The CEO's loser wife
66 First rate gold digger Part 1
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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66 First rate gold digger Part 1

Without glancing at her friend and well-wisher Tang Yue, Su Lin kept her eyes on Shi Meng and smirked.

She then slowly and sarcastically muttered, "But aren't we still married, my dear ?"

Shi Meng's sculpted magnetic eyes instantly widened like a pair of boiled eggs. He was wholly and utterly dumbfounded, and it was visible on his face.

Thrusting upwards, he stood up so fast that his chair banged the wall behind him. There is no way she knows !! She can't possibly know this !!

He panicked, and he laughed. Gently first, then followed by bouts of violent laughter, as if he was possessed.

His angry stare bore down on Su Lin, and he gently whispered with a raspy voice, "Do you that badly want to be married to me?"

He pushed his table forward with an unnecessarily excessive force and walked towards that arrogant plain woman sitting in front of him.

What did she think of herself !? Hmph. With one swift motion, he bent down and brashly grabbed her chin.

Or at least he meant to.

A hand came from nowhere and slapped his Rolex donned wrist away. His wandering gaze immediately met with a pair of sharp demonic eyes. They seemed to be outraged by something, barely containing the anger.

Luther firmly stood between him and Su Lin. With a gentle divine smile, Luther asked: "Are you sure you want to take this argument to the next level ?"

For a second there, Shi Meng could feel the almost palpable raw killing intent.

Watching the two, almost ready to start a brawl, Su Lin sighed and shook her head. Too much testosterone in this room!

She stood up, gently wrapped her hands around Luther's hand, and pulled him back. Submissive to her pull, the man who was ready to kill, a few seconds ago, calmly retreated.

"Enough of this random chat. You know what I am talking about. Prepare the papers." Dragging Luther with her, Su Lin, quickly walked out of the office headquarters.

They took a cab back to the storefront to help Runyan do some labor work and finish making some products.

Luther was uncomfortably silent for the whole car ride. He seemed to be upset with a tinge of anger. Soon, they reached the shop. Su Lin was about to open the car door to exit when Luther brashly pulled her back and mumbled.

"You.. why do you have to be this arrogant, haughty and unreasonable !!"

Su Lin didn't answer him back and turned away. She was also slightly embarrassed about this.

"Look at me," Luther commanded. "Did you need his help that badly ?"

The embarrassed look on her face disappeared, and she firmly replied, "Heh. You wouldn't understand. This debt is something that Shi Meng owes someone. I am simply collecting it on her behalf."

She opened the door quickly and walked out. It was always suffocating to stay that close to Luther. For some reason, she felt extremely restless and uncomfortable.

Looking at Su Lin and Luther entering in silence, Runyan worriedly asked, "How did it go, sis? I think we should get a lawyer."

"Hmm. Yes, I think we should get one too. The problem is I am not sure who to trust." Su Lin replied.

After all, they were going against one of the most significant industrial empires in the country. No amount of precautions were enough! And that too .. What Su Lin is asking was outrageous and life-changing!

Runyan was anxious about this crazy impulsive friend of hers. While they were still discussing the morning encounter, unexpectedly, another visitor barged into their store.

Su Han opened the door and stood awkwardly, looking extremely sweaty and out of breath. Chuckling Su Lin handed him a glass of water and smiled.

Heh. Of course, that bastard would send him here. Did he think this was going to change anything?

"Wow. It's not even been a whole hour yet, and you are already here." Su Lin smirked.

"Come on, sis! You don't have to go to this extreme. What he did was wrong. But let's talk about this and come to a compromise. There is no need for anyone to start a fight." Su Han pleaded.

"Pfft. Who is your sis? Wow, new relations do pop up when money is involved. That saying is correct." Su Lin flinched and said.
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Not able to keep a straight face any longer, Su Han yelled, "Are you seriously ready to fight for half of the Meng empire? Listen to yourself and look at yourself."

"Grandpa Meng might have written whatever he wanted in the will. But, you very well know that every part of that company is Shi Meng's blood and sweat."

"Married or not married, you do not have any rights to it !! This is absolute nonsense. Are you that sort of a cheap woman, to take unfair advantage of someone?" Su Han angrily retorted.

"Oh! Your logic is sound — just one flaw. Grandpa Meng didn't write some random nonsense. All the properties were under his name, and he gave me half of everything."

"And fair or not fair, that is not for some outsider to decide." Su Lin calmly answered.

Su Han stood there and stared at her helplessly. What more can he say? She was correct, and this was her family's issue. And grandpa Meng had taken the decision. Now, he is gone, and no one alive can oppose it.

And the worst part was, even though Su Lin knew about it, she seemed to have kept quiet regarding the matter till now. If Shi Meng hadn't pressed her buttons too much and just let her be, she probably wouldn't even have reopened this issue. Well, you sow what you reap.

Taking one last look at Su Lin, Su Han left abruptly. She looked pretty adamant and stubborn in her stance. This was not something he had the power to change. He needs to talk to his grandfather. Maybe .. just maybe they had a chance then.


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