The CEO's loser wife
83 A snake is always slimy Part 5
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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83 A snake is always slimy Part 5

Pianists Panorama is a prestigious award event. Several famous celebrities and social figures had made time this evening to encourage artists of different age groups.

Almost everybody was present at the venue and the event was going to start at any moment. All the VIPs were seated at the front.

Manager Lang and Yishen Lan happily sat next to each other and were chatting something very focused.

There was a light blush on Lang's cheeks and it was very apparent that she intensely loved the man sitting next to her.

She was also very proudly displaying this affection in front of many jealous women.

However, in reality, Yishen's playboy behavior was well known and who would be jealous of a single evening's arm candy.

As opposed to this fake couple, everybody's eyes were on the real trending couple. Tang Yue and Shi Meng.

With a rich diamond-studded light blue dress complimenting her dove-shaped eyes, Tang Yue sat next to Shi Meng, wrapped up in his heart-melting dimples.

The city's heart-throb was finally single again, only to be snatched up by this beautiful woman in an instant.

It was almost time for the event to start and the last few people walked the red carpet, finishing their photoshoot.

Almost no one paid attention to these stragglers since the main guests were seated much earlier.

But right this time, two men's eyes were intensely fixated on the red carpet.

A tall beautiful woman with the perfectly proportioned golden ratio body was gliding in the spotlight, with a golden lace dress accentuating the right parts of the body.

The usually calm and delicate flower-like woman appeared extremely sensual and addictive this evening.

Yishan clenched his fist, controlling his urge to approach Mignani right this second and ravish her to his heart's content.

Looking at the clearly visible lust on her boyfriend, Liang gnashed her teeth and scoffed angrily. Tonight was the perfect chance, she had to destroy this bitch for once and for all.

The second man's eyes were scanning the woman walking next to her, rather than this savage beauty.

This woman looked like a delicate and beautiful piece of jade ornament, emitting a sense of warmth and a pleasant feeling.

Her features were not breathtakingly stunning, but her aura demanded attention and complete submission.

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Shi Meng glared at Su Lin and her entourage. He was a bit surprised at how much she had changed these past few months.

His ex-wife had even started dressing up these days! If she has dolled up this much, then that fellow must definitely be here.

As expected, his eyes then met the tall perfectly sculpted man walking right behind this manipulative shrew, with his face covered by an awkward hoodie.

He will never forget the bloodthirst and killing intent he detected from this man. What was she doing with a man like this?

\"It looks like she is planning to publicly flaunt her lover wherever she goes! Hmph,\" Tang Yue sounded very disappointed and annoyed at the same time.

\"She doesn't even care a bit about our reputation Shi\", she sighed, leaning closer towards Shi Meng, intending to rest her head on his shoulders.

But alas, Shi Meng swiftly stood up and took huge strides towards certain someone.

Su Lin, Runyan and Mignani grabbed their welcome cocktails and were heading towards their seats when Shi Meng rushed over to them, bringing with him several pairs of eyes.

Wherever the king goes, the spotlight and the eyes of the crowd follows.

\"Aren't you ashamed to literally ride on someone's coattails?\" he smirked and loudly exclaimed.

Su Lin smiled and sat down comfortably, without paying much regard to him, \"Are you always searching for me? You managed to locate me right when I came in? or maybe you have resorted to your old stalking habits?\"

Immediately several gasps were heard.

The talented and amazing entrepreneur Shi Meng was stalking his ex-wife! This was some nice juicy gossip straight from the horse's mouth!

Shi Meng ignored the hushed voices around him. His eyes and focus were only fixated on that single person in front of him.

\"Heh, neither. I merely came over here to congratulate my dear ex-wife. I didn't expect you to win back your credibility so soon. Looks like you are not completely useless after all.\"

\"Thanks. With your residing hairline, you must be needing my oil as well. Good luck\", Su Lin childishly remarked and chuckled.

Even the two women sitting next to her were barely able to hold their laughter.

Shi Meng finally felt awkward and cleared his throat. He then angrily retorted and left in a hurry, \"But never forget, I can always break apart everything with a single move.\"

Mignani was perplexed and asked Su Lin in a hushed voice, \"Lin Lin, I never expected the Mr. Meng to behave this way, throwing a public tantrum.\"

Runyan nodded in agreement, \"Why is that guy coming over to you, again and again, to throw acidic words when he is clearly not talented in word wars?! He should have just sent that snake sitting next to him.\"

Su Lin chuckled and answered mysteriously, \"He is simply reminding me to pay his dues is all. I owe him and his dearest mother a lot of attention\".


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