The CEO's loser wife
88 I do not have any regrets Part 1
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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88 I do not have any regrets Part 1

Early next morning, Mignani left for a small-time TV station interview. It would basically cover all the ups and downs in her life so far.

It was a decent section, albeit only providing a small amount of publicity. Though, at this point in her career, any small thing helps.

So, Mignani readily accepted this assignment without any hesitation.

Su Lin as well, left with Luther, bright and early, to visit the grafted herbs she had left in Wang Yu's care.

It has been a while now, and they should have achieved an acceptable stage of growth and maturity.

It is very important to harvest the herbs at the right stage. Every herb's medicinal property varied with its growth state.

Some have to reach even 50 years or 100 years to attain their full potential, like the Ginseng root. While others needed to be consumed in just a measly 5 to 6 months of growth time.

Su Lin particularly looked forward to the growth of the Ysera herb, also called as the dragon herb. It was a latent Yang quality herb, and she had grafted it with a Yin energy herb.

This could potentially bring out its innate medicinal potential and even contain minuscule quantities of spiritual energy.

Plants had an innate quality to absorb and use environmental energy.

Su Lin had her biggest laugh when she had read online about photosynthesis.


"These mortals have just uncovered one layer in the plant biology and they are satisfied with just that much..."

Apart from photosynthesis, they were also able to absorb energy in other forms.

And more importantly, they were able to convert one type of energy into another and store it.

Su Lin's main target was this stored energy.

She no longer had to travel across the world and climb perilous mountains to access the spiritual energy she needed.

If her grafting experiment was successful, she would now be able to cultivate spiritual energy, right from her backyard.

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Wang Yu promptly greeted her at the village entrance, though not for any good reasons.

He was determined to give her a piece of his mind today! This woman actually left a bunch of plants with him and asked him to take care of them.

Did she say for how long?


Did she give any sort of compensation?


Did she even call once to ask how it was going?


Oh, wait. She did call once. She needed to update something on her fucking website!

On the contrary, Su Lin greeted Wang Yu with a warm smile. She then mercilessly threw her bag at him, signaling for him to carry it and sprinted towards the herb patch to evaluate the results.

The fuck?

"You there! Woman with the princess complex!! I am not your fucking servant!" Wang Yu shouted.

Luther patted the fuming guy, with a helpless look on his face.

"Sorry, bro. I feel you. She is a monster." Luther nodded empathizing with him.

Ignoring the chattering duo, who were so obviously complaining about her, Su Lin busied herself with the newly grown plants.

She had in total set up 15 different experimental grafting, each containing 10 to 20 plant replicates.

Su Lin patiently sat down near each of the 15 herbal patches and examined the individual plants one by one.

In the meantime, Wang Yu chatted with Luther and took him around to see the village.

They had a gorgeous waterfall near them, and acres and acres of fresh farmland, planted with several different types of produce, including herbs.

It was almost midnight and Su Lin was still busy with her analysis.

"My lady, It's well past bedtime. Shall we return back and visit again tomorrow?" Luther sarcastically asked.

He knew about this woman, a little too much. She was a stickler for health and sleep schedules and absolutely made no compromise, whatsoever.

Su Lin looked at him absentmindedly and nodded, "The herbs are not ready yet. They still needed a couple more months."

She hated being left in the dark like this, but nothing could be confirmed right now. She tried her best, but couldn't sense any spiritual energy in them just yet.

It could either be that the experiment was a failure or maybe they needed more growth time.

One way or the other, the verdict will be out soon. There was nothing she could, except wait patiently.

Wang Yu didn't bother to walk her out and was already asleep.

Luther and Su Lin walked back to their cab and returned to their hotel shortly afterward. They were both engrossed in their own thoughts.

Su Lin was thinking about what she could have done differently with the grafting procedure, while Luther was thinking about his current situation.

Was it time yet? Could he really afford to stay in this place any longer? His mind wandered.


Suddenly, a loud gunshot sound echoed through the silent night and Luther instinctively threw himself in front of Su Lin, blocking her from the harm's path.


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