball of golden light was shaking and *pop* the ball of golden light split into 2 smaller parts. One disappeared off to god knows where and the remaining golden light approached Justine.

[Hello there. I hope you remember me]

{So it was true...}

The golden ball had a question mark on top of his head and asked her [What was true?]

{I thought you were just a dream I had while I was unconscious.}

[Pffft ahahahah. You thought I was a dream. Well think again. I'm the almighty Perfect System and could do anything possible.]

{Even if you can do anything possible, I would bet that you can't let me reborn.} Justine simply refuted his arrogant statement.

[That...well, although you can't be reborn in Earth, another world is possible.]

Justine looked at the golden ball and was shocked.

{Are you god?}

[...Let me imprint this you. I am not a deity, nor am I something mystical like an immortal. I am a System for god's sake. The one that can bring countless benefits to the host such as gaining mystical books, heavenly pills and or even a old grandpa that can teach you the ways of life.]

{I don't understand what you mean?}

[Even I, who have never lived more than a day in Earth, know about cultivation novels and magical journeys to immortality.]

While the golden ball was explaining things to her, Justine was busily going through her memories of when John was talking about fantasy novels.

"Look at these Justine! Guess what they are?"John rushed to Justine and showed her a few thick books that had the title,"The Divine Library System" and told her how funny the MC traveled around the world and face slapping a lot of people. Know that she recalled the scene, she knew what the System was implying and understood the situation she was currently in.

{So what now?}

[I'll be sending you to a world parallel to Earth, just slight deviations. Nothing too important. Some mythical or divine beast that can destroy cities by just stepping on them may be living in that world but I'm sure you'll be fine. Oh right! There's also no need to worry about the magicians that can throw out a casual nuclear bomb.]

Inwardly, Justine started sweating profusely at the casual remark that had clearly tons of hidden danger.

{Doesn't that mean that I can die any second?!}

[Well theoretically speaking yes. However don't worry, you got the System with you (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ ]

Although Justine couldn't determine if the System was being serious or not, she nevertheless believed that the System has some capabilities if it is able to transport her into a new world.

[However I am lacking energy. You see, the Perfect System was complete when I wan't separated from my other half. Mmmm...Here's an example. It's like a computer and electricity. The computer can give the user access to lots of things, however, it is pointless to have the computer if there is no power source. At best, the computer would have 100% before running out. And the main reason of us separating was you. I believed you qualify as a Host, however my other half believed you are not. Therefore we had an internal argument and separated.]

{Then how will you send me to this new world?}

[I'll have to use 30% of my remaining energy to smuggle you through the world's law. You see, every world wants to be independent, like an adolescent teenager, and doesn't want other world's intelligent species to come to their world. So they imposed restrictions and I'll have to use massive amounts of energy to get pass those restrictions.]

{And how much is 30%?}

[In comparison to your world's money, it is about a few dozen trillion dollars.]

Justine was just purely shocked. For 4 years, she worked hard and earned lots of money and she thought that was a lot. But when the System said that 30% was worth around few dozen trillions dollars, her mind just blanked out and her eyes were shaking.

[But of course, my energy couldn't be recovered, so in matter of fact, it's priceless. Anything else you'd like to ask?]

{...What can I buy in the System?}

[Cultivation techniques, peerless pills, mythical equipment and other items that beg for attention. Right now, all you have in your possession is your soul. So would you like to use that as the payment?]

Justine shivered at the cold statement. She had heard the phrase,"Selling your soul to the devil" but would never actually encounter a situation similar to that.

{No. Never. I will not be a slave to anyone.} Justine looked at the golden ball and said coldly.

[Ahahaha, I'm just kidding. There is of course another thing that you can sell.]

{And what's that?}

[Your memories.]
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    《The Flawed System》