The CEO's loser wife
63 Still married? Part 1
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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63 Still married? Part 1

Tang Yue was flipping out. It has now been two whole days and she didn't hear back anything from those good for nothings.

Meanwhile this bitch here is riding Shi Meng's coat tails to become famous. She is even selling some cheap crap online using his name.

Tang Yue was furious. She looked at the majestic man inside his office and felt disgusted by the whore tarnishing his name shamelessly.

On the contrary, Shi Meng was extremely pleased by the obviously amateurish tactics employed by Su Lin.

He had been very indignant for quite some time. Who wouldn't be ? All the failed attempts at figuring out his ex-wife !! She was fucking slippery like an eel !

And that too with grandpa Han's protection, he was not even able to touch her.

But when this stupid stint of hers blows up and back fires big time, it would be finally nice to see her down on her knees.

But one thing was becoming increasingly hazy, every passing day. Was she really faking her illness and conspiring, he wondered ?

If she was, why hasn't she acted on it yet ? It's been almost six months now and all she seems to want to do is focus on her stupidity.

A thought suddenly popped into his head. Maybe her co-conspirators gave up on her and completely ditched her, once she got caught.

Hmm.. Very possible. This definitely explains why there isn't any contact and any sort of criminal behavior from Su Lin's side.

Now that she is totally deserted and has no one to turn to, she is trying her best to claw and scrap out of the situation. Heh.

How pitiful... But still ... there needs to be a price for daring to use my name..

Shi Meng chuckled, exposing his heart melting dimples, highlighted by the wicked grin.

Yang took one look at that childish laugh and knew he had a long day ahead. Sigh.. These two fight and I am the one suffering..

"Listen up. This hype she is creating won't last long. In fact it will only have more negative than positive effects."

Tang nodded attentively. He also agreed with this.

"In about two or three days, when the chaos reaches its height, release an add for our organic line. It needs to have a tag line stressing the originality and pure quality of our products." Shi Meng chuckled.

We will see who is the one being used here ... Heh.
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Watching Yang leave, his eyes inevitably fell on Tang Yue's desk. Well, that's how she had arranged it.

Her long pretty hair, fell over her shoulders like waterfalls and she seemed to be deeply engrossed in her work.

Shi Meng couldn't help but think highly of her.

Tsk tsk. While some women work so tirelessly and strive for their best, others want to take short cuts. Hmph. Shaking his head in disapproval, he went back to work.

Talking about the person taking short cuts...

Su Lin was currently staring at the drastically dropping numbers on her screen. The initial 1000 orders had now dropped to a measly 200 orders.

What's worse was that, they had only fulfilled 50 of these orders so far. And every day, these numbers are only going to drop more and more.

All the customers, who received their package wrote a 'verified purchaser' review. And of course, each review was worse than the previous one. Some were even extremely toxic.

"Started getting random boils after application. Mrs. Meng is a scam artist. Don't buy this product."

"This product gives a very bad rash. Pictures for proof attached. Stop scamming people you socialite bitch !"

And this particular reviewer didn't even bother to give an explanation.

"Don't buy Don't buy Don't buy Don't buy Don't buy Don't buy"

Su Lin's eyes turned crescent and she couldn't help but laugh. Wow, within one day of application these people seem to have had an intense experience.

She couldn't complain though. She was still lacking experience in this world. She should have been more prepared and fulfilled all the 1000 orders immediately.

But alas....

With the single herb delivery batch today, the maximum they would be able to fulfill is another 50 or so orders. Though her plan worked, she was still too naive and failed to use this opportunity to the fullest.

Chuckling, she adjusted her attitude. So what ? After all, she apparently still had a hubby, who could provide her endless publicity.

Watching her talking to herself, Luther, who was unloading all the boxes inside angrily retorted. "Stop laughing like a lunatic and come help me with this. Sheesh. You women are slave drivers !!!! "

"I still need to do my daily workout routine. Be a good boy and finish this yourself." Patting him on the back, Su Lin smirked and disappeared before he could refuse.

"Fucking women !! each worse than the previous one !" Luther grumbled and continued with the heavy lifting.

"Does she workout regularly ?" Luther asked Runyan, who was busily preparing their next batch for processing. Since Hangzhou was very cold, for most parts of the year, their moisturizer order numbers were the highest.

Runyan smiled and answered the question with a lot of pride. "Yup, sis is very punctual about maintaining her training regimen. She even eats really weird things, apart from regular meals."

Making a mental note of training that witch in some self defense moves later, Luther finished dropping off his last box and left to meet with his brothers.


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