The CEO's loser wife
86 Who is the cheap whore now? Part2
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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86 Who is the cheap whore now? Part2

Su Lin was completely shocked!

But, this time she didn't want to deal with any further drama and the intense plotting, which imminently follows.

She then mimicked the young lady's manner of speech and spoke with clear ridicule in her voice, "Shen Shen, don't you know you have a sore throat?"

She directly ignored the chattering woman, constantly nagging Mignani and grabbed the drink in her hand.

She quickly signaled another waiter and replaced the drugged drink with a non-drugged one.

Without hiding anything, she even openly proceeded to throw the drugged drink in a nearby plant.

Mignani looked confused for a second, but then she understood what had happened. After all, she was not dumb and had just heard the Tang Yue story.

The friendly-acquaintance standing in front of Mignani stammered, not knowing what to speak. All color drained from her face and she could hardly hide the contorting emotions.

Everything was ruined! At the end of this night, Mignani would have been completely thrashed and Manager Lang would have been satisfied.

And she would have been the manager of that rising star newcomer model, Lang had promised her as payment!

But now, everything was ruined! Where did this fucking bitch come from? How did she accurately toss the spiked drink?!!

With a dejected attitude and failed attempt, the young lady returned to Manager Lang and told her the bad news nervously.

Manager Lang gnashed her teeth and looked at the sparkling woman standing and chatting effortlessly with her friends.

Greed and envy flashed across Lang's obnoxiously painted face, "Today, she might have escaped. But, I will get that slut soon enough."

Mignani, on the other hand, curiously asked Su Lin, "Sis, did she really add something to the drink? Are you sure?"

Su Lin gravely nodded.

Mignani shivered, "But how did you know?"

Su Lin smiled and instantaneously answered without hesitation, "I could just smell it." Though she was lying through her teeth, for some reason it was very convincing.

Runyan nodded in agreement and added, "Sis has godly talent in medicinal herbs".

Luther scoffed at the praises being sung. But for the first time, he felt extremely helpless.

These women.. Why do their fighting style seem much more dangerous than guns and bombs?

He rubbed his head helplessly and urged them to leave already.

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Not arguing with him, the ladies were also satisfied with their day of excitement and thrill and were ready to leave the venue.

Mignani, closely followed by Su Lin, Runyan and Luther left the reception and collected their checked coats near the entrance.

Luther stepped out to call a cab when a chubby obnoxiously dressed young man approached the trio.

Yishen Lan had been trying to get a hold of his dream beauty all evening but to no avail. She always seemed to be busily engaged with someone else.

Grunting indignantly, he had patiently waited for the entire evening. But, not even a single chance opened up. And now, she was even leaving the event.

Just how long, did he, the young master of the Lan empire, had to wait, that too, just to taste a paltry, already phased out actress! This was ridiculous!

Yishen was frustrated beyond his limits. Today would be the day! He could not wait any longer. He decided to give it his all and try something anyway.

He sprayed a small amount of chloroform in his handkerchief and approached Shen Mignani, who was chatting with Su Lin and Runyan.

This was a foolproof plan. He was not a stranger to Mignani and he knew that recently Mignani had a fall out with her Manager Lang.

All he needed to do was, be empathetic and call her aside to discuss the whole situation. He would be very understanding, supportive and then once they were isolated, carry out the rest of his delicious plan.

Yishen was almost salivating. He could already feel that enticing curves on her body. He was going to thoroughly enjoy himself tonight.

With a heart full of expectations, Yishen approached Mignani at the coat check out.

"Hey, Sis Shen. How are you doing? Sorry, Lang just told me what happened. And I was overseas, so I couldn't reach out to you. Forgive me please." Yishen put a sympathetic friendly face and walked towards her.

Mignani immediately froze in her spot. Unfortunately, she already knew a little too much about this trash of a human being.

This was the guy! He was responsible for everything that went wrong in her life. She tightly clutched the purse in her hand and controlled her anger.

Not reading the atmosphere, Yishen continued with his act.

He looked around earnestly and putting on a helpless awkward expression asked her, "Sis, Do you have a minute to step out with me and talk a little? I am sure I can help you sort out everything."

Mignani gritted her teeth and nodded. She also wanted to give this jerk a taste of her mind.

And tonight she would finally be able to sleep peacefully after scolding this asshole to her heart's content.

She was about to follow him when Su Lin stepped forward and stopped Mignani with her hand. The guy talking to Mignani clearly had a drugged piece of clothing with him.

Just, what the hell was happening? Three drug attempts in one evening?

Did they just get on some wanted list overnight?

And what is with the ridiculous use of drugs? Did they all read the same fucking villain's manual?


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