The CEO's loser wife
73 No more baldies Part 3
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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73 No more baldies Part 3

Monkey was agitatedly discussing an important issue with Luther.

This is the third time he was getting rejected and shot down.

Have some sympathy you heartless monster! Monkey cursed and nagged Luther again today morning.

"What problem do you have with me representing her as her lawyer!?"


"She needs a lawyer boss! Why can't it be me !!!"

"How many times do you need an explanation..." Luther creased his brows.

"But I want to be her lawyer and get close to her and make her my wife and settle down and have six kids and train all kids to be better than you !!" Monkey panted, revealing his master plan.

"Sorry to break your castles but it's better if she is not exposed to the entire fucking organization"

Luther chided him and walked away.

"I need to find another lawyer and introduce to Su Lin before this idiot takes any action."

This guy's antics have increased a hundred fold ever since we moved here.

Rolling his eyes, Luther turned around to make sure he actually went back to their room, only to end up standing frozen in his spot.

What the hell !!!!

Su Lin was standing next to Monkey and happily chatting about something.

They even acted overtly friendly with each other, with Su Lin intermittently touching and rubbing Monkey's bald spot.

Wait, what? Again she is caressing his bald spot!

With this curiosity peeked to the maximum, Luther casually strolled over and greeted both of them.

He immediately regretted his decision, remembering what happened the previous week.
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Looks like the witch hasn't forgiven him yet !

Su Lin threw a threatening glance at him and replied to his greeting with a loud harrumph.

She then abruptly turned around and walked away, murmuring profanities rather loudly.

It was clearly meant for Luther's ears...

"Hey what did she say? Hold up. Why were you talking to her in the first place!" Luther became angry and snorted.

"He he he... he he he" Grinning wildly Monkey inched away, slowly moving further and further away from his volcanic brother.

"She called me handsome." He added more fuel to the fire and disappeared at lightening speed.

"...." Luther's lips twitched.

This idiot was totally out of control!

Su Lin on the other hand, returned back with a beaming smile. This was a success!

She only needed someone to apply a bit of the paste and confirm the reaction with her spiritual sense.

Since it was a surface and superficial reaction, there was nothing more to it.

After all, she was just tending to dead cells on the head!

Not wasting more time, Su Lin and Runyan quickly arrived at the Evergreen studio's door steps.

The once extremely famous actress Shen Mignani's office was here.

She had won multiple golden lotus awards for best actress and had an amazingly good work ethic, with almost zero to none scandalous involvement.

But recently, this once great heroine's fame and status plummeted to a bottomless pit.

She was no longer an A lister and her endorsements dwindled at a rapid rate.

In the last six months, she barely managed to finish one successful endorsement.

The reason her fate and luck took this extreme drastic turn was a single video!

A single video released by apparently someone close to her completely sealed her acting career and toppled her social status.

Someone had secretly taken a video of her makeup-less sleeping figure and created a wave in the social media.

Her figure was a perfect golden ration figure, with the right curves and a toned body.

Her skin was smooth as silk and her pale white skin did not have any horrendous scars or stretch marks.

Even without makeup, her facial features exuded a calm and serene beauty and she looked extremely beautiful, sleeping in a peaceful manner.

So why did this single video destroy this beautiful young woman's life?

It was all because of a small shiny octagonal spot in the middle of her head..

Her luscious hair which fell to her shoulders, was somehow biased to this single spot and not even a thin strand was visible.

It was so empty and bald, that it reflected the melodious moon light falling on the obliviously sleeping beauty.

Runyan had selected this particular woman as their target.

After Runyan had given up on convincing her sis to help someone with a more serious disorder, she had picked this woman, who lost everything because of something so small and insignificant.

They spoke to the receptionist, who on hearing Shen Mignani's name, had a drastic attitude change and responded with a sneer.

Wow, it must be raining today. Even that ugly baldy has someone requesting to see her.

The receptionist sitting next to her, snickered and said, "He he. Who knows? Maybe it's another offer to shoot "those" type of movies. Slut, she is ruining our companies name."

Su Lin and Runyan were also not properly dressed and looked very poor.

Clicking her tongue, the two receptionists totally labeled them useless and downtrodden.

"Hmph. Go straight to the basement and she is in the last room. You only have one hour time. Get out of the company premises before that. We can't have cheap people ruining our image."

Su Lin didn't say anything back and just met their insults with a calm smile.

She even thanked them and took the elevator to the basement office.

Runyan was a bit more embarrassed and followed Su Lin quickly with her head down.

At the end of the basement corridor, next to the storage room with cleaning supplies, there was a shabby dusty office.

The door was slightly ajar, to give some sort of ventilation to this prison cell, exposing the breathtakingly beautiful woman sitting inside.

But all her beauty was masked in a melancholy atmosphere with endless gloom and depression clearly engulfing her.

Her eyes were red and filled to the brim with tears. She was looking a document sadly and seemed to be thinking about something.


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