The CEO's loser wife
67 First rate gold digger Part 2
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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67 First rate gold digger Part 2

After Su Han left the store in a hurry, the rest of the day was pretty much unexciting. Both Su Lin and Runyan worked hard and made some of their products.

Very soon, there was going to be another wave of the spotlight, and this time, she will be ready!

The next morning, Su Lin woke up casually and went about doing her morning ritual, utterly oblivious of the storm that was quietly brewing.

Inspecting herself in the mirror, she combed her long black hair, which could make any woman sigh in envy.

Every single morning, Su Lin consistently massaged her scalp and curls with her unique concoction of herbal cocktail, followed by washing it in lukewarm water after a couple of hours.

In just a few months of treatment, long silky black waterfalls replaced her previously frail and frizzy dustpan hair.

She then changed into her work out attire, wearing a light blue spotted sports bra and long black tights.

When it came to conditioning her body, Su Lin was progressing rather slowly. It couldn't be helped, though.

The previous dumbo had entirely disregarded her body and treated it like a doormat.

She had to build muscles and strengthen her core, right from scratch.

Starting with her morning run, Su Lin steadily paced herself and finished her usual 5-mile loop.

Luther particularly liked this habit of hers. Since he had to follow her, he could at least run for 5 miles a day.

Back in the mountains, he had worked out like a maniac. He was an assassin after all, and he had to maintain his physique.

But now that he was a bodyguard/model, it was challenging for him to follow the same routine.

Soon the duo returned after jogging, one followed by the other. While Su Lin was huffing and puffing, Luther looked as if he had just taken a walk in the park.

Ignoring the smug guy, Su Lin started walking upstairs to continue her regimen by practicing her combat moves and bodyweight strength training.

"Yo. How about we do some self-defense training this morning ?" Luther suggested while stretching his hands and legs.

"Hmm... And why would I need that ?" Su Lin chuckled amusedly. It was her turn to be smug now.

This puny mortal was going to teach her defense moves. Heh, ridiculous! What battle hasn't she fought in her lifetime ?!

Luther, on the other hand, stammered to answer her question. He didn't want to tell her that someone had targeted her life and put out a hit on her.

This information would scare any woman, let alone someone so weak and fragile like her.

He spaced out for a bit and said in an unconvincing tone, "What if your ex-husband tries to beat you again?"

Looking at Luther's smug and 'I know it all' face, Su Lin chuckled and agreed. This might be an excellent chance to rough him up a bit. Hmph. Pretty boy!

And it's not like Shi Meng would ever lay a hand on her. He was disrespectful, indifferent, brash and uncaring to the point of a fault.

But physical abuse? No, his and his mother's preferred way of torture was emotional and mental abuse.

Glad that Su Lin had conceded so readily, Luther continued instructing her.

"Come here. This patch of grass is soft and perfect for practice."


"First, let me check your strength and intuition. Try to get out of this grasp."

He leaned forward and grabbed her from behind, with his rough, coarse hands gripping her bare hip.

Unexpectedly, a sudden surge of pleasant warmth assaulted him, almost throwing him off balance.

The silky smooth skin touching his hands, made him want to hug her tightly and nuzzle his head in her neck.

Focus Luther! He cursed himself. All these women are evil, wicked temptresses!

"Ahem. This move is one of the basic defense moves. Ok, now how will you get out of this restraint?" Luther mumbled gently whispering in her ears.

Smirking, Su Lin gathered some strength in her arms and swiftly turned around, clocking his jaw using her elbow.

"How about like this ?" She chuckled.

Luther, who was still enjoying the warm sensual feeling, was caught off guard and almost fell on his back.
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"Hey, hey. We are just training. No need for any other violence here." He angrily retorted.

"Sure. But won't training be interesting if things are more real ?" Not able to control her laughter, Su Lin snickered openly.

"Fine. You want to play, then I am ready for you, babe." Shaking his head, Luther decided to teach her a lesson. She has to take this more seriously!

Without any advance notice, he lunged forward, trying to pin her down and completely restrain her.

However, Su Lin smoothly and entirely blocked his advance and brushed off his hands like they were nothing.

He then tried to grab her hair roughly and choke her neck. But the unexpectedly silky smooth hair slipped from his grip, and Su Lin simultaneously crouched down and threw a hard punch to his gut.

Not willing to lose, Luther continued exchanging blows with her. This time around, he threw proper punches, as if he was practicing with Monkey.

And surprisingly, Su Lin kept blocking every single attack he threw at her.

He tried front kicks, high kicks, elbow strike, knee attack, and every single one of them was ineffective.

Luther was extraordinarily stunned and surprised. He was a trained expert, and this normal plain woman was matching blows with him!

Wondering how far he could take this, this time around, Luther decided to use actual force and his brute strength.

Regrettably grabbing her silky soft hair again, Luther pulled her closer in an uncomfortable position and gripped her tightly.

But suddenly, a soft and fluffy sensation lingered in his palm, in the spot where he held her.


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