The CEO's loser wife
70 First rate gold digger Part 5
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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70 First rate gold digger Part 5

"What are you staring at trash ?" Shi Meng continued taunting her.

The man who usually loathed communicating with words, for some reason, seemed to be enjoying it today.

Watching Su Lin standing speechless, he chuckled and added some more, "Without money, which hole are you going to go to rat?"

"Rather, which rich guy are you planning to seduce now? He he"

"One small piece of advice, lose the gigolo by your side, else it will be difficult to entrap anyone."

Su Lin stood dumbfounded and continued staring at the guy in front of him.

Arrogant prick. He was like a mountain standing in her path.

Any step she took, no matter how small, he was just around the corner, to crush all her hopes and moves into nothingness.

What perplexed her most was, why was she so calm and composed? Wasn't she known for being temperamental?

She always thought it was unfair, but people frequently accused her of being overbearing and soul-crushing.

So why is she pussyfooting around right now?

While Shi Meng continued adding more insults, Su Lin stood still lost in her thoughts.

The only conclusion she could come up with was something very ridiculous and far fetched.

There was a small possibility that the previous Su Lin's soul was partially absorbed with her own, resulting in these subtle behavioral changes.

Hmph. I would be damned if I let that loser dictate my decisions. Su Lin harrumphed loudly and angrily retorted.

"Can you please stop talking? Yes, I am a gold digger. I am in fact, a first-rate gold digger, who won't rest until she gets her half. And don't worry, no matter what hole I burrow into, I won't step inside the Meng estate!"

Shi Meng silently and ominously withdrew his menacing glance from her and drove away in his car with Su Han.

The entire atmosphere was dark and gloomy.

Clapping her hands loudly, Su Lin turned around, facing everyone with a big, bold smile.

"Let's go. Wang Yu, you go to the village by yourself and plant the herb transplants. We can meet later. These still need about 50 to 60 days."

"We three can temporarily stay in that hotel."

Remembering her encounter with Robert and how the manager had covered in fear, she added, "He he. Who knows, we might even get to stay for free!"

"That.. but sis" Runyan looked like she was going to say something but stayed silent in the end.

Luther absentmindedly nodded and helped Su Lin with some luggage.

The fact that Shi Meng silently retreated gave Luther a lousy feeling, and he was worried if Su Lin might become a target for assassination again. He still hadn't told her about the previous attempt.

He slipped out and quietly made a call to his brothers, expressing his concerns. It was always better to be safe than sorry.

And just like Su Lin had predicted, the manager greeted the trio with a face full of teeth. He was extremely courteous and smiling ear to ear.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, he directly handed them keys to a first-class suite, which was ranked just beneath their hotel's two presidential suites.
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He even allowed them to stay there as long as they needed it. He did everything he could to make sure that this problematic young madam didn't go behind his back and complain to Robert Hissenger.

The room was very spacious, with a big couch in the front portion and two double beds in the second room.

Thinking about it for a while, Luther called his brothers again and asked them to move to this hotel as well. This will make it a lot easier to deal with everything.

After arranging all their things, Su Lin and Runyan relaxed a while in their room's huge hot water tub.

And of course, their bath was dark grey and filled with a mixture of different herbs.

Runyan was already content that this time, their bath didn't smell horrid, like the one she had prepared for Luther.

This sister of hers was ruthless when it came to bath mixtures!

Looking at Su Lin, who was silently sitting with her eyes closed and contemplating vividly what to do next, Runyan was slightly embarrassed.

She was letting her sister fight all the battles by herself. Wouldnt it be nice if she could help her out.. even just a bit.

After some more minutes of silence, Runyan hesitantly called out, "Sis.. umm.. so.. our biggest problem right now is credibility.. Since sis has godly medicinal talents, should we look for some extremely sick or bedridden celebrity and help them?"

The completely silent Su Lin suddenly opened her eyes and grinned brightly, "Not bad, dear! You are a genius. We should do this !!!"

Runyan immediately displayed a warm, satisfied smile and went back to enjoying their unique bath. I should stay awake tonight and find who is currently sick. She silently decided.

Su Lin smiled gently and looked at the cute puppy-like girl in front of her. Just a small compliment, brought so much joy to her. She needed to help her slowly, bit by bit.

Maybe over time, she might open up to her.

The duo stayed awake for a long time brainstorming, before finally drifting off to sleep, in their respective smooth and soft bed, only to wake up to Su Lin's heaven piercing shrieks.


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