The CEO's loser wife
64 Still married? Part 2
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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64 Still married? Part 2

Sitting in a corner, Luther went over all the recent job reports patiently.

As usual, the missions were accomplished and the reports were detailed to perfection. He couldn't help but feel a little touched.

Didn't matter where they were or how inconvenient it was, his brothers always got the job done crisp and clean.

There were no words of gratitude or apology between them. Only a silent understanding.

"Rabbit, any chance you prepared the report I asked you for ?" Luther asked.

Rabbit shook his head and threw a threatening glance at monkey, Luther's self declared love rival. "I gave it to him several days back."

Massaging his temples, Luther silently looked at monkey. What am I going to do with this guy ?! Is he being serious ?

"He he.. Sorry boss. I meant to ... but somehow forgot.. he he" Monkey scratched his head and handed some crumpled pages to Luther.

"Hmmm... "

"I am serious boss. This time I really forgot"


"I am telling the truth."




"She is mine. You monster." Monkey broke down and threw a tantrum.

"I am not even interested bro!!! You can have her !! " Luther replied in frustration.

"You big liar. Hmph."

Ignoring him, Luther flipped the crumpled pages and went through the details.

Su Lin ... nothing special about this plain woman. Orphan and has nobody.

Orphan huh .. just like them.. His gaze softened a bit and his fingers traced over her face.

Divorced and is recently trying to start some sort of herbal shop.

So, absolutely nothing special about her, except for the one big thorn in her life. Her ex-husband, Shi Meng.

Without even realizing, Luther's expression suddenly turned grim and looked very serious.

For some reason, he felt uncomfortable knowing that Su Lin had already been married to someone.

She had already lived her life with someone and shared her joys and sorrows with that person.

He cringed ever so slightly and turned the next page.

Apparently she was suffering from cancer just a few months ago and underwent some sort of miraculous recovery.

Shortly after that, her husband had heartlessly divorced her, saying that she had faked her illness for attention.

Hmph. What nonsense ? Why would someone as innocent as her fake her illness ?

Even scientists don't completely understand the disease. There could be several reasons for the sudden recovery.

Shouldn't he as the husband give her the benefit of doubt ?! Hmm... Probably is extremely narcissistic.

And then we come to miss Tang Yue. Interesting character. And this has to be the lamest love triangle.

So she is the one who sent a hit on Su Lin.. Interesting..

"Boss we tapped into the local criminal network and nobody else has Miss Lin as a target."

"Hmm.. that's good I guess. Ok thanks for the hard work rabbit."

Putting the papers in his pocket, Luther stood up to leave. He thought it was best to still make sure that she was okay.

He didn't get very far, when a few peculiar comments reached his ears from behind.

"By the way boss, did your skin get shinier ?"

"Your lips look extremely kissable too bro !"

"Your beauty has only increased with magnification boss !!"

"You have a bright future as a model big bro !!"

Stumbling a bit, Luther quickened his pace to get the hell out of there, with a ripe red face. He could almost hear the roars of laughter from his brothers behind him.

Fuck Fuck Fuck !!!!!

In all the seriousness, he had completely forgotten about this nonsense. How was he ever going to wash away this shame ?!!

Coming back home, he again conveniently forgot about it, when he saw Su Lin sitting silently and staring at her computer screen.

She had her legs folded and was cutely nibbling on her nails, revealing a nervous tic.

Hmph. Forget the cuteness, she definitely looked like she was plotting something. Yup I am sure of it.

"Yo. What now ? Do you need more hands to grind your weird pastes ?! Are you planning to scheme more helpless bystanders to join your unpaid labor force ?!"
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Luther chuckled and sat next to her.

Giving him a stare, Su Lin went back to looking at the screen and even mumbled some curses.

Peeping from behind, Luther could instantly understand what was going on.

A struggle between this estranged power couple !

All the focus and spotlight that Su Lin had generated these past few days, with painstaking efforts, was smoothly ripped off by her ex husband.

Adding in more chaos to the already unstable situation, Shi Meng had returned the favor and taken back what belonged to him.

The current hot topic was no longer about her, but about the credibility of Meng industry and their products.

Even in her own website, instead of her products, Meng industry's Herbal line was being talked about.

On top of this, Shi Meng had taken the fight a step further and literally stepped on her to elevate their standard.

Their add specifically mentioned "recent fad products", which was obviously referring to Su Lin's line.

And even if they didn't mean to, the netizens still connected the dots in that pattern and blew it up.

They now concluded that her products were unsafe to use and even complained that they were adulterated.

Luther tightened his grip on the chair. Must be very difficult for her to go against someone with so much money and influence.

Is she doing this for revenge ? Does she still like him ? Does she want to get back together with him ? His heart ached a bit.


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