The CEO's loser wife
75 No more baldies Part 5
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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75 No more baldies Part 5

The legal proceedings took their own time and the case was moving way too slower than the usual pace.

But this was to be expected since both the Meng family and the Han family were very influential.

The fact that the case was still in proceedings and not just thrown out right away, was already a huge victory.
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At least this whole issue helped Su Lin with her social and media presence.

Despite all the negativity and the overwhelming bad reviews, a decent percentage of her special customers kept coming back for more products.

Her original loyal customer base increased from a depressing 5 to an alarming 100.

Almost everybody who used something once kept coming back.

They all had an issue with the price, but the quality spoke for itself. So they could only grit their teeth and spend the money.

However it was still not enough to push their fledgling startup to a decent company with a production and manufacturing unit.

The two months flew by very quickly and soon it was time to reap some rewards.

Shen Mignani couldn't believe her own eyes. The past few weeks had been life changing.

In the beginning she didn't have any hope or expectations.

But as days went by, things progressed little by little and now she had a head full of thick luscious hair.

Her evil bald spot completely disappeared and even the rest of her hair looked more healthy and shiny.

Her mood drastically improved and she couldn't wait to tell her manager this good news.

Poor Miss Lang. She had suffered so much for me. Mignani sighed.

But now that the nightmare was over, they can prepare for a come back and go all the way to the top again!

For the first time in so long, she entered the company doorstep smiling and skipping in joy.

This morning she hadn't worn a wig to work. Her own natural hair was swaying and dancing in the air.

Humming a tune, she directly pressed the elevator for manager Lang's office floor.

Though her own office was in a corner of the basement, manager Lang's office was still in the 9th floor where the top artists resides.

Mignani had never thought twice about this abnormality.

She always assumed that Lang was probably going out of her way and doing secretarial work for other artists as well.

She in fact always made it a habit to remind her about taking care of her own health.

After she left, the two receptionists looked at each other and giggled.

"Shit. There is going to be a show today. Why the fuck can't we go up... just for a second would also do.. these bosses are so stingy."

"Shut up and work Mei Mei. If this is how they treat a famous artist, how do you think they are going to treat us."

Both of them nodded and began to busy themselves again, while an oblivious Mignani entered the venomous trap humming and skipping.

Looking at Lang, she playfully rushed forward and hugged her tightly from behind.

"Morning my dear. Guess what is special about me today." she playfully teased her friend.

But she then suddenly realized that there were a lot more people in the room and for some reason they all seemed to be looking at her very weirdly.

She could even vaguely sense an expression of ridicule in their eyes.

Heh. I am so used to this look, that I am even imagining it now !

Shen Mignani shrugged that depressing thought away and asked her manager, "what happened Lang? Are you in some trouble?"

Manager Lang slowly turned towards her and this time the malice and ridicule in her face was obviously unmistakable.

"You bald slut. First stay away from me. Don't spread your std germs to me" Lang barked and pushed Mignani back.

Staggering, Mignani held on to a desk to support herself. The room was spinning and her vision darkened.

What .. what is happening? Why is Lang sis so rude to me?

Mignani held her tears back and managed to get a few words out.

"What .. happened ? Why .. suddenly?"

Lang sneered and threw a document at her face.

"Here. You contract is terminated as of today. You have caused excessive shame and monetary losses to the company. As a penalty, the company has blacklisted you with our contacts."

The worst had happened. What she tried so hard to avoid, happened so soon and so fast.

But why is Lang behaving this way? Shen Mignani couldn't comprehend.

They were both best friends!

They had gone through thick and think situations together! They had both struggled together to get here!

So why.. she couldn't understand.

After watching the document throwing and the declaration scene, all the extras present in the room, snickered and left one by one.

Some even commenting, "Unlike you, we all have jobs to do."

Finally it was just her and Lang in the room. Lang could barely contain the contempt in her heart.

"Bitch, the next time you seduce someone else's boyfriend, think twice about it!"

"Oh. Don't you ever lock your back door. Anyone can come in and take a picture you know.. he he... if you know what I mean..."

Lang hysterically laughed and left the room.


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