The CEO's loser wife
80 A snake is always slimy Part 2
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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80 A snake is always slimy Part 2

An average looking, but an extremely well-built young man was sitting on a hotel bed, surrounded by four above average looking, and similarly sculpted young men.

Panther and Rabbit just couldn't stop fiddling with Monkey's hair.

In just two fucking months, his bald spot, which had been accompanying him for a good amount of ten years had completely disappeared and his head now had smooth and creamy hair!

None of them could believe their eyes!

Monkey proudly puffed out his chest and said, \"It's all thanks to my beloved sweetheart. She kissed me and made this frog into a prince.\"

Luther's lips twitched, but he continued going through the reports and adjusting strategies.

He always took the time to assess all the jobs taken and the best course of action to complete them with the least hassle.

Proceeding with the showoff, Monkey excitedly wrote the first positive review for Su Lin, with very detailed before and after pictures.

But then went back and deleted the pictures because of Luther's repeated threatening glances.

They were top-grade assassins after all. How can all of their appearances be made public?

And this was the review, which Mignani had found.

Mignani's daily job was to scour the media and see if they received any positive response.

And today morning they finally got one!

A smile instantly surfaced on her lips and she re-shared the specific post on all her social media websites, with the tag line \"Another friend with a new lease on life\".

And of course, it was met with overwhelming distrust and more slander and sarcastic derogatory remarks.

But one after the other, more and more positive reviews popped up.

Some were so happy and grateful that they even threatened to find the address of the anonymous haters and give them a good thrashing.

Her fans finally started trusting her as well and Shen Mignani's image improved tremendously.

\"Being an actress is more about acting skills rather than looks.\"

These sorts of statements finally surfaced and all her fans used it to beat down the haters.

Mignani was happy, but couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed with the world.

When she was down, where did all this logic disappear?

But, now that she regained her full beauty, acting was about skills again? Heh..

Nevertheless, she was still happy that this adventure resulted in her and her sister, both uplifting each other's image and not the other way around.

However, not everyone was happy about this successful mission!

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12th floor, Ritz suite:

Manager Lang was lying naked beside her boyfriend, trying her best to cuddle and grab his attention.

\"Bro Yishen, are you sore from your trip overseas? Shall I massage your shoulder for you?\"

Yishen Lan was one of the wealthy and rich young heirs of the Hangzhou city.

He had an average looking face and a slightly chubby body.

But, he was one of the young masters of the rich and influential Lan family, the most prominent family in Hangzhou city, Durleka city, and Nangbo city.

They also had other influential establishments throughout the mainland of China.

Manager Lang was gripping this golden thigh, using every ounce of strength in her body.

Lang Miha was a beautiful woman.

Though not exceedingly gorgeous, by normal standards she was more than pleasing to look at.

She met Yishen Lan in an award ceremony and instantly monopolized his attention.

They have been \"going steady\" ever since.

But this was all Manager Lang's delusion.

Love and greed is a dangerous combination leaving you fatally blind and dumb.

Yishen was a playboy and almost everyone knew that he partied with multiple women.

But for some reason, Lang trusted him more than he deserved and even went as far as to sabotage her best friend for immorally seducing her man.

The truth was far from it.

Yishen had always fancied Mignani and her gentle flower-like aura.

There were not many pure actresses like Mignani around. She was an artist.

He had always wanted to put his hands on Mignani and tear apart that pure facade.

He lusted over her endlessly and always found chances to get close to her and \"accidentally\" grope her.

Lang, who caught sight of all these misunderstood the situation and became livid that her best friend was trying to poach her man right under her nose.

And thus ensued the hell which Mignani faced.

Watching her social status tumble, even Yishen didn't find her appetizing anymore and ignored her, resulting in a very satisfied Lang.

But now, it's starting all over again?!!

Lang pressed her size C boobs against Yishen's chest and softly murmured, \"what are you checking on your phone, my dear?\"

Yishen quickly put it away, but not before Lang caught sight of a gorgeous looking Mignani looking into the distance and smiling.

Her smile alone could make several men go crazy!

Lang was about to say something when Yishen pushed her down hard and started his usual routine of abuse.

This was the reason why he still continued seeing her.. This woman was simply too good to torture... Hmph. She silently took everything he doled out.

Lang grit her teeth in agony and bore the pain.

This is all because of you bitch! Wait and watch how I destroy you again!


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