The CEO's loser wife
89 I do not have any regrets Part 2
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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89 I do not have any regrets Part 2

Su Lin's mind went numb and her entire body froze.

The strong and wild man in front of her was suddenly lying on the ground, writhing in pain.

The hotel manager's loud shriek brought her back to reality.

She instantly grabbed the wounded guy, who was lying in a pool of his blood, and rushed inside, thereby hiding from any further threats and long-range shots.

And almost at the same time, five lithe and nimble men rushed downstairs. They hurried over to Luther's side, whose head was now rested on Su Lin's lap.

The woman who always had remained calm and steady, panicked and shivered.

Her mind was so scattered that she couldn't think properly.

Without even her noticing, her eyes were brimming with tears, while she frantically scanned Luther's body for all signs of injury.

She saw the five men and understood that they were with Luther.

She told them the potential position of the sniper and went back to focus on Luther's injuries.

Squirrel and Monkey stayed with Luther, while the other three rushed ahead to deal with the intruders.

Squirrel was their main trained surgeon.

Whoever did this, their target was obviously not Luther and chances are they won't stop till their actual target, Su Lin was down.

Squirrel slowly took Luther away from Su Lin and laid him flat on the ground. He removed some tools from his medical kit and started tending to his injury.

Squirrel didn't know yet... But Su Lin's face was grave...

The bullet was lodged near Luther's spinal cord, hitting a critical lumbar area and paralyzing his entire body.

She shuddered as she looked at that face, which didn't even wince in pain.

He rather had a calm and serene expression on his face.

As he watched the tears pouring out of Su Lin's face, Luther gently murmured, "I have no regrets."

If he could, he would have already wiped out the tears coming out of her kind eyes.

But the warmth in his face did little to calm her down.

"I am sorry for causing you this pain", Luther closed his eyes, not daring to look at her anymore.

Squirrel and Monkey also looked grave.

This time squirrel didn't hesitate. He immediately called for an ambulance, to the best hospital in the city.

He stabilized his master's condition. But some things...

Only time will tell...

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Things happened quickly after this and Luther was shifted to a high-grade facility, with the best neurosurgeon in the country flying to Hangzhou city to tend to him.

Luther might not have acted like it, but their organization had extremely deep pockets.

But sometimes, even money cannot solve all problems.

Experts went in and out one by one. But Luther was still paralyzed and lying helplessly on the hospital bed.

Other than his brothers, he refused to meet with anyone, even with Su Lin.

He didn't want her to feel guilty for his current condition.

He was after all protecting her and it was his fault if any for being too careless.

Su Lin, on the other hand, was sitting like a statue outside Luther's room.

Her heart ached. Her body trembled uncontrollably.

This guy... He didn't even hesitate to throw himself in harm's way, just to protect her.

He didn't mind at all to exchange his life for hers...

Su Lin clenched her fist...

Was she that important to him?

Who in her two lives combined would give their life for hers...

She had always been an orphan and alone.

She had never felt any love or affection, let alone experience someone throwing his life for hers.

Su Lin shuddered.

She was completely useless, wasn't she...

She knew she had enemies.

Someone was willing to drug her and ruin her.

Why wouldn't they take the next step and try to kill her? Why didn't she think of this before?

Su Lin closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down.

"I can still save him. Even if the heavens want to, I refuse to let him deteriorate." Su Lin mumbled and stood up with conviction.

Trembling, she walked inside, ignoring everything else.

She looked past his pleading and angry eyes and held his hand. She gritted her teeth and tried again and again.

No this was useless.

She needs to reach at the least Soul Stage 2 to be able to send her spiritual sense into someone else's body and manipulate their internal energy.

But reaching Soul Stage 2 required an enormous amount of spiritual energy, which this world was largely devoid of.

Potentially, there might only be a few such energy-rich places.

Su Lin cringed with the overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

This man... This man who valued her, more than his own life... Was she that useless that she couldn't even help him...

Su Lin bit her lips and stood up. She at least needed to try.

She signaled Monkey to follow her outside.

Watching them leave the room, Luther could only sigh and close his eyes.

He should have been more careful.

He didn't want to burden this woman, who already seemed to carry the weight of the world on her frail shoulders.


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