The CEO's loser wife
82 A snake is always slimy Part 4
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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82 A snake is always slimy Part 4

Luther's eyes immediately fixated on Tang Yue, the woman who had brought him endless misery!

He was going to hand over his entire wealth to Su Lin and disappear back to one of their hideouts, but this jealous woman had to put a hit on this devil!

And he had to pay the price of guarding this woman day and night against another attack.

Wait a second. Wait a second. Isn't the 6 months I promised her long over?

What the hell am I still doing here??

Luther adjusted the hoodie covering his heaven-sent face and stood in a corner, with his eyes watching the entire store like a hawk.

Su Lin asked him to wear a hoodie at all times to avoid commotion, but for some reason, he was sensing strong jealousy.

Tang Yue and her friends walked over to Su Lin and Mignani, and casually spoke, \"I apologize for my friends Lin Lin. It's just that several of them had invested in Evergreen studio and with her scandal, their stocks plummeted.\"

Su Lin smirked and ignored the obviously fake attitude, \"It's ok, Miss Tang, don't worry about it.\"

Tang Yue returned an innocent smile and bid farewell, \"Just text me next time you want to go shopping. I can bring you around to all these exclusive places. No need to depend on some trash like this.\"

Her friends chuckled and left behind her throwing disgusted looks.

Shen Mignani silently stood near Su Lin, with her head drooped low. She slowly murmured, \"Sorry Lin Lin, I made trouble for you.\"

She only then noticed that the piece of paper held in Su Lin's hand was forcefully held and completely crumpled.

But Su Lin's face only revealed a gentle smile, \"Don't worry about it. It's my fault. I haven't taken the time to pay back certain people yet.\"

Though she was smiling, Mignani weirdly felt shivers running down her spine.

Following this ruckus and commotion, the store manager walked over to them and looked very annoyed and irritated.

Yes, she was an actress and they were a population with a lot of money to spend exclusively on shopping for clothes and accessories.

But not at the cost of disturbing the other high society customers. After all, there were several actresses and if it is not her, then there will be someone else.

\"Miss please, can you come with us this way\", the store manager politely brought the three women to the reception desk.

He looked at Mignani and said, \"Can you please show us the store card required for entry?\"

He then rudely grabbed the card from Mignani's hand, \"Please Miss. This is a very exclusive shop and it has come to our attention that your presence is disruptive. Please leave the store.\"

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Mignani helplessly apologized to Su Lin and Runyan and the trio left the store with Luther. After all, this was not the only fashion boutique in Hangzhou!

\"Don't worry about it, Sis Shen\" Runyan tried to console her, while Su Lin was busy browsing something on the phone.

Luther also curiously looked at Su Lin, as to how she will react. This was such a big humiliation for this proud woman!

Sensing several pairs of eyes on her, Su Lin looked up and spoke to Mignani, \"Did you get any other assignments apart from the pianist function dear?\"

Mignani nodded, \"Yes Lin Lin. A couple ad assignments for beauty products.\"

\"Ok. Do that and keep updated with any open assignments for fashion boutiques. Just because we are down, doesn't mean everyone can step over us\", Su Lin said.

\"But sis, with my current reputation, it is extremely difficult\", Mignani hesitated.

Su Lin smirked and replied confidently, \"Don't worry. When the time comes, you will be more famous than anyone else.\"

The trio then reached another boutique and this time had a much better time shopping for their outfits to tomorrow's award ceremony.

Luther was left grumbling and mumbling in the waiting area, while the three women giggled and tried out multiple dresses. You too Runyan?

When women band together they are very dangerous for us, poor men's health!

Finally, after an entire afternoon, the three left the store with several bags.

Mignani immediately suggested a SPA visit as well, but even faster than Luther's protests, Su Lin spoke, \"We will have a personal SPA session in the hotel. Haha.\"

Both Mignani and Runyan started sweating. They were both excited and scared at the same time.

Mignani's skin had become much smoother and softer after that last session. Her hair was even more lustrous and her natural beauty was enhanced at least two-fold.

So she dared not refuse it this time. One session with this sis of hers was equal to spending thousands of yuans on beauty products!

Luther instantly disappeared on reaching their hotel, while the three arranged everything and settled in for the night.

Tomorrow she was again going to face this society.

After several months, she was actually participating in a high society event. This was her first step in her comeback.

Mignani nervously bit her lips and dunked herself thoroughly in the black sticky liquid.


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