The CEO's loser wife
68 First rate gold digger Part 3
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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68 First rate gold digger Part 3

Instinctively curious about the new sensation, Luther gently caressed and squeezed the softness with his fingers.

He could feel her skin trembling and her body getting warmer. It was a completely new and pleasant experience.

From the looks of it, he had entirely forgotten where he was or what he was doing !!

At the other end of this exchange, Su Lin froze in surprise and anger. She was wholly and utterly flustered.

This flirt !! He is getting bolder and bolder by the day !!

She twisted and turned her body to free herself from his restraining grasp.

But it only ended up making things worse and brought her face to face with that godsend perfect, flawless look.

Looking at those piercing eyes, staring right back at her, straight into her soul, her heartbeat began to quicken.

She was suddenly very aware that she was a woman and he was a man.

However, she refused to admit defeat and protested against her body's involuntary response.
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She gritted her teeth and searched for any potential weak spots in this tall, muscular animal rooted in front of her.

In just a few long seconds, a smile danced on her lips, followed by an evil look on her face.

Yup, continue what you are doing asshole.

She snickered inside, eyeing, and aiming carefully at her target location.

She took a deep breath and was just about to knee Luther in his precious area when a loud sound interrupted their intimate atmosphere and saved Luther from weeks of pain.

The loud voice startled Luther and brought him back to reality. He shuddered and immediately let Su Lin go.

"Oops. Sorry about that." He chuckled weirdly, and awkwardly scratching his head.

His shy, guilty look brought out his cute dimples and made him all the more alluring and intoxicating.

It was difficult, even for Su Lin to peel her eyes away from him.

Controlling herself, she rubbed her hips and arms, where he had forcefully retrained her.

"Monster! I hope there are no marks on my skin." she murmured.

The loud voice, utterly ignored, and gravely offended, demanded their attention again.

"You filthy whore."

This time everyone responded and finally paid attention to the source of the voice.

Luther angrily took a step forward, while a sad smile crept on Su Lin's sweaty face.

Grandpa Han was standing at her gate, shaking and bursting with anger, with Su Han by his side, constantly reminding him to stay calm and watch his blood pressure.

Luther stepped forward to chuck the geezer and this random dude out of their house.

"Wait," Su Lin softly said. "Let me explain this, grandpa."

"Explain what bitch ?"

Su Lin was shocked and stood still in her tracks.

She didn't expect the kind and soft-hearted grandpa Han to speak such harsh and uncouth words.

"Shi Meng, again and again, tried to tell me exactly what type of woman you are. It was my mistake not to trust him."

"I can .." Su Lin murmured.

But her voice was drowned in the endless criticisms, and judgment grandpa Han threw her way.

"Shut the hell up. How dare you cheat on our Shi and act so frivolous like this? That too so openly?"

"A married woman, behaving so dirtily, aren't you ashamed ?"

Huff .. Huff .. Grandpa Han's face thoroughly reddened with agitation and anger.

"And .. And to top it all, how dare you ! How dare a whore like you demand a share of our Shi's sweat and blood !!"

"Ptui. Do you not even have a modicum of sense and decency ?"

His disappointment and anger slowly turned a shade darker into outrage.

"A bitch will remain a bitch. Forget about shame, who gave you the courage to do this? With us as enemies, dog, how are you even planning to survive in this city?"

The loudness of his voice increased a decibel, and grandpa Han slowly mouthed, "I will personally see how you are surviving in this city from today onwards. Hmph. Know your place trash."

He then abruptly turned around and got into his car. Slamming the door, he signaled Su Han to make a move.

Looking indifferent, Su Han tossed his share of stones at the patiently and calmly listening to Su Lin.

"Miss Lin. I am sorry things have progressed so far. Everything has a chain reaction. Surely, you must understand at least that much."

He lifted his glasses and added, "Be sure to vacate the house and the store in one hour. Else we will evict you ourselves and take legal actions for trespassing."

Su Han then slammed the gate door shut and left together with grandpa Han in their obnoxious sports car.

The dust from the car settled, and a complete silence enveloped the atmosphere.

Even Runyan and Wang Yu had joined them, hearing all the commotion at the gate.

What were they supposed to do now ?? They had just finished setting everything up last week.

And now they were ordered to vacate the entire premises in an hour ?! That was ridiculous.

Forget about the storefront, even that was manageable and didn't affect anything, since most of their business took place through online ordering anyways.

But what about the herb garden, which Su Lin and Wang Yu had painstakingly taken care of for months now ?!

All three looked at Su Lin, anxious, and worried.

But surprising everyone, Su Lin didn't even show the smallest signs of despair or helplessness.

Only a sad smile hung on her lips.

Looking at her anxious friends, she chuckled and calmly stated.

"Looks like grandpa Han's love had a price tag attached to it."


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