The CEO's loser wife
87 Who is the cheap whore now? Part3
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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87 Who is the cheap whore now? Part3

Without further delay, Su Lin dragged Mignani and Runyan and got the hell out of that dangerous event.

Who knew that a simple pianist award event could be so perilous!

The trio returned back to their hotel and nervously discussed the events that had transpired tonight.

Mignani excitedly showed some of her pictures from that evening and reposted them on her social media accounts.

Su Lin reposted them as well to improve her media presence. She was slowly trying to build a brand name for herself and move away from the godforsaken "Mrs. Meng" curse.

Licking her lips, she then checked her crowdfunding portion of the web page. A satisfied smile danced on her lips as she saw steady progress with the orders.

In a mere 48 hours, about 100000$ worth of orders were posted. This was an earth-shaking achievement.

But there was still a wide chasm between 100000$ and 2 million dollars.

She definitely needed to think of another impactful product to boost her sales. And there was still the issue of her credibility.

She did it boost it a little bit with the recent tactics, but it was far from enough. If only she had her complete soul strength. Everything would be a piece of cake.

While Runyan and Mignani continued chatting, Su Lin's mind wandered back to her stagnant cultivation base.

Unlike her world, in this world, money, and fame is power. That is an irrefutable fact.

However, sheer power and strength are also sorts of wealth. One thing was for sure.

Unless Su Lin reaches a certain stage in her cultivation base, she can never feel safe and secure. This thought took root deeply in her mind.

While these three enjoyed a night of peaceful sleep, a storm silently brewed in other parts of the town.

After a few hours passed by, Tang Yue slowly regained consciousness. Her head stung and her entire body was aching.

Her precious jade-like body, which was devoid of a single pimple or blister was now fully covered with bruises and cuts.

Her lips were swollen and bloody, with huge chunks of hair missing from her scalp. She even had vicious belt marks all over her body.

Fear and shock slowly struck her being, while she sluggishly recollected the evening.

No.. No..

A tremor ran through her body. She jolted up from the deserted hotel room, with the door wide ajar.

She was completely naked for god sake!

She quickly sprang forward to close the door, but only to fall down without any strength in her legs. Tears streaked down her pale disheveled face.

It was over.. It was all over..

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The sight of her clothes ripped apart and strewn across the room brought back the memories of the horrible nightmare she had suffered through.

Tang Yue shuddered and shivered, with her mental strength completely broken apart.

She just sat there listlessly on the mangled bed, with the torn sheets pulled over to cover her ravaged body.

What has her life become.. How was she ever going to recover from this.. How was she going to face everyone? And Shi Meng ...

Tang Yue bit her teeth.

That bitch..

Su Lin's smiling and innocent face flashed across her mind. She was the reason for all her misery. She was the reason her life was over.

Hatred seeped deep into her heart, as she sat there tugging on the bedsheet and shivering uncontrollably.

Hours passed and Tang Yue didn't move or flinch from her pose. She was just sitting there like a statue unwilling to accept her fate.

It was only after midnight, the hotel room door suddenly flung open. Mayor Tang hurried inside panting and lamenting.

His precious daughter, the apple of his eye.. It can't be..

The sight of his disfigured daughter sent pangs of anger and sadness in his old feeble heart.

Someone actually dared to target her and reduce her to this state.

His heart ached. He rushed forward and hugged his frozen daughter, who seemed to be in a trance-like state.

He quickly called the hospital and made confidential arrangements for her treatment and recuperation.

In a matter of seconds, the entire incident was cleaned up and everything was shoved under the carpet.

Enough. The damage to her body was grave enough. There was no need for his daughter's reputation to get tarnished.

After settling everything, Mayor Tang visited Tang Yue in the hospital and stayed with her for the entire night.

Now all that was left was to take care of the culprit. The beast that was responsible for this condition of his daughter needed to be put down.

Su Lin...

It had to be her. His daughter had been muttering her name repeatedly, the entire night as if she had become mentally ill.

That fucking orphan...

This will be your last week on this planet.

Mayor Tang gritted his teeth and shifted his attention back to his peacefully sleeping daughter.

She was extremely traumatized and the doctors needed to completely dose her, even to get her to calm down.

His eyes brimmed with tears as he gently stroked his daughter.


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