The CEO's loser wife
72 No more baldies Part 2
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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72 No more baldies Part 2

Jerk. Asshole. Idiot.

Su Lin threw out curse words one after the other, nonstop while going through her morning ritual.

Even to Runyan, who has always received warmth and support from Su Lin, she looked very scary and dangerous right now.

"One fucking mistake and I would have lost even this paltry cultivation base. Too careless !"

Su Lin reprimanded herself repeatedly. She walked over and signaled that the bathroom was now free for Runyan to use.

"You guys treat these male-female interactions way too casually", she angrily declared, out of context.

"Sis... that.. I didn't do anything." I haven't even had a boyfriend in like 2 years! Runyan was very confused.

Realizing that Su Lin was probably talking to herself, Runyan hurried over and gave her some space to vent.
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"That bastard. I need to be more cautious. I cannot carelessly lose my yin energy."

Yes, she was rambling on like a crazy person. But Su Lin had a very good reason to do so...

Male cultivators had a yang cultivation core, and female cultivators had a yin cultivation core.

And sometimes, for a blessed few, each cultivation core had its specific nature.

For instance, Su Lin had a life affinity cultivation core. Anything and everything she touches will grow and be nurtured.

This was one of the reasons, why she was known as the queen of alchemy.

Even epic tier herbs surrendered to her and grew like weeds, under her nurturing.

At higher cultivation stages, her life energy can heal even the deadliest life-threatening injuries.

There is only so much known about these mysterious cultivation cores. But one thing is for sure.

When a male cultivator and a female cultivator engage in sexual relations, their core energies can interact and transmutate in an infinite number of ways.

Many cultivators have had their cultivation base halved, doubled, tripled, their affinity lowered, their affinity increased and some even lost their entire cultivation base.

It was a roll of the dice. No one can predict the outcome.

In fact, a common practice was to enslave women and boost their cultivation base in captivity. These women were sold to help the beginner stage rich young masters, with unfavorable cultivation bases.

However, this is only for beginners to mid-range cultivators. Cultivators at a higher tier had the ability to seal their cores while engaging in sexual relations.

With Su Lin's currently useless beginner cultivation, she can't afford to carelessly engage with someone and lose even the little energy she had right now.

Hmm.. Thinking about her cultivation, she definitely needed to pick up her pace here.

She now knew for a fact that this planet earth was not that bereft of spiritual energy. She did manage to bring her soul core to stage 1.

And now that she is stage 1, it should be easier for her to scan for traces of spiritual energy and suck them all like a hungry vortex.

But to explore the depths and heights of this planet, she definitely needed more money than she had right now, which brought her back to square one.

"Arghh.. My mind is running in circles" Su Lin whined. She tossed all her thoughts aside and took out her herb stache to work on their special attack plan.

Before the unfortunate chain of events this morning, they had actually landed on a brilliant impactful plan.

What is the one thing, for which people go crazy? What is the one product, for which there is a 100% guaranteed, "let me at least try it once" vibe?

Yup, hair growth products.

It's a billion-dollar industry, by itself, if successful.

The entire planet cares more about a bunch of dead cells on their head than anything else.

The looks which people give to a head, full of shiny black hair, are on an entirely different level compared to a clean bald head.

Runyan, who was sitting next to her and documenting everything, shook her head in helplessness.

Sis, when I meant help a sick celebrity, I was thinking more on the lines of someone with a kidney problem or liver problem !!

Why are you so wasteful with your insane medicinal talents! Who cares about a bunch of bald heads!

Looking at her idea gone awry, Runyan cried inside and meticulously jotted down everything Su Lin was doing.

Su Lin was heavily invested in altering and redoing her concoctions and was busily occupied for the next couple of days.

After the fourth day, she was finally done and had a whole pressure cooker full of black sticky liquid.

Hmm... Who should I try this on? I need a guinea pig now.

Su Lin finally got out of her room after four days and casually roamed the corridor, hoping to find some bald guy by chance.

And bingo .. 2 mins out .. She already spotted one.

A semi-bald guy was actually standing next to Luther, and chatting with him fully engrossed.


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