The CEO's loser wife
85 Who is the cheap whore now? Part1
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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85 Who is the cheap whore now? Part1

"Ughh.. a bit more gently Lin Lin" Tang Yue cutely pouted and playfully teased Su Lin, with her evil intentions hidden deep in her malicious heart.

She was extremely happy right now. Her plan had finally come through and her patience had been rewarded.

With this, Su Lin's chapter will be irreparably finished.

Su Lin as well smiled, but she didn't even bother to hide the visibly evil grin.

"Well well, let's see what present you have been trying to give me. That too twice now." Su Lin chuckled.

Soon they both reached the room and the effects of the drug became very apparent.

This time, Tang Yue was really not doing well and was no longer acting.

"Su Lin .. I .. My head.."

Ignoring her, Su Lin opened the door. She was curious to see what gift this young madam had prepared for her.

Creak... The door opened a little and five roguish men were waiting right next to the door, with lust written all over their face.

Luther who was observing all of this panicked.

Watching Su Lin open the door with the hotel key, sudden thoughts flashed across Luther's mind and he rushed forward to stop Su Lin.

Only to completely stop at the next instant...

Because it was not Su Lin who was pulled into the room.

Rather, Su Lin took a step backward and pushed the wobbly and drugged Tang Yue straight into the room.

Tang Yue finally realized what was happening and stared at the closing door, completely frozen and scared.

No no no.. What was happening? This was not supposed to happen.

Tang Yue's world crumbled around her.

She tried talking to the burly men, who were already greedily groping her slim body.

"I was the one who hired you.. Please stop.."

One of the men sent a sharp slap across her flawless face, "Shut up slut".

Blood dripped from her lips and pain shot through her skull. She completely lost her senses and fainted the next second.

But the men she hired, did not show her any mercy and ravaged her endlessly.

As per their agreement, they also videotaped everything and immediately released the footage online, tagged as "Celebrity Sex Tape".

When their job was completed to the full satisfaction of all men, they reluctantly left the half-dead woman alone and naked on the hotel bed.

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Su Lin did not bother to wait around and left downstairs long back with Luther, the man currently staring at her with keen interest and intrigue.

He murmured in a low voice, "You.. You didn't feel bad doing that?"

Su Lin stopped in her tracks and turned to look at him, "You know, she was going to do the same to me. Why should I feel sorry for her, when she was ready to do that to another woman?"

Luther nodded in agreement. It was not like he was a saint, who believed in treating even enemies with kindness. He sure was ruthless.

But, since he was always used to seeing Su Lin being warm and kind to Runyan and Mignani, he was just a little surprised to see this side of her.

He did not know that this woman could be equally cruel as well.

Su Lin and Luther went back to the reception and joined the other two. Runyan concernedly asked Su Lin, "Sis, your friend feels better now?"

Su Lin scoffed mockingly, "Friend?"

She then narrated to Mignani and Runyan about what happened upstairs and both of them were instantly shocked.

What would have happened if Su Lin was not cautious?! They shuddered to even think about that situation.

Looking at Runyan's innocent face, Su Lin for some reason felt like adding a few more words, "Remember. Never trust that woman Tang Yue. Now or in the future. No matter what she tells you."

Since the whole incident left a bad after taste, the four of them decided to leave the venue.

They almost left, when a young attractive woman was sprinting towards them, "Shen Shen, wait for me."

The young woman hurried over and grabbed Shen Mignani's hand.

"Huff.. Huff.. Shen Shen! You are so bad! How can you leave before having a drink with this friend of yours?", she spoke acting overtly familiar with Mignani.

Mignani, who clearly considered the young lady in front of her, as just an acquaintance was confused. But replied politely nevertheless, "Haha. Sure. How are you doing these days?"

Not bothering to answer her question, the young lady scrambled and waved at a waiter, "Bring those drinks here."

She then grabbed a drink at lightning speed and pointed Mignani to take the other one.

Su Lin, who was looking at the whole thing, rubbed her eyebrows with her fingers.

Hmmm... Is this drink perhaps?

And of course!

The young woman standing in front of her didn't disappoint. The drink in Mignani's hand was in fact drugged!!

Again??? What the hell is happening in this world?


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