The CEO's loser wife
62 I did not think this through
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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62 I did not think this through

Luther walked back to the store leisurely after picking up some breakfast. Both the demons worked pretty late last night and were still asleep when he left that morning.

Reaching the storefront, he almost stumbled on the pavement and fell down. There it was, his magnified face, staring right back at him.

Fuck fuck fuck. He must have been crazy to agree to this !!!??? Right ?!! Right ?? Why would a top secret underground assassin have his face plastered across store fronts ??!!!

Shit !!! If this fucking company ever grows, isn't he going to be on these huge insane billboards ??!!! Won't he become a fucking joke ?!!

Shit. I did not think this through....

Lamenting his cruel fate, Luther looked up and gazed at Su Lin, through the transparent walls of the store.

She seemed to be staring intensely at the computer, with intermittent giggles and chuckles, which somehow felt a bit sinister.

"Yo. Morning. Here is some breakfast for the most beautiful woman on this planet."

Su Lin looked up at him and scoffed, "Hmph. Flirt." She mumbled.

Chuckling, Luther approached and peeped to see what she was upto. "Woah. Did you just get like 1000 orders for your shitty products ?"

Without looking at him, Su Lin continued typing and smirked, "You are calling my stuff shitty ? If I recollect correctly, someone seemed to have completely enjoyed my concoction just the previous night. I even vividly remember hearing a moan. He he"

"Ahem.. Ahem.. By the way, that was a one time thing. I am not getting into a gooey mess like that again." Luther mumbled and slipped out to make a call.

He needed to take care of some damage control. Things had taken a completely unexpected turn and he didn't want to make his brothers vulnerable.

Still smiling like a maniac, Su Lin happily enjoyed her morning breakfast. This was her first offensive step and she felt pretty good about it.

Of course, this wasn't going to last.

In fact, she was very clear that half or rather more than half the people, who ordered her products, definitely had bad intentions.

They probably did it to give her bad reviews and feedback. After all, she was already infamous and it was considerably easy to trash her some more.

Some people had even started to complain about the exorbitant prices and how Mrs. Meng had a money grubbing, gold digging attitude.

"Greedy ex-wife of a famous CEO swindles money."

"CEO's loser wife sells cheap herbal knock offs."

"Socialite Mrs. Meng fails miserably dabbling in organic medicine."

They even speculated this as the reason why Shi Meng divorced her.

These reviews and comments mattered and will definitely affect prospective customers. But, even so, this was exactly what Su Lin wanted.

Because, no matter what lies they spread on the internet, one thing is for certain. Her products had an undeniable quality and these people.....

They will definitely come back for more.

But right now, the real issue here was this insane number of orders.

Su Lin had expected a jump of 100 or 200 orders, but she had vastly underestimated her negative popularity and the number of people willing to spend money without any valid reason.

How on earth was she going to meet the 1000 pre-orders !!??

Ughhh .. Even the thought of making huge batches of concoctions and transferring them individually into 1000 bottles gave her a splitting headache.

She definitely felt that pinch for a batch processing unit. After all, she didn't want to spend her entire life making and packaging products.

These are the times when she missed her previous life. The measly power she had now was nothing in comparison to how powerful she was.

And also, these 1000 orders have to be met as soon as possible, if not immediately.

Except for the fact that she was the ex Mrs. Meng, she didn't have anything else going for her and this spotlight was definitely not going to last.
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If tomorrow that asshole dates someone else, the press will be off hounding that person. And she will literally go back to being a nobody.

Making up her mind, she decided to first fulfill the 50 orders she could. They already had 15 products pre-made. And they had enough herbs to settle 50 orders.

And thanks to her huge in built profit margin, this should give her enough money to order the necessary herbs for the rest of the products.

Making themselves busy, both Su Lin and Runyan sat down and got to work, concocting three big batches of moisturizers, hair oil and lip gloss.

Even with the added unhappy helpers, Wang Yu and Luther, they still ended up working till late into the night to fulfill the 50 orders.

Wang Yu and Runyan had already fallen asleep and Su Lin decided to get dinner for the group. Walking out, she headed towards the nearest eatery.

Noticing Luther following her, she turned around and asked, "I appreciate all the help, but I am just going to the next block. You don't have to accompany me."

Chuckling lightly, Luther jokingly replied, "He he. You know cutie, you saved my life. All this labor work and plastering my face across the town, is just not enough to repay you honey. So voila, I have also decided to moonlight as your bodyguard."

Standing under the luminous moon light, Su Lin looked at Luther questioningly. She couldn't pinpoint what exactly, but something about him ticked her off.

There was a feeling of blatant disingenuity. It was as if his entire existence was a lie and everything he did was fake. And, he couldn't be bothered less to cover any part of it.

He was different from Runyan and Wang Yu. People like him were dangerous. She should stay away from him. Su Lin nodded and silently walked ahead.

Chuckling uncomfortably under her stare, Luther ruffled his hair. He didn't like it when she looked at him with undivided attention. He felt very uneasy.

It was as if she saw through everything, every wound, every scar, right through his very bones. He felt very naked and exposed. She was not like the other women he had met.

She was always hiding behind something. But she made you feel defenseless. She was dangerous. He definitely shouldn't get close to her. He should stay as far away from her as possible.


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