The CEO's loser wife
79 A snake is always slimy Part 1
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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79 A snake is always slimy Part 1

Tossing out her silverware, Mignani braved herself and opened her laptop to assess the overall situation.

It has barely been an hour since they had posted the new photos.

Mignani twisted her fingers nervously and slowly peaked at her profile page, all the while praying that at least she shouldn't bring her sister's and her products' image down.

It's one thing for these people to say nasty things about her, but she didn't want to spread the misery around.

She braced herself and took a look at the posts when she nearly had a heart attack! So many views and so many comments! And all of it negative!

This sister of hers had even more haters than she ever did!

So many freaking negative comments! What the hell was going on!?

Su Lin looked at her anxious and panicked face and walked over. She took a look at the page too but gave a completely different response.

Su Lin simply smiled and walked away saying nothing.

"Lin Lin aren't you worried?" Mignani asked softly.

"Everything takes time. These haters say this now. But give it a month, let's see what happens then. Hate or gratefulness? What will prevail?"

Smirking, Su Lin stretched and went to bed, without a single worry.

Yup! There was no point in worrying. Now that she had a better view of this world. She knew exactly how to proceed.

Gossips and rumors ruled, but at the end of the day, in the face of cold hard proof, there was nothing anyone could do!

While she slept peacefully, someone else was sleepless thinking about her.

Tang Yue fidgeted in her seat. It was 12 pm already !!! How long was Shi Meng planning to work today? Sigh..

Normally, she didn't mind it all. She could spend an entire eternity, daydreaming about this perfect guy in front of her.

But it has been months now...

Even when that bitch's presence had disappeared from his life, he always seemed to be bothered about her.

Rather she always seemed to be bothering him, in one way or the other!

Fucking slut! How dare she fight against him, even claiming half of his wealth!

Because of that loser, Shi Meng's already heavy workload further increased dealing with these court proceedings.

He is so busy that he can't even spare a single glance towards me! Tang Yue lamented.

While she, on the other hand, seemed to get more and more popular as days went by. And now she even befriended some celebrity and posting photos!

Just how is she progressing so fast?!

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Tang Yue finally finished her work and sent the files to assistant Yang. After six hours of hard work, she was able to take a breather and looked at Su Lin's social page in detail.

Bitch had apparently introduced a new product!

When she looked at it in even more detail, a smile slowly surfaced on Tang Yue's lips and she murmured, "This time you have dug your own grave, you bitch."

Sharing her same thoughts and wavelength, Shi Meng was checking out Su Lin's update in detail as well.

He too let out a sarcastic chuckle and silently looked into the distance.

"And now you are clinging on to some washed-up celebrity for fame.. You really have no shame.."

While Shi Meng simply closed the app, Tang Yue logged into her fake account and posted a bunch of negative comments, before satisfactorily leaving home for the night.

The situation only turned worse over the next few weeks.

Repeated waves of derogatory slander and negative comments assaulted both the women.

Shen Mignani was afraid to even go back to her own house. Even her loyal fans seemed to distrust her and there were several hateful violent responses.

And conveniently someone had leaked her home address to the media.

Mignani grit her teeth and patiently waited. She really couldn't do much else.

At least her sister was seemingly unfazed by all these. For some reason, she was extremely confident.

"Lin Lin aren't you worried?" Mignani asked.

"Why worry, my dear. Are you bald now?" Su Lin said.

Vigorously nodding, Mignani replied, "No".

"There you go. When we have results on our side, the tides will eventually turn. They have to. Do you know why I selected this particular product?" Su Lin asked.

Both Mignani and Runyan curiously listened.

Running her fingers through her long gorgeous hair, Su Lin smirked and answered, "Trust me. I am 200% confident that all the baldies are desperate to try anything and everything to get a bit of hair on their head."

Mignani nodded. Her sis was right. She was also desperate to try anything and everything to get her healthy head full of hair back.

And just as she had predicted, after a month and a half, the first positive review popped up.


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