The CEO's loser wife
60 Keeping it low profile Part 4
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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60 Keeping it low profile Part 4

Yawning, Su Lin walked down, still sore from yesterday. Using soul sense to analyze one's own body was a child's play.

However, when it came down to analyzing someone else's body, it was a much more tedious task, both physically and mentally draining.

A familiar sight greeted her, with the two idiots exchanging smokes and chatting about something. Poor Runyan was already up and preparing breakfast for everyone, without any help.

"Ahem ahem. Are we having fun yet ?" Su Lin looked sternly at the two cheeky fellows. They had a long day ahead today and she wanted to get everything in order.

Since they didn't use a professional model, they had enough financially to reserve a professional photographer. They just had to get some suitable clothes for Luther before noon.

It was just going to be one or two outfits, so Su Lin didn't want to skimp and dragged Runyan and Luther to a luxury brand shop at the mall. Phoenix was a high end brand with extremely popular trends in men's fashion.

Normally the store assistant wouldn't even have let the duo walk into the store. After all, they served the wealthy 1% in the city. But with Luther walking to next to them... Everything completely changed...

Apparently hanging out with Luther at home and walking with him outside are two different experiences. The minute they stepped out of their cab and walked out, Su Lin could literally hear swooning noises.

It was as if he was leaking raw sexual magnetism. The flawless face and the well built body turned heads every step they took. This guy might as well be some famous pop star !!

Though on one hand, this irritated her, on the other hand, she was more than confident that they had made the right decision.

Even the middle aged female store assistant who was obviously married and looked like she had a family, was blushing like a new bride and handed out everything Su Lin asked for.

And taking full advantage of the situation, both Su Lin and Runyan didn't waste any time and made him try out every outfit that caught their attention.

The extent of Su Lin's knowledge in fashionable clothes was practically zero. All the information she had was from the fashion magazines lying around in their house. And Runyan was even worse than Su Lin.

So they couldn't make up their mind and tested the extremities of Luther's patience. This was the 21st outfit and even the store assistant, who was completely under Luther's charm, was losing her patience.

Not that it was Su Lin's or Runyan's fault. The main issue was that this jerk looked ridiculously good in everything he wore. They dressed him up like a Ken doll, outfit after outfit and everything looked eye catching and sexy.

Finally after two hours, they settled on a simple blue shirt and cream colored pants. The simpler the clothing, the more he stood out. And also.. they couldn't afford most of the others.

Besides Su Lin thought that the iconic look of a half unbuttoned shirt would go well with this guy's build, showing off his envious chest and the defined abdominal muscles. Under the scrutinizing looks of the store manager, the trio exited with a single purchase.

And tailing these three was someone else, who was constantly snickering and worked very hard to get a high definition photo of Luther in every single outfit he tried today. Monkey couldn't stop laughing and instantly sent it all to their whatsapp group.

The hardcore, killing intent oozing, cruel assassin was casually and submissively posing in different outfits. How could he miss a chance like this ?!! He can torment Luther for a lifetime just with these pictures.

The trio then hurried to the photographer, who just couldn't stop trying to recruit Luther. He was practically begging him and offering him insane conditions. If he was to introduce this spectacular face to the world, just far will he and his agency go !!

Every single contract will be theirs. This man was born to be a model. He was just too painfully beautiful. Su Lin had to literally glare at the photographer every other minute to get him to focus on the task at hand.

Finally, after another 2 hours they were done. This was originally intended to be just a couple of head shots, but now they had a whole portfolio !

After repeated rejections, he didn't even charge them for the photo shoot and shoved his business card anxiously in Luther's hand.

Luther simply chuckled and followed Su Lin and Runyan to the printing shop next block. What has his life become ?!! He he he.

All three worked hard pretty late in the night and decorated their small store front with tasteful placements of Luther's posters.

His smoldering sexy look combined with the wild and unbridled arrogance could make anyone's heart race.

Though getting a female model to endorse a cosmetic shop made more sense, Su Lin took a chance and went with her intuition.
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And thus overnight, the guy who was always intent on keeping anything and everything low-profile became a model.

But he didn't complain. Luther silently watched the two women work hard late into the night.

He liked watching Su Lin work. She was extremely passionate and had a concentration that was simply beyond this world.

Hesitating he stepped out quietly and called Panda. "Can you look into the availability of any small scale production and distribution unit ? Preferably that of a cosmetic or medicinal industry ?"


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