The CEO's loser wife
78 No more baldies Part 8
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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78 No more baldies Part 8

After posting, Mignani dared not to look at the comments which followed. Sadly, she already knew too well, what they were going to say.

She couldn't even complain or support her own fans. What can she retort with? After all, they were all chiding her based on truth and not some lies or rumors someone else spread.

So, in the past, she couldn't do anything about it. But now...

She closed her laptop with a smile and went inside the bathroom to see what Su Lin was up to. She had sounded very mysterious earlier.

A nauseating stench invaded her nostrils, as soon as she opened the door.

"Fuck.. Sis.. What?" Mignani staggered and took a step back...

"Get in. Get in. Fast. You don't want the herbs to lose the efficacy." Su Lin grabbed and dunked the protesting woman in the disgusting bath.

Mignani was just about to object when a wave of pleasant sensation washed over her body. All her collective sadness, frustrations and tiredness melted away into nothingness in an instant!

She had already completely forgotten about the smell, enjoying this heavenly feeling with her eyes closed.

Before she realized, the night had passed and it was already morning.

All three women, with a sulking Luther, reached the photoshoot shop.

Hmm.. He was no longer her model... Did she not find me good looking anymore...

Mignani, on the other hand, was on a completely different plane today. Last night had been so refreshing and energizing for her.

But that was the least of it! Her skin was visibly smoother and softer. Her hair looked more healthy and shined with a nurturing glow.

She looked like an angel descended from the heavens. And all of this, in one treatment session?

Mignani could only sing praises of her new best friend!

Yup, any woman who makes sure that another woman looks like an angel, gets to be her instant best friend. This is an unspoken rule.

The photographer, who recognized Luther and Mignani, instantly froze and started fawning over them.

What God blessed me today morning! Two heaven-sent beauties have visited my shop!

He was well aware of Mignani's social status. But people's online reaction is bound to be completely different than the in-person response, especially when a goddess steps in front of them.

Would you still care if she had a bald spot! Rather, you would be trying hard to not drool!

The poor photographer then circled around Luther and lamented. The one who got away ....

He tried to enquire if he successfully managed to receive any endorsements because he hadn't seen this destructively handsome face anywhere else and remained a complete mystery.

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Luther smirked and was just about to say something sarcastic, when Su Lin interrupted, "We don't have all day Yashmu. Should I find a different agency?"

"Hehe. Sorry Sorry. Miss Lin. Your artists are just too good to look at! I got carried away."

He hurried over and captured candid pictures of Mignani, with a special focus of her head and hair.

Even though Mignani always had a photogenic face and was extremely talented in modeling, her poses this time reached a totally different level and were absolutely top-notch.

Leaving behind the heart-broken photographer, the group left the store in high spirits. Now, that they are done with this last bit of preparation, it was finally time for her next plan.

Watching Luther faithfully follow Su Lin, wherever she went, Mignani edged closer to Runyan and asked, "Hey.. Who is this guy? How have I not seen or heard about this handsome hunk? Sis's boyfriend?"

Runyan immediately started sweating bullets, "Hush. Never repeat those words again. The third world war will erupt if such words were heard."

Mignani didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Runyan might be innocent, but Mignani could clearly see that these two had a very special relationship.

And it definitely won't be much time before this bickering relationship blooms into something else....

The group then returned back to the hotel, and Su Lin tastefully uploaded the new pictures to her website, introducing their new product, "Elixir - the cure for baldness."
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Shen Mignani opened her account and posted it on her social media websites as well.

"Cursed with a residing hairline or an ugly bald spot? Don't worry, we got your back! Use the Elixir and watch your life change."

Mignani also uploaded her before and after photos.

Mignani closed her eyes and took a deep breath before posting it. This was it! She was going to take back her social status!

Su Lin smiled and patted her shoulder, "Thanks for helping me with this Mignani. I know it takes a lot of courage to own your shortcomings, and wear it like a trophy."

Mignani smiled and nodded, "No sis. Thank you. I am the one who is in your debt. I cannot convey it in words, the feeling of no longer being ashamed of my own body."

The trio ordered some food and happily celebrated their small success of successfully finishing this task.


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