The Emperor's System
102 Choose your gifts wisely!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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102 Choose your gifts wisely!

"Good morning your highness!" Nick sneaked into the Palace and dispersed the clone he made to keep up apperances, and as he stepped out of his residence he received a warm salute from the palace guards.

"It's alright gentlemen, head back to what you were doing, no need for such formalities, in fact, just call me as you've always called me, call me a head chef." Nick said magnanimously!

"We wouldn't dare your highness!" Nearly all the soldiers replied sternly.

Nick found these guards to be bullies, he had begged them to stop calling him that but they didn't listen as they forced it upon him instead! Sigh, the life of a chef is truly hard.

Ding! Sudden mission from the System's guide, poison the entire royal family with laxatives! Completed amount (One person left)

Thankfully, even the system was showing how many people were left to poison, proving that only the three-legged Empress was left.

Now Nick needed to collect the walls of the palace, which was a lot harder than robing the vault or the throne, and this was because the vault didn't get to send out a signal since the system swallowed everything on the door including the formation that would notify the Emperor, but the Palace was different!

If Nick damaged a single brick on the Palace the Emperor would sense it immediately and will arrive in a few seconds by all his means! As for how Nick knew this, it was all from threatening and exhorting the throne in his storage space!

Apparently, underneath the Palace, there was an ancient formation protecting the Palace and as soon as a single part of the Palace was missing the formation would activate unleashing a devastating force against the culprit, then, it will immediately teleport the Emperor from where ever he was to the palace!

So, Nick needed to carefully think before he began.

After buying all those chocolates and the countless miscellaneous stuff Nick had nearly exhausted the Domineering pints he had collected on the way to Imperial city. But, thanks to the 'sleep and run' mission he completed earlier, he now had five thousand Domineering points to spend!

Upgrade the Disguise skill!

-100 Domineering points!

Now Nick could deceive those at the sixth rank of the Transcendence realm, but this still wasn't enough!

Upgrade the Disguise skill!

-1000 Domineering points!

I hope you die in pain and agony Old geezer! Nick was furious, he had spent ten for the first upgrade, a hundred for the second upgrade, and the fucker charged him a thousand for the third, but when he checked the value for the forth, the bastard dared to charge him a million?!

We were obviously multiplying by ten, why did he multiply the number by itself this time?!

"Hmph, stupid mindless brat! Do you want such a powerful skill without bearing the cost?! You can already deceive those at the ninth rank of the transcendence realm, and you still want to discuss cost with me?!" The Old geezer was equally furious, how come every time the brat saw something that annoyed him from the system he was cursed out?!

It wasn't like he was the one that set the price, it was all up to the system, but since the brat was fearful of the system he always vented it out on him, the poor old man who doesn't even have a body in Nick's world yet!

Nick had to admit, he was one ungrateful bastard, but what could he do about it, he is who he is, so he can only become the best at what he is, a complainer!

"Cough, cough! Your's chaos, all of your wives...I mean the Emperor's wives have fallen ill, and are in the same state as the Emperor was in a while ago!!" A miserable looking guard ran over coughing and panting as he brought the news.

"Ummm...never mine them, from what I've heard the Emperor faced the same situation where an impersonator did that to tarnish his image, so check to see if these women are impersonators as well." Nick could only try to buy time, he didn't need people asking him to send the news to the Emperor before he had a solid plan laid out.

"Yes, your majesty!" The soldier ran back coughing and panting as if he had practiced this too many times.

But Nick had heard about this tactic from one of the guards, apparently the news messengers did this to deliberately carry the favor of the person they are bringing the news too, the person would feel touched at the Messengers sense of duty, and reward him for running so hard to bring the message despite being tired.

So, the first thing these messengers learned when they started their job was how to cough and pant violently. Otherwise, how could a cultivator get so exhausted from running such a short distance?

It was around a few hours later that Nick thought of a plan insane enough to work.

Upgrade Death Monger!

