The Colony
1 A Brief History
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The Colony
Author :FlickerPhoenix
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1 A Brief History

1,000 years ago humanity was in a race against time to get off Earth. Global Warming and greenhouse gases had escaped and controlled a chunk of the Earth's atmosphere.

Countries signed a contract that in simple terms meant that they were to unite and co-operate to create a way to get off Earth quickly and efficiently.

Years later humans left the Earth behind in large transporter ships that the smartest minds on Earth had helped to create. Soon humanity landed on a habitable planet that had been observed by scientists as a possible new home. Soon humanity settled in however Earth wanted its revenge. On the large transported ship Earth had left humanity a parting gift, a queen.

The queen had escaped after the ships landed and found a location where she could build up an army. The queen was no human or animal but rather an entirely new species. It was an alien that came from home. The queen soon got into a cycle of eating then birthing and by the time humans had gained a foothold in the world an undeveloped alien nest filled with eggs had been created.

Within a month the aliens came out of their eggs one by one and began to serve the queen. They gathered food for the queen and in return, the queen would birth more eggs. The aliens developed different then other species and the queen could decide the evolution and type of alien she birthed.

Within another month the nest had been built up with many different winding tunnels and corridors as well as separate rooms where the young were born. The nest had turned into a colony.

Within another month an alien encountered a stray human that was exploring the land and took the human back to the nest. For some reason, the queen felt burning hatred for the human and he was devoured. The queen ordered her offspring to find the human's nest and soon they had.

The colony began birthing aliens not for collecting food but for the sole reason of fighting and they built defenses that were deemed unnecessary before.

The queen demanded an attack on humanity and soon humanity's new home turned from a paradise into a warzone. The new and old creatures were locked in a battle of war and destruction however humanity's overwhelming numbers and weaponry beat back the aliens. When the queen realized this she began to birth new queens to continue the survival of her species.

They were placed into rocks and launched into space in hopes of finding a new place to develop in. Hours later humans penetrated the nest and massacred the aliens before cruelly killing the queen.

After the war was finished and humanity had won they named the alien species 'Meta' which was named after the person who killed the queen.

10,000 years later humanity had expanded massively. There were whole planets that were military bases and others just residential areas. Meanwhile, the Meta hadn't been hunted to extinction due to their birth rates however they were hunted out of human areas and if one was found mercenaries or the army would wipe them out before they could develop.


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