The CEO's loser wife
77 No more baldies Part 7
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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77 No more baldies Part 7

"It definitely looks like there are potentially tons of other talented artists, who have been pushed around and finally erased from the entertainment industry because of certain influential crafty individuals," Su Lin asked.

Both Runyan and Mignani nodded their head, agreeing with Su Lin.

"So we go to these people and offer them a second chance. Well at least to those who deserve it", Su Lin added.

"Being in the industry as long as I am, I definitely can give you at least four to five names on the top of my head. But how are you going to help them come back? It is an extremely difficult task", Mignani wondered.

Su Lin smirked and put a finger to her lips.

"Shh.. It's a surprise. I am going to build an army of heavenly breathtaking beauties on earth."

Mignani laughed and brushed it off as a joke.

But Runyan clearly knew that her crazy sister was not joking in the slightest.

Looks like some nasty bath sessions are going to happen in the future.

She could totally picture a bunch of celebrities sitting in a big hot tub, miserably drowned in dark gooey smelly sludge.

Brrr.... Shaking it off, Runyan reminded Su Lin, "Sis, time for the photoshoot?"

In the last few days, the duo had been busy making a huge batch of "Elixir" hair oil, their unique cure for baldness.

Not repeating the same mistake again, these women had painstakingly made 500 bottles of oil.

Yup, just the women.

Luther's latest revolt against Su Lin was to stop working as a free manual laborer for her.

He combined that with frequent loitering around their workroom, clicking his tongue and casting sympathetic glances, successfully managing to piss her off to unimaginable proportions.

Moreover, Su Lin and Runyan were already pretty fed up tediously hand-making their products.

They needed the push this time to be big enough for achieving their goals.

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"Photoshoot... Hmm.."

Su Lin closed her eyes and looked like she was thinking about something.

But in reality, she was extending her spiritual sense and scanning Mignani's body and skin for analyzing her composition and potential avenues for improvement.

The woman in front of her was already beautiful, maintaining the perfect figure required for an actress or model, even at her lowest depressing times.
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It looks like she had never given up even once. Such strong resolve! Su Lin was amazed.

She looked at Mignani and spoke the four words, which sent tremors down Runyan's body.

"Let's take a bath."

"Bath?" Mignani asked.

"You still have control over your official social media accounts? I think you should send a message today. Something like 'Sorry for the hiatus. Your queen will be back tomorrow with a bang.' What do you think?"

Mignani thought it was a good idea as well and worked on her public statement, while Su Lin went inside and started preparing her famous beauty soak essentials.

Runyan immediately got up and mumbled something, before rushing into the other room and starting to make another batch of products.

Luther who had been sitting in a corner and reading something, looked at Mignani with much sympathy and pity, before disappearing at lightning-fast speed to his brothers' room downstairs.

"Hey Monkey! There are potentially three beautiful women, sitting naked in a bathtub upstairs." Luther smirked and even tried to bait his bro into the trap.

Monkey gulped and swallowed his thoughts.

Ah... The cake was right there... But he couldn't eat it...

Around 9 pm in the night, a new notification beeped in Manager Lang's phone.

"The darkness will eventually disappear and light will always prevail! Your sister will be back tomorrow with a surprise gift for all :)" - Shen Mignani.

The silent lurkers immediately noticed her post and blew it up almost instantly.

Though Mignani's social status had completely disappeared the past few months, she still had quite a number of followers.

In fact, she collected more, after her bald video was leaked. But the new addition was mainly haters, who liked to hit a person when they were down.

Her loyal fans also remained connected waiting for their goddess to come back from this scandal.

Mignani had given quite a bit of consideration to this issue. The news that she was bald had already been spread far and near. There was nothing she could do about it.

And now, could she even hide it anymore? No, she would rather stand proud and own it.

Manager Lang looked at the notification and sneered.

She happily logged into one of her alternate accounts, which regularly slandered and cursed at Mignani and posted quite a few ridiculing and degrading words.

Each and every one of them was extremely degenerate and hurtful.

Other netizens ricocheted off her posts and further added fuel to the fire.

They all collectively reposted, "We still need our eyes. Please don't expose our eyes to your shining spot."


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