The CEO's loser wife
84 A snake is always slimy Part 6
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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84 A snake is always slimy Part 6

As the evening went by, melody and wine freely flowed through the auditorium, with the artists showcasing their skill one after another.

A short reception followed the main event with delicious foods served from the best restaurants in the city.

Su Lin who was a foodie at heart particularly looked forward to this part.

All four of them were having a good time chatting and tasting new dishes.

Even Luther joined in and did his part in making the conversations lively and spicy by constantly reminding, \"You know pretty ladies eat sparingly.\"

This was of course, without fail, followed by a scoff and foot stamp by Su Lin, sometimes aiming to directly stamp the culprit in question.

Occasionally other people walked over and greeted Mignani, asking about her well being and health.

A few of them even secretly took her aside and asked her about the effectiveness of Su Lin's hair product.

Mignani would then return to her group, giggling and whispering to Runyan and Su Lin, gossiping like teenage girls.

Luther facepalmed and lamented about how his life had become this unrecognizable.

And just when he was getting bombarded with boredom and yawns, something which completely blew his mind happened.

Tang Yue walked over to Su Lin with a face full of smile and warmth.

\"Hi Lin Lin. You all look so beautiful tonight.\" she smiled and gently patted Su Lin.

Su Lin lips twitched but she patiently replied, \"Thanks Miss Tang Yue\".

A waiter instantly approached them and handed them some drinks.

Tang Yue readily grabbed hers at lightning speed and offered the other one to Su Lin.

Su Lin accepted the drink, but her expression changed subtly.

Her lips curved upwards into a slight smirk and her gaze fixated on the beautiful but vicious woman standing in front of her.

She instantly remembered how she was helplessly drugged a few months back.

She might have been helpless then but not now. Who is this stupid woman trying to fool?

Can she even possibly sneak a drug in the drink of this almighty alchemist.

With her stage 1 soul core, it was a child's play to discern the composition and content of things. Heh.

And she actually dared to pull the same trick on her twice!! The audacity!!

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Su Lin took the drugged drink and casually chatted with Tang Yue, enquiring about the well-being of her family and the mayor.

Then out of nowhere, she dropped her purse on the floor.

\"Ughh. Miss Tang, can you please pick up my purse. Honestly, my dress is so tight, I am scared that it might rip if I bend. Haha\", Su Lin giggled shyly.

Tang Yue grit her teeth, but keeping the end goal in mind, she smiled and bent over to pick up the purse.

\"Heh. Not a small rip my dear. Your entire dress is going to be torn apart by 5 men in a few minutes.\"

While Tang Yue was busy cursing her, Su Lin quickly exchanged her glass with the one Tang Yue had placed on the side.

\"Thanks a lot, Miss Tang.\" Su Lin gratefully accepted her purse, as if nothing had happened.

She then slowly sipped her drink, while watching Tang Yue gulp hers down the throat.

\"Lin Lin stop being so formal with me all the time. I am Shi's friend, but I am also your best friend.\" Tang Yue pouted, showing an innocent and pure expression.

All three, Mignani, Luther and Runyan, watching the drama unfolding in front of them rolled their eyes simultaneously. So apparently fake!!!

Tang Yue then hooked her arms into Su Lin's soft gentle arms and dragged her away from the gathering.

\"Lin Lin, I am feeling a bit drowsy, can you help me get to my room?\" pleaded Tang Yue.

\"Room? Isn't your mansion nearby? Shall I call a cab for you?\" Su Lin acted as if she was surprised and concerned.

\"No no. Papa is having a business discussion. I don't want to disturb him.\" Tang Yue sighed helplessly.

Su Lin nodded and said, \"Sure, come. Let me help you up.\"

Tang Yue acted as if she was stumbling and falling and constantly supported herself on Su Lin's shoulder.

Luther's watchful eyes narrowed and a cold glint visibly flashed across his handsome face.

Where is she taking her?

He cautiously followed both the women inconspicuously.

He was sure that this woman carried boundless hatred and enmity towards Su Lin and won't rest till she died.

Tang Yue engrossed in her role fumbled and took out the room key from her purse.

\"Here Lin Lin. 5th floor.\" Tang Yue slurred and spoke.

Actually she was starting to get a little confused. She was even feeling a bit dizzy for some reason....


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