The CEO's loser wife
65 Still married ? Part 3
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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65 Still married ? Part 3

It was 9 am and a beautiful morning. At least for others ..

A handsome dashing angel and a plain woman with a devilish look stepped out of the public transport.

They both walked silently towards their destination in perfect unison and seemed to be headed towards a tall building situated in the center of the city plaza.

Reaching the Meng industry's head quarters, Su Lin barged in authoritatively.

The security guard and the receptionist, who were well aware of who she was, hesitated and didn't know how to respond.

Throwing a threatening glance in their direction, Su Lin loftily kept going forward till she reached the elevator.

Walking behind her, Luther tried to change Su Lin's mind for one last time.

"You don't have to do this. I know a friend, who works in a bank and he can loan us some money. It's not too late now."

"Hmm mhm"

"Why don't we take a break ? We just worked really hard for meeting those orders ?"


Ignoring him, Su Lin pressed the star shaped button on the elevator.

Helplessly, Luther gave up and decided to just support her in her decision.

But he didn't like it at all. Not even a bit.

Looking at her calm and determined demeanor, clearly conveying her unwavering attitude, he suddenly had an urge to grab her and mess her up.

He wondered what sort of reaction would she portray then.


Within a few seconds, the elevator brought them to their destination and beeped.

Su Lin immediately bee lined towards that familiar office.

She knew where to go. The previous Su Lin had been here once before.

Grandpa Meng had brought her here to introduce her to Shi Meng for the first time.

He had not been home for an entire month and grandpa Meng had no other choice but to bring her here and introduce her.

And just like back then, her worn out shoes today looked awkward on the smooth luxurious carpet.

Her cheap clothing stood out in the midst of well maintained stylish offices and well dressed office staff.

Yang immediately recognized her with a single look and literally ran out to greet her. Maybe stop her ? He was not sure.

He had never expected the young madam, who had ran away from the Meng manor, to willingly show up at Shi Meng's office. So he didn't know how to react.

Unlike him, Tang Yue, sitting at her desk, who also noticed Su Lin, immediately sprang into motion and instantly charted a course of action.
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This is the power of love !!

She hastily approached Su Lin with a loving smile on her face.

"Yang stop harassing our miss Lin. Awww. You don't look great dear. What happened ?", she gently enquired.

Tang Yue then acted as if she was noticing Luther for the first time and gasped in shock.

"Su Lin why did you bring him here ?! Shi will get so mad dear. Of course, we didn't believe any of those nasty rumors. But, bringing a prostitute here ??!! Shouldn't you be more discrete ? After all, this is our work place."

Bitch please !! Who the fuck are you calling a prostitute. Luther sarcastically chuckled and turned his face away.

Ignoring all this nonsense, Su Lin went straight ahead and slammed Shi Meng's office door wide open.

And there he was.. her dearest beloved ex hubby.

Gritting her teeth, Tang Yue followed her inside with a panicked expression. She quickly tried to explain and smooth things out.

"Sorry Shi. I tried my best to calm her down."

Sitting on his throne, Shi Meng lifted his piercing eyes and looked mockingly at Su Lin.

"It's been a while my dear", a masculine enigmatic voice echoed in the room.

Shi Meng's cold gaze greeted her, without even a glimmer of surprise on his face.

It was as if everything that was happening was completely under his expectations.

But in reality he was totally shaken up. This timid girl ! She even dares to confront me face to face now ? She voluntarily barged in ?

He couldn't believe what was happening. It was one thing to use his name and fame in a social media context. But to confront him like this ?

Shi Meng's black marble eyes scanned her thoroughly before landing on the lean muscular man standing silently behind Su Lin.

He seemed to be looking down and not paying attention to anything happening in the room.

Guessing she might have just brought him for some sort of support, Shi Meng moved on, with his fiery gaze falling back on Su Lin.

Matching his arrogance and overbearance, Su Lin rudely pulled a chair and made herself comfortable. She then chuckled and replied, "Yes, it's been a while my dear."

Not able to bear this overly familiar atmosphere, two other people in the room were restlessly fidgeting.

While Luther gripped his fingers tighter, Tang Yue stepped forward and broke the incriminating silence.

"Su Lin, don't behave like this. This is a place of work. And you are already divorced. Isn't it a bit disgraceful and demeaning to act like this ? As your friend I just want what is best for you. This kind of obsessive behaviour is not healthy dear."

Without glancing at her friend and well wisher Tang Yue, Su Lin kept her eyes on Shi Meng and smirked.

She then slowly and sarcastically muttered, "But aren't we still married my dear ?"


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