The Fate of a Single Father
3 Another Lie 2
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The Fate of a Single Father
Author :Bronzeapollo
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3 Another Lie 2

Memo came home to the door still ajar and was hesitant to enter. Checking his phone he saw no message. Taking inventory of where he keeps his knife he makes his way in ready for a fight.

"Abbe?" He called,

"Dad?" Abbe exclaimed his voice broken from sadness.

"What happened here!" Memo bellowed.

Abbe stares at the ground forcing Lilith to answer for him. She explained how they looked into Abbe's mother and the events following the choice. The time between the man leaving and Memo coming were less than 10 minutes.

"Not sure who I should be more angry at myself or him." Memo commented having taken a seat on the couch Abbe and Lilith sitting across from him.

Neither of them so spoke so Memo continued, " You shouldn't have looked into Abbe's mom but I guess I can't blame you for that. Yes my real name is Morte and yes it is related to Abbe's mother, this whole thing is. Do you remember what the man looked like? Hair color, eye color, body shape?"

"Brunette, your age, with red eyes I would have expected to be angry but were grief-stricken. Who is he?" Abbe explained.

Memo nodded in response releasing a heavy breath,"He is no one."

His face angry and fists clenched ready to fight. "I should suggest you two to follow his words, don't look into my past nor your mother's..."

"We understand."

"But I'm not going to do that. You deserve the truth of the situation you have been thrown into." The previous downcast looks they both held were replaced with looks of confusion and happiness.

"My life is one like a novel. I left clues in situations for you to solve my past but I expected it to be many years later from now. You obtained my personality, not your mother's."

"I wouldn't have looked into it if Lilith hadn't pushed me to look for the truth."

Memo smiled, "Fitting choice for a name. We digress. I can't give you all the answers, I can only be a shield and lead the way.

I was actually never married to your mother.

That sentence is enough to tell the whole story. Take the story I told you when you were younger and solve the missing pieces of information. I have some unfinished business to take care of."

Neither Lilith or Abbe responded and when Memo walked out the front door a coat over his shoulder and a hat covering his face he faded to black. He never came back, leaving Abbe to live on his own.

As the two sat across from one another in a college dorm room Abbe shot up and shouted, "I did it! I solved it! I know what we have been missing this whole time."

Lilith's and Abbe's eyes glistened a happiness speading over thier face.

"He isn't my father! That is the fact we have both missed for 3 years."


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