The CEO's loser wife
81 A snake is always slimy Part 3
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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81 A snake is always slimy Part 3

In about three weeks' time, all the supply Su Lin and Runyan had in hand disappeared into thin air.

They even received more than five hundred pre-orders, with the number increasing every day.

Meanwhile, Su Lin was not idling away.

She familiarised herself more with the business aspect of this world and had prepared a foolproof strategy for the next part of their plan.

She also worked hard on researching the different scientific and industrial-grade equipment in this world and detailed the best possible pipeline for their manufacturing unit.

Luther was completely flabbergasted at this woman's ability to pick up things.

You can't really call her a genius, but the speed at which she was learning new things left him dumbfounded.

He had never seen anyone with this sort of aptitude.

For instance, a college student would find a tenth grader's syllabus to be a child's play and can read through it, understand it, digest it and practically apply it in an instant.

This sort of ability was unique in that one has to be able to see everything from a bird's eye point of view and be able to completely integrate it with their previously accumulated knowledge.

He watched her tediously work day and night on equipment outlines, configurations, and potential outcomes.

Once she was done with those, she drew up a required budget, added some cushioning brackets and collated everything needed to set up a full-blown medium-sized manufacturing industry.

Though he was immensely impressed on the inside, Luther still scoffed and walked away as if he didn't notice it.

Since she was in a good mood today, Su Lin couldn't help but smile.

This guy's reactions were getting more and more comical every single day.

She patiently waited for a couple more weeks and when the preorder numbers hit a thousand, she canceled all the preorders out of nowhere.

There was immediately a huge uproar on her website.

Why the heck is this product not available when it's finally my turn!!! It's all my fault I should have stocked up sooner!!

The regret slowly turned into anger and a whole lot of baldies, both, in Hangzhou city and abroad, threw out curses left and right.

Runyan bit her lips nervously, \"Sis.. People are scolding us again?\"

\"Heh. What else is new?\" Su Lin smirked and continued reading her advanced management business books.

She silently let everyone go wild overnight and the next day, she surprised them all with an insane notification.

\"My soft hands are tired continuously making products. Fund me here at Organicaa to build a supply chain (^^).\"

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Forget about building the credibility of her product. She even dared to supply her start-up using crowdfunding!

And she set a 2 million dollar goal!

Luther facepalmed and walked away chuckling.

There was no freaking way, she would receive such a humungous crowdfunding amount.

This essentially translates to pre-orders worth of 2 million dollars!

This miss needs some hard life lessons.

Su Lin on the other hand very confidently closed her laptop and got ready to do some much-deserved shopping!

After a long time, Shen Mignani was actually invited to a social gathering. It was an award ceremony to commemorate pianists.

They had invited a few celebrities to add sparkle to the event and keep their benefactors happy.

That too, when one of their major benefactors, Lan family's young master, Yishen Lan, had particularly requested Miss Mignani's presence, they didn't dare refuse.

And since Mignani had a few extra tickets, she invited Su Lin and Runyan as well.

She knew that at least Su Lin was very fond of all these events and those two barely did anything fun.

Mignani even went as far as to treat them both to a shopping spree.

While Runyan hesitated, Su Lin gladly accepted the offer and had been humming and whistling all day, looking forward to this.

The trio visited the very exclusive golden outfit hall, a shop reserved for only a few selected customers.

Since Mignani had once been a famous actress, she still had the pass for it and was able to access the store.

And just as fate would have it, Tang Yue had also ended up visiting the same store on the same day, with a bunch of her friends.

This was a rare free day she had and she wanted to have some fun with her friends.

Shi Meng has been driving her crazy lately. She really needed to blow off some steam on this shopping trip.

Watching Su Lin enter the store with Shen Mignani, a smile crept up her tired face and immediately brightened up. The sacrificial lamb has arrived!

She gave a knowing smile to her friends and one of them spoke loudly, \"Look at that. The famous bald queen of Hollywood has arrived.\"

Another one added, \"And she brought the famous Hangzhou slut with her. You guys should have a lot of money!\"

Immediately a loud wave of laughter erupted and everyone in the shop looked at them with disdain.


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