The Colony
2 The Beginning
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The Colony
Author :FlickerPhoenix
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2 The Beginning

A young man awoke to the sound of buzzing in his ears. It was uncomfortable but not as bad as the hard, jagged rocks and twigs that he was sitting on. The young man got up and forced his eyes open. He was sitting in a green world, or rather some sort of tropical jungle. All around bugs were whizzing and insects crawled around the ground.

He could hear birds cawing and leaves shaking above his head as if a storm was passing. The man dug his nails into the dirt and furrowed his eyes. He thought for a while before getting up and walking towards the sound of water. His eyes were as pure as a monk as he said "Nope, just nope screw this bye bye world" The man jumped into the water only to find out that it wasn't deep enough to drown in.

With a now broken nose, the man sat down and thought. A day ago the man had been playing a strategy simulation game however he last remembered falling into a vat of radioactive liquid, no wait that wasn't him. He held his head as he tried to remember something but all he came up with was blanks and a headache.

The man had very few memories and he accidentally thought of things that he didn't understand. Somehow he knew his name though. The man wrinkled his brow as he tried to remember his name "Eyeless, Pieless, pyless. SYLAS" He let out a sigh of relief once he had figured out his name.

Sylas let out a half cry half frustrated grumble "What should I do?" With a beep, his vision turned black a blue rectangle was the only thing he could see. Inside the rectangle, it said


New Game

1% complete

After waiting for what seemed like hours Sylas's view turned into how an eagle would see things. He could see the gaps between the canopy and the tips of the trees. He tried to go in closer and he was zoomed in underneath the canopy. On the top left of his vision, he saw resources. Stone,Wood,Metal,Food,Population,Housing,Army. Currently, they were all at zero. Below that was a resource called DNA and next to it was gems. In the bottom left there was an image of a hot hammer being struck on an anvil and on the top left he had a tips tab.

Without warning in the bottom right a new section called goals appeared. The first one on the list was 'Explore User Interface. Reward; Territory Claim. It was already ticked and suddenly disappeared into a button called goals. An image of an inventory appeared in the bottom left next to the hammer and inside it was a Territory Claim with the description of; Build a nest in an unclaimed piece of land.

Sylas tried to open his eyes and suddenly the screen vanished and he could see with his own eyes again. "The hell was that?" With no memories, Sylas had nothing to compare the situation to so it wasn't too surprising and he wasn't even sure if it was out of the ordinary.

Sylas's head stung again and he could feel his only memories leaving him. He felt a strange attachment to them and so when he couldn't do anything when they left him he felt a severe loss. With no bright ideas to act on Sylas imagined opening the screen. He gained his eagle-like view back and flew around.

Soon he found a small area with a lake circling around it. If he was going to do anything he figured that even if the claim didn't work then at least he would have some water to drink. It was south of his current location and not too far away.

He managed to get there although he was riddled with bites from whatever roamed the jungle. As he got there he stood in the center and imagined calling the claim. In front of him a white light appeared around the area and soon it rose slightly making it look like a small bunker with a hole in the middle. Sylas jumped down into the hole after making sure it wasn't too high. It was filled with large tunnels that a human could walk comfortably inside. He walked through the intricate design of tunnels. Eventually, he entered into a large room with eggs hanging off the wall. Some eggs were inside honeycomb structured incubators and in the middle of the room was a large creature.

It was a queen. She had a large gaster like an ant and large sharp limbs. She had small antennas on her head and jaws that looked like they could crush bones. Sylas wanted to run however he realized that the queen didn't attack. As he moved closer the queen looked at him with a creepy bug-like stare and chattered her jaws which caused a blood-curdling sound.

The queen walked in front of Sylas causing the ground to rumble and by the time she reached him she towered above him. Just as Sylas thought she was about attack she lowered he head into a submissive bow. Sylas watched in amazement as the powerful creature knelt in front of him. He felt that she wasn't just a random creature but he felt a sense of kinship towards her and he could feel her loyalty in return.


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