-50 Domineering points!

Upgrade Death Monger!

-500 Domineering points!

Nick upgrade the technique twice, which was enough for him to build eight clones! Nick then assigned each clone a different identity, some were male some were female, some were middle-aged, some were young, some were celebrities he hated in his previous life, and some were girls who dumped him back then!

Then leaving only a single clone to stay with him he sent the rest into different parts of the Palace. Then he commanded the remaining one to beat him up.

And since the clones followed his commands absolutely he was beaten black and blue in a few seconds!

Then taking out a sharp sword from his inventory he tried to cut some small wounds on his body while crying and yelping from the pain the whole time.

But he had to endure, since he could be ruthless to others then he should at least be half as ruthless to himself right?! Yet he had only made a tiny cut when he couldn't handle it anymore and he gave the sword to his clone to do the bidding.

"Ahhhh gently, gently! No, not there, not there either, retarded bastard how can you think of cutting there, yes practice on the wall first, what if you mistakenly injure me too heavily?!" Nick acted just like those unreasonable patients back on earth who lived just to make it difficult for the poor doctor.

But finally, after thirty minutes of being berated and cursed out the stressed out clone managed to finish the task, giving Nick enough injuries to make the next act seem real.

Then Nick sent the clone to another area of the Palace like the others, before doing a short prayer.

"Goddes of luck, it is I, your loyal fan, I swear that if you grant me this favor then I will let you spend one...sigh...let me be generous with you, two nights with me! You're welcome in advance. Just help me so that today's matter goes smoothly, alright?" Nick earnestly prayed.

"Hahaha, damn brat are you stupid?! Do you know how ugly that goddess is?! She will definitely make you honor your words later!" The Old geezer seemed to be taking pleasure from his fortune.

"Huh? Do you mean that there is an actual goddess that can grant luck?!" Nick was surprised.

"Of course not! But that's what she named herself and she can hear the thoughts and voices of all that mention her name. And if in the of chance the person succeeds in getting what they wished for, the woman would come and collect on what's promised as if she was the one that made it happen.

And if the person fails she closes her eyes and pretends like she didn't hear anything! So, now if you do by chance succeed she will come sooner or later to take what is hers, and at that time, hehe, she will ride you dry!!! Hahahaha!"

The old geezer was dancing in his little space, what a joyous occasion it was.

Nick had no other alternative than to hope that the Old geezer was just spouting nonsense to scare him because if it wasn't that meant he had literally sold himself off for nothing!

"System, begin Extraction of the throne!" Nick commanded.

Ding! Found material for the main mission, Star confining space stone, extracting now!

Since this weapon was an immortal level weapon it took a lot longer than usual so Nick decided to open up one of the Diaries in his possession to pass the time.

[Diary of the Lightning sage grandpa


Today was a blessed day, it was my granddaughter's birthday! I greeted every guest myself! One bastard brought my daughter a cute little lava hound, I was incensed and dragged him to the back and broke both his legs! How dare that bastard bring my granddaughter something so cute that would share her love for me?!

Another one who was even worse brought his handsome son with him, he even jested that my granddaughter might like the boy more than the present he brought. A shame though, the poor boy wasn't so handsome a few beatings later, after that, I even pushed him into the party as an example to my daughter of how ugly boys truly were.

But the one that annoyed me the most was an ugly little bastard who came to the party with a cake much larger and better than mine! Who was he trying to show off to?! I taught him that the proper present to bring was a smiling face and a broken arm! Hmph! The Ugly man even thought that him being her father and my son was an excuse to commit such blasphemy?!

Anyway, the party ended with me and my granddaughter very happy! And I even learned that my son was skilled in clapping with one hand!

Why don't people choose their gifts wisely?!]


[Hello there, Author here with a quick announcement. I probably should have done this sooner but, from now on I will be releasing additional chapters based on my spot on the power ranking!

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Thank you for all the support, and I hope you keep on supporting me!]



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