The Cursed Hero
4 Ch 4
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The Cursed Hero
Author :The_Mad_Tinker
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4 Ch 4

As he woke up the first thing he noticed was that he had new info in his mind that made him absolutely pissed.

This new info was the so called present/gift the old man gave him, as for the hell he still didn't have a clue at least he most likely wont for the next 10 years.

Well either way the "gifts" more like curses was 1. I'm not able to use all fiction on any living but myself as long as I'm in a ben 10 world/universe so no reviving or healing anybody but this will be lifted as long as I lose all my loved ones at least once and it has to be in a single world..... the second is for my 2nd magic, that as long as I've not come to the age of 18 ill not be able to switch worlds this is only a one time deal thing as well though so that's not so bad, as I was pondering over this I slowly drifted to sleep as my new body needed it.

And like this 10 years past nothing important happened as I pure well semi human and so I wasn't super smart but for an ordinary kid they considered me a genius which with my knowledge of this world I couldn't help but scoff at those people when I heard this, also how much can an single digit kid do without cheats well i do have cheats but I cant use them till i get the watch which is bogus but hey at least I got some right.. "sigh" as I was inwardly commentating which was a habit I picked up from pretty much loneliness over the years I couldn't wait for tomorrow as its the start of the road trip with grandpa max and my cuz Gwen.

As I the day passes on from the start of the day with breakfast then on to school and then night finally comes to with the next day as my last day of school and the start of summer vacation I was hardly able to fall asleep glad to be able to start my journey and thought I was gonna have the best time ever, ow how id wish so many times I should've ended it before it began and how id called myself stupid over and over plus cried myself asleep in the future till I no longer could.

So many hardships so many loses sure id be able to live a life of love and peace but what would the cost be my future self knows and he also knows that I'm only able to keep myself out of another hell with the experience and strength gained in that hell so he keeps learning and gaining strength for him and his new and old loved ones so it doesn't happen again as he doesn't know what he'll do if it dose.

As the night closes with the hero's dream begging the legend of the cursed hero finally begins let world tremble at his fury and let his loved ones rest in eternal peace and prosperity at the cost of his childhood and innocents.


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