The CEO's loser wife
74 No more baldies Part 4
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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74 No more baldies Part 4

Su Lin gently knocked on the door, interrupting the engrossed beauty sitting inside.
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"Hello", she chimed in with a warm and sweet smile.

Eyes drowned in tears, Shen Mignani looked up.

She was rather surprised that someone other than her manager had actually come to visit her.

She put aside the document in her hand and stood up to welcome the two women.

Su Lin was very taken back at her response.

Judging from the behavior of the receptionists, this woman must have been ridiculed beyond words.

But she still had the kindness in her heart to welcome strangers with a warm smile.

She obnoxiously sat down on the only chair in the room and spoke in a loud authoritative voice.

"Hello. I am Su Lin and this is my friend Runyan. I am here today to rewind the clock and put your career together again."

"What ..?"

Shen Mignani was flabbergasted and stood frozen. What is this woman babbling about?

"What? You don't believe me?" Su Lin smirked.

Realizing that these people might have actually come here to make fun of her, Shen Mignani's face darkened.

She pushed the door open and pointed at both of them.

"Get out now, please. I don't know how you got through the front desk, but it's a little bit too much to approach someone just to ridicule them."

But Su Lin didn't budge from her seat and continued smiling at her.

"Are you sure you want me to leave?"

Her confidence made Shen Mignani hesitate. Is she perhaps ..

"Say .. when is your contract from this company expiring?"

"In two more months." Shen Mignani's voice trembled and her gaze weakened.

"Perfect. That's about the time we need for your makeover. Now tell me .. Are you willing to turn back time?"

"You are not messing with me?"

"Honey I don't have that much time with me. But I do have one condition. I need you to endorse my product after these two months, with probably a before and after picture. Think about it and tell me if it's okay with you."

Su Lin gave her a card with her contact information and left with Runyan.

Since they were still hand-making all their products, every single day was extremely busy and tiring.

Setting up everything from scratch was not a simple task.

It was barely a few minutes since Su Lin and Runyan had left when Su Lin's phone rang.

"I have decided. I will trust you." Shen Mignani's trembling voice sounded through the phone.

After all, I have nothing left to lose. Shen Mignani sighed and cut the call.

A slightly fat woman with a squeaky voice hurried over, almost sprinting.

"Mignani, someone came here to meet with us ?" she panted and enquired out of breath.

"Nobody important." Mignani decided to hide it from her manager.

She was too embarrassed to admit that she had resorted to this sort of desperation, putting her trust on complete strangers.

"Oh ok ok. Don't worry. We will find something soon" said manager Lang in an encouraging manner.

She then left Mignani's office and came back up to the reception desk.

"Don't mess up again. Call me first if someone comes looking for that baldy." She lectured the terrified receptionists.

Useless things everywhere. Manager Lang sneered. This time, she had to personally make sure that the bald thing was completely dead and buried. Hmph.

Talking about baldies, the other baldy was in an extremely cheerful mood and was dressing up, whilst whistling a tune.

Monkey was meeting with Su Lin that evening to talk about the required legal matters.

Much to Luther's dismay, there was nothing he could do to prevent this disaster from happening.

He could only silently sigh and sigh and sigh and ....

Monkey had arrived half an hour prior to their scheduled meeting time and took a seat at the best spot in the restaurant.

He called the waitress over and arranged for some flowers and a small candle.

"Hmm.. Looks about right." Monkey smiled contently and patiently waited for Su Lin to arrive, with his face slumped on his palm.

Time quickly ticked away and soon Su Lin reached the restaurant.

Watching the pretty woman enter the restaurant by herself, without her usual female sidekick, the smile on Monkey's face grew wider.

Only to disappear in the next instant ...

Though the female sidekick was absent, the smirking male sidekick followed her anyways.

Gnashing his teeth, Monkey hurriedly stood up and signaled them to his table.

You are killing my mojo here bro! He cried inside.

Staring daggers at his blood brother, Monkey sulked and sat down opposite to Su Lin.

"Shall I order some food for you, my beautiful client?" Monkey revealed all his teeth.

Ahem ahem. Luther loudly cleared his throat.

The trio then ordered some food and began to busy themselves.

And obviously Su Lin caught the weird interactions between the two guys and asked,

"Do you both know each other?"

"He he he. Yes, we are both old acquaintances." Monkey stuttered and explained.

"Ok. That settles it. At least you are someone I can trust. I am sure I have a rock-solid case, I only need someone who won't backstab me" Su Lin said.

The trio then discussed the case details and so far the only issue seemed to be that Su Lin didn't have a personal copy of the will.

But that shouldn't be a problem since it was a legal document and it had to be presented to the court.


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