The CEO's loser wife
61 He is my model
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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61 He is my model

Though they had worked pretty late the previous night, Su Lin woke up at the break of dawn to carry out the rest of her plan.

She quickly switched on the computer in the store and googled herself. And of course, just like she had expected, a whole slew of comments and criticisms were mercilessly dealt to her.

She was even one of the most popular searches online. If it was before she would have been upset about this infamy. but now ..

he he.. Things were going to get interesting..

The first thing she did was open and fill out these so called social media accounts. The previous Su Lin was invisible and never made an attempt to connect with anyone online.

But this Su Lin had a completely different approach in mind..

Starting with Weibo, she made a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. But rather than focusing on her personal details, she focused on her start up, Organicaa.

She quickly uploaded the tasteful sexy photos of Luther and linked them with the appropriate product.

For the moisturizer, she used the unbuttoned - bare chested - looking into the distance pose.

The photo had a beach view back ground. The blue shirt looked as if it was fluttering in the wind. The spotlight was on the smooth sculpted chest and the abdominal muscles.

And more importantly the skin looked silky smooth. There were a few visible scars here and there, but irrespectively the skin looked flawless.

Luther looked as if he was gazing into the distance. His clear eyes lost in his thoughts gave a mysterious vibe to him.

For the lip gloss she used a close facial picture of him. And not to mention, of course, his lips looked extremely kissable, along with every other parts of that perfect face.

With a satisfied smile, Su Lin focused next on the hair oil product. Though not ideal, she uploaded another close up picture of Luther and moved on.

Now her social media accounts were updated and had all the details regarding their products.

She also linked these to Organicaa's website, instantly increasing the number of website visits by a thousand. Even Su Lin herself was very surprised with this result.

But she did not stop there. She started writing her first post....

Nothing complicated. Just a simple few sentences. Not sounding defensive or victimized, she calmly tried to collect her thoughts and express it rationally.

"Hello. I am Su Lin, the former Mrs. Meng. I understand that my recent actions have offended the public. I apologize for not stepping out earlier and clearing the misunderstandings. Please find details about our latest herbal products and the model we used for endorsing them. Thank you all for the support."

It was a very small and clear statement, and it conveniently did not mention anything about the sleeping around or the moral character problem.

And this was exactly what she wanted. Now all she had to do was wait and watch everything unfold.
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In just a few minutes, her accounts exploded. This was huge. This was completely unexpected.

The Mrs. Meng who had never ever spoken anything publicly, just posted something for the first time.

And obviously, the netizens and the reporters immediately noticed something weird about it.

What was she saying ? Isn't everyone talking about something else ?

What company ? Since when did the loser Mrs. Meng start a herbal company ? Literally no one had any information about it.

This PR noob had actually played tai chi around their issue.

What happened to the slutty Mrs. Meng ? Why are you suddenly acting like a upstanding woman of the society with a strong reputation ??!!

Why aren't you talking about or trying to defend yourself against all the cheating and the sleazy allegations?

They in fact combed through all her social media sites and company websites and were surprised to not find even a single mention of it or explanation of any sort.

It was as if she was not even acknowledging that event. If she had refused it or even talked about it, they can blow it up and call her a liar.

But she just went ahead and introduced the guy she was accused of sleeping with, as her company model. So what were they supposed to do now ?

Other than the implied meaning that, they were only seen together because they were working together, there wasn't any sort of excuse.

And the weirdest thing was this actually worked !! The netizens and the reporters did not know how to respond.

It was obvious that they were in the wrong. They couldn't even trash her more, since she was not a public socialite and there wasn't any other dirt on her.

Besides, she was already divorced. It was not that outrageous for her to be actually dating someone else.

And more importantly, since this was all sudden and out of nowhere, certain people didn't get a chance to poison the well in advance.

And just as Su Lin had expected, in the middle of confusion and chaos, the only direction all that rage and gossip could turn to was her company.


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