The Flawed System
1 Fateful Day
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The Flawed System
Author :FluffyCotton
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1 Fateful Day

In a world full of peace and civilization, Justine was living a comfortable life. With a happy family and competent boyfriend, she was okay with how things were. A part-time job as a teacher assistants, she was working for 4 years and successfully gained enough money for her college tuition.

On the day of her graduation, her mother entered her room around 7am.

"Honey wake up, it time for us to go to school." Looking at who it was, Justine saw a beautiful woman, dressed fashionable. Her mother, Christina, was excited to partake in her graduation, was spreading the joy throughout the house.

"Okay mom, just five more minutes." *Zzzzz*

Christina, looking at her daughter, was wondering how she gave birth to such a sloth.

As Justine was just about to doze off again, she suddenly felt the coldness of her room. Shocked and mainly because it was cold, she immediately woke up. What came to her vision was the disapproval gaze of her mother and her precious blanket in her hands.

"Young lady, you must wake up now or else you'll get your proper punishment," Christina said. When Justine finished understanding what she said, she immediately started running towards the bathroom and got ready for the day.

Although Justine was not an absolute beauty, she had the beauty to make others stop and stare at her for a few seconds. Applying a little bit of makeup, she instantly became more gorgeous, just like her mother when she was younger.

{Hmph, I just wanted a few more minutes. What's the harm in that?}

Finishing her business, she went to the dining table. Seated there was her father, Alex. He was a strong man and never expressed his emotions on his face much of the time.Seated opposite of him was her sister, Rachel. Unlike Justine, she was graceful and full of elegance to the point that Justine was blinded.

On Justine's plate, there was a sandwich along with coffee. Taking a bite into her sandwich, she tasted a perfect combination of a BLT and coffee.

"How do you feel?" he said. Alex was just as excited as Christina was but expressed it in a calm manner.

"Mmmm, not bad," Justine replied.

In all honesty, she couldn't be all that more excited for her graduation. Nothing was more important today than this one in the lifetime event.

Seated next to her, Rachel asked,"Will your boyfriend be coming with us?"

Justine's boyfriend was named John and he was 18 this year. He was very intelligent and at the same time mischievous. To the point that he would prank her many times, big pranks or small pranks. Though it wouldn't harm her in any way possible. Additionally his family was quite wealthy and didn't stop sending him money while they were away at business trips.

To an important day as this, John who was also graduating was ready and arrived at their house's front door quickly, mainly because he was living alone next door to them.

Hearing someone knocking on their front door, Justine quickly went to open the door and greeted John. John in response greeted her back and they both quickly headed back in. After seeing everyone almost finishing their breakfast, they all headed out to the car and drove to school.

Upon arriving at the school, they were surprised by the amount of people that were there. It was like a massive horde of zombies, slowly walking into the school. With no choice, they had to wait patiently to enter. Seconds passed to minutes and minutes passed into hours. When the time almost reached 10am, they were allowed entrance when they showed their identification.

"Was it always this slow to go in?"asked Christina. She remembered the time Rachel graduated and the situation wasn't as hectic as this.

John replied jokingly,"I'm not sure, I think this time it broke the record for the longest time it took to even let people in the school. "

After settling down, Justine soon spotted her best friend Athene. Both of them were in the same Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, and High school. However, it seems that Athene was sitting all the way in front and Justine and co. was sitting all the way in the back.

Nevertheless, nothing seemed to faze this young girl as she screamed "HEY ATHENE, I'M OVER HERE!" The girl that was named Athene, was shocked senseless and turned her head at shocking speed to where the sound originated from. After seeing that it was her close friend Justine, she sighed and muttered to herself,"That crazy brat, always making trouble wherever she goes."

Justine noticed that her best friend was most likely embarrassed by her sudden action and couldn't help blushing too, once she recounted what she just did. Shouting out loud in a crowded area, she couldn't stop cringing. On her side, her boyfriend was also chuckling a little bit and even her sister giggled too. Her mother gave her a disapproval look, whereas her father raised a thumbs up to her.

Soon came the main event. The light dimmed down and the speaker, the principal was speaking. He was an old man who gave a very lengthy speech and a lot of people fell asleep despite the adrenaline they have from being here.

After he left the stage, soon came the awards. Although Justine was an honors student in school, she never failed to excel in math. Math to her was an easy subject and she won quite a few awards and even a scholarship too. Once she came back down the stage after receiving her awards, her parents were proud of her and so was her boyfriend John. But once Justine looked at what was in John's hand, she was nevertheless amazed. He had awards that couldn't be counted in one hand and even a few medals.

As Justine was talking with Athene, she was suddenly called by her parents that they were going to leave soon. After saying goodbyes to Athene, she left with her family and John. Eating a hearty meal along with desserts, they had a fulfilling lunch. After she calmed down from the graduation ceremony, she parted with her family and was having a walk with John.

"Hey, wait right here. I'll be getting something for us to drink," John said and walked up to the boba store. With nothing to do but stand there at the end of the block, Justine was looking around her surroundings. Just as she was about to go to where John was, she noticed that a kid was hopping at the multiple white lines on the street.

Everything was fine until she noticed that the street light showed a red hand, indicating that no one was to walk across. And soon her fears came true and a black car came racing down the street, heading straight towards the kid. Noticing that the driver was texting to god knows who, Justine unhesitatingly ran towards the kid and screamed,"WATCH OUT!"

The kid was confused at what was going on and stood in place, in shock and mainly fear once he spotted the black car driving towards him at a very fast speed. The kid soon felt a force pushing him, but unlike what he thought had happen, he discovered that he was fine with only a few scrapes in the knees.

Nevertheless, this kid probably never suffered so much injuries and started crying his eyes out. Naturally this incident attracted many people's attention and soon enough, people came rushing over and discovered a young lady, fatally injured from the car crash. When John finished buying his boba tea, he discovered that Justine was missing. He looked around and found a lot of people congregated at one place.

With an ominous feeling, he ran towards that area. Soon his worst fear came true and discovered Justine lying there with blood all around her.

"No...No...this can't be true...why...why...?" John, confused and in disbelief, was incapable of handling the situation very well. Luckily, there was someone there that was clear-minded and called the ambulance once that person saw Justine in that state.

*Weeeewooh Weeeewoooh*

"MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!MOVE PEOPLE!"screamed the man who exited the ambulance. Soon after that man left the vehicle, 2 other men left with a stretcher and carried Justine into the ambulance.

The man who initially yelled at the people surrounding the premise was looking at John. John soon returned his gaze and the man said "Are you related to her?"

"Yes...I'm her boyfriend."John replied weakly.

"Then quickly head to XXX hospital." After the man said that, he returned to the ambulance and it quickly departed.

John still in a dazed, soon recovered and contacted Justine's parents. He explained to them about the situation and soon John heard faint weeping sounds in the background and Alex's voice shaking while he was speaking. "I'll be there soon. Let's meet up at the entrance of the hospital."

Everyone soon left and headed towards XXX hospital.
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    《The Flawed System》