The CEO's loser wife
76 No more baldies Part 6
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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76 No more baldies Part 6

Mignani's mind reeled and her head spun. The sudden realization of her best friend's parting words stung her to the core.

Did she .. No it couldn't be.. No..

Her heart rate quickened, with panic and fear rising.

She collapsed on the floor into a puddle of salty tears and misery.

The room closed around her, and everything went dark.

What happened.. when did everything turn so bad ..

Her dear friend's parting words kept ringing in her ears. Everything slowly became apparent.

After a while, she slowly picked herself back up. Who hasn't faced betrayal in life?

She bit her lips till blood seeped out and steeled her weakening legs. She supported herself on the wall and calmed herself down.

Mignani refused to be a weak woman. Her mom had repeatedly scolded her for trying to be an actress with a balding head.

But had she not successfully achieved the impossible?

So what if everything broke down and fell apart, she had the strength to start all over again.

Shen Mignani staggeringly walked out of the Evergreen studio's building. She took one last look at the company, which had risen to fame on her coattails.

But now.. They have thrown her out like used trash. All because of something so superficial and meaningless.

Though her eyes drowned in sadness, her lips slowly curved upwards.

"You threw me out at the worst possible time my dearest friend", she sadly muttered to herself.

She then took a cab and headed straight to Su Lin's place.

Before all this madness occurred, she wanted to introduce her best friend/ manager Lang to Su Lin and tell her how this stranger had given her a new lease on life. But now, she was all alone.

Wiping the tears off her face, Mignani got off the elevator and knocked on Su Lin's door. Su Lin and Runyan were expecting her and greeted her with warm smiles.

Looking at these strangers being more affectionate to her than her best friend, Mignani broke down and balled her eyes out, hugging the stupified duo.

Both the women sat down and patiently listened to the transpired events from the trembling voice.

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"Hmm. Wow. It looks like your manager had cleanly planned everything from the start and perfectly executed her plan of alienating you," Su Lin said.

"What?" Mignani asked.

"Yup. I was wondering why was the public response so bad for a single bald spot. Yes, you might have gotten some weird nicknames and ugly mentions, but it shouldn't have affected your career that much, with the right publicity."

Su Lin leaned forward and grabbed her hand. "After all, you are still extremely breathtaking," she spoke with a teasing smile.

The beautiful woman who had been crying all day revealed a small smile and nodded.

"If you are willing to stick by me, then I can help you with your comeback," Su Lin declared confidently.

"You have some plans, sis?" Runyan was confused. As far as she knew, this sister of hers knew nothing about the entertainment industry.

"Of course, my dear. After all, I am planning to build an empire. How can I not venture into this glamorous world?" Su Lin smirked.

At the same time, a loud harrumph from another corner of the room interrupted their discussion, as if mocking them.

"Tsk. Tsk. Words are getting bigger and bigger every day. Heh", Luther smirked and smiled sarcastically, lighting a fire under Su Lin almost instantly.

Looking at Su Lin's changing expression, Runyan rubbed her head. Here they go again.

For the past few weeks, things had unexpectedly taken a turn for the worst.

The friendly back and forth banter became constant bickering, with one getting on another's nerves, at every chance possible.
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Even their so-called self-defense practice sessions in the morning had turned into full-on sparring sessions, with each beating the other will all the force they could muster.

Every day their fights got only worse and worse. But for some reason, much to Runyan's dismay, this guy still kept hanging around them and taunting Su Lin ever so often.

And it looked like one of their epic fights was just about to happen, when Runyan quickly interrupted, "Sis, can you please explain more? Mignani might feel better with more details. After all, she is already an established actress."

Begrudgingly diverting her eyes, Su Lin nodded and spoke, "From what you are telling me, it looks like this sort of thing happens a lot in the entertainment industry."

"This sort of thing?" Mignani was confused.

"I mean, all the backstabbing, playing tricks, pushing down someone with talent. Am I correct?" Su Lin asked.

"Hmm. Not sure to what extent. But yes, at least when it comes to newcomers, only those with connections tend to succeed."

"Else they are forced to sell their body and sleep with numerous men before they can finally get somewhere. This is an ugly side of this industry."


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