The Fate of a Single Father
5 The Liar“s Truth
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The Fate of a Single Father
Author :Bronzeapollo
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5 The Liar“s Truth

The heart is a weird organ for when making tough choices we are told to speak from it.

After much confusion and arguing Abbe reluctantly agreed to meet Roy and do what his mother couldn't.

Alone they existed in a room isolated from everywhere else. Roy sat on a throne overlooking Abbe who was ridden with anger at the man who believed himself to be king.

"Confusing wish is it not?" Roy spoke in an arrogant and knowing tone.

Abbe was slow to respond his voice caught in his throat, "A wish is only confusing to the men who don't make it."

"You got Morte's tongue, a pitiful truth... but an honest one nonetheless." Roy laughed, his speech condescending.

"To own the tongue of a world-refuted author is no pity. The pity is the inability to see it's worth." Abbe rebutted.

Roy broke into a wide smile, "So what is your heart's wish?"

"A wish? I wish to go back in time. I wish to never look into my past. I wish none of this had ever happened. I wish to not fall into temptation. I wish to not follow the path of death of a loved one. I wish to change history. I wish... I wish... I wish... I can be here all day making wishes of regrets I hold from actions I can never change; however, that isn't why I'm here.

I'm supposed to speak my heart, but how does one speak from an organ that holds no lips? How does speak their emotions when anger is their only one? How does one filled with pride admit he is nothing but a pebble? How does a man of action speak his thoughts when his actions are his words?

My heart holds no possible wishes." Abbe concludes.

Following Abbe's rant, silence ensued only to be broken by Roy clapping, "A worthy man. Words that were spoken from the heart." He praised.


"I'm not done yet nor are you." Roy interrupted.

He continued in response to Abbe's nod, "The words of impossible wishes are ones you do in fact hold, those are true. You aren't telling the whole story though. No man is without wishes, you have walked down the path reach its dead end." (1)

Abbe didn't answer Roy for a long period of time; his eyes locked with Roy's.

"I hold no possible wishes." His speech unwavering.

"Goodbye then, you are no different than your mother if you can't speak the truth in front of overwhelming power." Roy stood up and turned to leave the room. Abbe stood rooted to place despite Roy's actions.

"You're a bastard!" His voice rose for the first time in this conversation.

"Oh?" Roy turned back curious.

"You're no king, no god, no ruler. You're a mortal like everyone before and after you. Do you believe the power you hold allows you to look down on the rest of the world? That it gives you the ability to step on others like ants?

You want to hear what my heart thinks? You are nothing more than a piece of shit! This whole family is! Memo, my father, is the only one I will refer to as my family."

"Spiteful at such a young age too. How will you change the truths you state though? Do you hold solutions or only fancy words that are useless without action?"

"I won't change it. I want nothing to do with it. You're right I do have a possible wish."

"What is it?"

"For me to have no connection to this family."

"A worthy heir."

"I decline."

"You don't want power?"

"No power is worth losing your way in life."

"With power, you create a new way."

"With the loss of the old one. One I would rather not lose. I have someone I love, someone who means more to me than anything else in the world."

"You are different than your mother. She folded the point you're at now. The look of anger in your eyes are the same as her own."

"I may be her son but she isn't my mother. I only had a single father."

"You're right, Rose was weak; your birth father even worse."

"I want answers."

"And you are worthy of them, you gave up more than enough for such. Morte was a good man, a man I wanted as a son. He was headstrong yet smart while putting his loved ones before all else. Rose wasn't strong enough to betray my rule unlike yourself.

I put her in this situation when she asked to marry your father instead of a rich boy. She wavered as the argument continued and under the pressure of losing everything she folded. I was displeased and if it was my choice she would have been disowned; that was her wish though. A failure isn't worthy of wishes though.

Hearing of your birth I had you sent to the man, I knew would be able to send you on a path that would allow you to achieve what Rose couldn't, betray my rule."

"Everything was done by you?"

"Exactly, all of your actions were forced by myself. Even the woman you believe you love so much was nothing more than a pawn in this."


"Yes, Lilith was only a wall in the maze so you followed the way I wished you to."

Abbe was shocked, his body crumbling under the honest truth. "What about my father?"

"A man who disobeyed me, may he rest in peace." Roy closed his eyes and bowed his head.

"My wish is for all you to be out of my life. I forfeit my right to the power." Abbe turned to walk out of the room beams of light entering the dark room from the opened door.

"The family shall end with you then."

"As it should."

Abbe walked down the street a newspaper in hand with the date February 29, 2028, the headline reading, "Evergreen Family collapsed following the death of Roy Evergreen at age 92." For the first time since that day Abbe smiled, "It is all finally over."

He made his way back to his small apartment to find a familiar face inside, "It's been a long time Abbe." Her voice soft and tempting as before.

"I missed you." He answered.

"I as well." She replied followed by a hug between the two.



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