The Fate of a Single Father
6 Story Explanation
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The Fate of a Single Father
Author :Bronzeapollo
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6 Story Explanation

It's been a long while since I finished this story and I should explain what I wished to achieve with this story and the characters actions. I know, if I have to explain why characters acted a certain way I obviously didn't do a good job writing, but hey I got time and I want to.

Anyway, I digress.

I wrote this story with no middle plan and by the final chapter, my initial end was changed. It was supposed to transition between the view of both Abbe and Memo as these fate unfolded, it wasn't planned for Memo to die, nor was Lilith initially supposed to be a pawn of Roy.

So what changed? I felt this ending fit my view of everything better it also showed why Lilith was so forward towards finding's Abbe's mother along with her constant choice of finding answers. She was willing to trade Memo away because it was she was ordered not because of her passion.
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Memo died fulfilling his act of being a shield. He was meant to hide Abbe from the problems but when they were too tall and towered insight he lost.

The purpose of the story? To tell a story from a single paragraph. Every answer from this story could be inferred from a few paragraphs and interactions. Notice the immediate reaction by the man after they searched Rose's name? He knew at some point they would search the name. He was only waiting to act. Notice how Lilith never told Abbe anything he didn't know? Her job wasn't to be the informant but the guide.

Roy was the king, he made the maze, the path, the game. He pushed Abbe into a corner to get him to act against him.

Abbe was pushed too far and defied Roy at the decisive moment.

I didn't want to make that final scene with Lilith coming back but I felt there should be some sort of happy end.

Anyway, hope that clears some confusion up. Even if it didn't I don't care I write because I want to =D.


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