The CEO's loser wife
71 No more baldies Part 1
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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71 No more baldies Part 1

As soon as the first rays of gentle sunlight hit her face, Su Lin woke up with an energetic and enthusiastic mood.

She was excited about their latest strategy. Runyan and herself had been up pretty late last night before landing on this fantastic idea.

Heh. People in this world are so weak, with their bodies riddled with countless illnesses. How easy it is to make money !!

That is .. if someone was not standing like a thorn in your fucking path!

With dollar signs flashing in her eyes, Su Lin woke up and opened her eyes, when suddenly she felt a massive weight on her stomach and her hips completely sore, most likely from supporting the weight all night.

God damn it, Runyan! You have your own bed, don't you! Why are you hugging this weak-bodied sis!

But unfortunately for her .. reality was a hundred times worse...

An angelic heaven-sent face met her eyes, instead of Runyan's cute sleepy face.

The person looked extremely tired and was asleep so soundly as if he was unconscious.

The sense of peace and calm clearly visible on that perfectly sculpted face made it a lot more alluring and beautiful.

Without realizing, Su Lin was running her fingers on that astoundingly perfect contour.

Her fingers lingered on a couple of scars, trying their best to ruin perfection, but only failing.

Sighing .. Su Lin couldn't help but notice the jealousy crop up in her heart. Why couldn't she have possessed this body?!

As if sensing her uneasiness, the man pulled her closer and sunk into a deeper sleep.

This action finally snapped Su Lin back into reality, and she immediately let out a loud shriek.

What in the name of hell ?!! This bastard.

Just because she gave him an inch, he is going for the whole fucking mile now ?!

Look at him .. even a smile is now visible on this sleepy face!

She then mustered a forceful kick, which led to the handsome intruder falling down straight from the bed, landing on his butt.

"Ow ow." Luther woke up, clearly shaken and confused from the abrupt and non-gentle events.

Took him a couple of seconds, but looking at the red hot fuming woman in front of him, he exactly knew what had happened.

Shit. How on earth did I fall asleep ?! He didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

A good night's sleep for someone like him is akin to a treasured elixir.

But at the same time, someone like him shouldn't fall asleep entirely.

He always needs to be alert and wary of his surroundings. His life depended on it.

Actually, he didn't intend to fall asleep last night.

He just thought that both of these ladies smelled really good, and in fact, the entire suite was filled with a lavender aroma.

At first, he just leaned near Su Lin and cursed her for the unfair bias.

Evil witch. She made me dunk in a nasty goo, while these two enjoyed a scented bath.

Looking at her long, lush black hair gently laid out on the soft white bed, he couldn't help but sit next to her and stroke her silky smooth hair.

One thing led to another and looks like he ended up hugging her and worse, sleeping next to her for almost the entire night.

This is the third time she has effortlessly managed to put me to sleep! Heh. Will his brothers even believe this ?!

Wait, more importantly, now how was he going to appease this riled up beauty in front of him?

She seemed to be extremely pissed right now. Wasn't she a once-married woman?

I mean what I did was wrong, but isn't this reaction a bit too disproportionate? I just hugged you a little...

Luther silently stood and tried to decipher how to mediate this complicated situation.

Seconds ticked by slower and slower, and Luther could visibly see Su Lin's bulging vein popping and her temper rising to astronomical levels.

She was literally gritting her teeth right now and fuck it, and she was searching for some weapon now ..?

Standing up at lightning speed, he dashed out of the room, keeping an eye on the devil from the corner of his eye.
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He slammed the door close and ran for his life. Shit, I am still her bodyguard.

He stopped running and sat down in an obscure corner of the corridor, under the shade, and finally caught a breath.

Resting his head in his hand, he let out a loud chuckle.

How amusing is this ?! I am scared of a thin, frail woman. Ha ha ha...

She smelled really nice though ...

Maybe I should try sleeping with a fur doll or body pillow to sleep better? A fur doll sprayed with lavender scent. Hmm..


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