The Colony
3 Building
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The Colony
Author :FlickerPhoenix
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3 Building

Sylas was admiring the queen before a smaller version of the screen popped up. On it said :

Birth Workers

(50 food)

Unspecialized Meta that maintain the nest and do tasks that include; cleaning, building and looking after eggs. Gathering speed is 20 of all resources an hour.

Birth Scyther

(200 food)

The most basic soldier Meta. Has scythes for arms and have low damage and health.

Birth Runner


Low damage high speed. Often used as scouts and messengers.

Royal Guard


The queen's personal guard. They act directly under the queen and have higher growth rates than normal ants. They take longer than normal Meta to hatch and grow. Will cost more with every one hatched.

In an instant, a cracking sound could be heard and 3 Metas broke through their honeycombs. They were half the size of a human with multiple limbs. Some limbs held hammers and others held pickaxes and axes. They had wired grey skin and were still wet from their emergence.


With the birth of a new queen, 3 workers have been given out to support her.


New Goal

Build a farm to gather more food.

Reward; Farmer


New Goal

Build a den inside your nest for Meta to heal.

Reward; DNA points

Sylas went into birds-eye view and imagined the trees in the area being cut down. An hour later an area just big enough for a farm was ready. Sylas thought about the build icon and a screen popped up. A lot of the options were locked and required points to buy.

Sylas looked at the requirement


(100 food to make and 100 wood)

Produces 40 food an hour.

Sylas sent of the three workers to harvest materials and with 3 of them working it would take two hours to get enough resources. In the meantime Sylas checked out the den;


(100 stone)

A place for Meta to heal

The good thing about workers is that they are unbalanced in early development. 20 of all resources means that he can make multiple things however when buildings need multiple materials it begins to make sense.

Some hours later Sylas placed the farm and the den down. They each would take a day to build and Sylas just realized that he had nowhere to sleep. He had been so busy with developing his base that he had forgotten to look after himself. Sylas looked for a place to sleep and he ended up throwing some leaves in the nest and sleeping on it. He rolled and fidgeted in his sleep however he noded of eventually.

By the time he had woken up the farm and den had been made. Sylas went into the hatching room and looked at the new farmer. It was a small Meta without a hoe but instead metal blades stuck down from his chest. Sylas sent the farmer to the field and looked at the goals.


Gained Farmer


Gained DNA point.

Sylas went into his birds-eye view and looked at the new option; DNA

Inside it was countless options to evolve the Meta and structures. For example, he could increase intelligence and the quality of the farms. He could give Meta wings and tails or scales. The possibilities were endless.

While Sylas was deliberating he got a notification


Eradicate the human village


A while after the humans had defeated the first Meta queen and started to develop more some humans decided to split up and make their own colonies. They would find a habitable area and settle down there. Since they left the rest of humanity they couldn't rely on the army to protect them so they had build defenses and their own army.

Some of the colonies have grown to massive sizes however some got stuck and they never caught back up to the rest of humanity. Sylas could guess by reading the goal that there was at least one human settlement on this planet. He could try to join back with the humans but... He felt at home here. It sounded silly since he had only been there for a few days but he felt a strong attachment to his colony as if it were his family.


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