The CEO's loser wife
69 First rate gold digger Part 4
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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69 First rate gold digger Part 4

Looking at the strong unfazed woman standing in front of him, Luther was once again taken aback.

This woman...

From the day she had planned, she clearly didn't expect that old guy to show up and chide her so much.

He even went as far as evicting her within an hour. And still, she didn't falter or panic!
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What sort of hardships did she go through, to train her heart and mind like this? He wondered.

Luther chuckled and put his phone back. He had initially planned to call his brothers and arrange for something.

But now he was more curious about how this unfathomable woman would deal with this situation.

While Luther was curiously observing her, Su Lin was busily handing out instructions.

Actually, when grandpa Han threw out his first insult, Su Lin instantly knew where this conversation was headed to.

So she immediately came up with a decently doable plan.

Other than the herbs, they really didn't have much at the Han family guest house. It was already furnished and they were just using it as a hotel.

So the only thing they had to deal with was the huge herb garden that Su Lin was personally growing.

Normally, she would just leave it as is. It's only a few months of effort and can always be replicated.

Besides they order what they need from outside suppliers mostly.

But still, she decided to make an effort and go through the transplantation process because of her small experiments.

Most of the plants, Su Lin grew in her private garden were not normal herbs.

She had carefully and tediously crossbred selected few herbal plants with each other to improve the medicinal outcome.

So she was extremely curious about these special herbs and had patiently waited for months to examine the results.

In fact, they just needed about two more months to fully come into fruition. There was no point in simply throwing away all that effort.

"Wang Yu, I know your old village had a few empty plots in their herb farms, the last time I had visited. Can you call the chief and ask if we can use that temporarily?"

"Runyan, can you book a big transportation vehicle to come to our house, so we can pack all the herbs for transplantation."

"Luther can you help Runyan with the packing."

"I will go to the store and get our stuff from there."

Su Lin packed her paltry things in a big bag and dragged it out front.

She then called a cab and waited by the gate, ready to leave, when her shadow joined her.

"Wherever you go, I go boss" Luther smiled and answered her stare.

They soon arrived at the storefront and just packed a few things that were absolutely necessary.

Luther had hoped that she would maybe forget his posters. But, Su Lin carefully folded them and packed them as well.

Tsk Tsk.

As if hearing him complaining in his head, Su Lin angrily retorted, "Don't think I forgot what happened today morning."

Acting like he didn't hear her, Luther picked up the pace and loaded everything inside their cab.

They then returned home and together with Runyan and Wang Yu, packed all the stuff into one big loading truck.

Phew. All four simultaneously heaved a huge sigh of relief. Everything was neatly packed and tucked away in the truck.

Wang Yu almost collapsed on the ground. "You monster. I haven't worked this much since god knows when."

Luther lethargically chimed in to support his brother in misery. "You slave driver. I am not doing any more heavy lifting for you. Hmph."

Looking at these two lazily sprawled on the ground, Su Lin smirked and mercilessly asked, "I think there are still a few more plants left."

As if they had previously rehearsed, both men retorted immediately with an angry voice, "FUCK OFF".

Runyan almost laughed loudly and silently stood, hiding behind Su Lin.

Noticing that she was smiling more these days, Su Lin happily shook her head. This girl.. she was just like a small kitten...

Their time was almost up and right on dot, a black Mercedes rashly screeched, parking right in front of their small gathering.

Luther immediately stood up alertly next to Su Lin.

A frosty expression covered Su Lin's face, as she saw who was approaching her.

A cold silence enveloped everybody, with Shi Meng's vicious laughter echoing in their midst.

Shi Meng and Su Han stepped out of the car, with one looking extremely smug and conceited and the other sweating profusely.

I don't like all this fighting bro! Su Han cried and whined inside.

And Shi Meng's threatening glance effortlessly targeted Su Lin, staring daggers at her.

"Heh.. looks like your only source of income is cut off. What will you do now .. "


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