The CEO's loser wife
59 Keeping it low profile Part 3
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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59 Keeping it low profile Part 3

It was around 10 pm in Hangzhou city, when one almost naked assassin and one young woman were locked into a staring contest with each other.

Once the clothes came off, Su Lin had brutally killed all his wild imaginations and asked him directly to get into the tub.

Glaring at the tub filled with greenish stuff and even some black things floating on the surface, Luther refuted resolutely "Fuck this shit. I am not getting into that tub."

Apparently these two ladies wanted to use him for some modeling purposes. And had planned out this treatment to sort of even out his complexion and skin condition.

"Think of it as a SPA treatment. You won't regret it." Su Lin smirked and did not back down.

"Why is it so pungent !!! What the heck did you even add to the water ?!! And why are we even doing this ?!" Luther almost cried. Was he not pretty enough already !!! Damn it all.

Looking at the rose petals and the scented candles around the tub, his fury further increased. "And you are not fooling anybody with these !!!"

These were actually Runyan's soft touches, out of sympathy.
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Su Lin couldn't care less about the smell. She was even mentally adjusting the composition and mixture of the herbs for the next time.

All her preparations went through ridiculous amounts of mental calculations and every single ingredient added something.

And this guy here was revolting to get into it !!! Does he even understand how many people would kill to enjoy personalized skin treatments from her !!!!

After a few minutes of arguing back and forth, unexpectedly Luther was the first to give in....

Not because he wanted to, but because it was kind of getting chilly and all he had on his body was a pair of trunks.

The hot disgusting bath even seemed a bit inviting now.

Steeling his nerves and closing his nose lightly with his fingers, Luther got in and glared at Su Lin.

" Is this it ? How long do I have to endure it ?!!!"

Su Lin chuckled and stepped near the bath, pulling a stool closer.

Then under the gawking eyes of Luther, she sat down and started massaging his shoulders in slow and gentle rhythmic motions.

Gasping in shock, Luther was pleasantly surprised and all his protests immediately quieted down. Even the disgusting smell was long forgotten.

He closed his eyes and was instantly completely relaxed under the magical effects of Su Lin's hands.

Holy shit ! This was heaven!! How is she doing this ? Squirrel's physio therapeutic massages are nothing in front of her !

Her hands were just about hitting the right spots. All his miscellaneous knots and tightness were gently kneaded into nothingness.

The water which was originally filthy and disgusting, now felt soothing and rejuvenating.

It felt like he was slowly melting into the water itself and completely forgot where he was. Even a moan slipped out of Luther's mouth, and that too without his knowledge.

Minutes quickly trickled by and after about two hours, Su Lin was at her limit. Her hands were tired and her body was stiff from sitting in the same pose.

Wiping the sweat from her forehead, she got up satisfactorily and turned around to leave the bathroom, wanting to give Luther some privacy.

But unexpectedly, this dude had actually fallen asleep. The guy who was always on full alert and only slept with at least one eye open had fallen asleep completely.

Thinking about how much of a fight he put up for this, Su Lin chuckled and let him be a for a while. The water was still warm and comfortable, so no point in waking him up now.

After another half an hour, Su Lin returned to check on him, only to find him missing. Tsk tsk.. Why were all the men in her life so unreasonably troublesome....

But she could only sigh and turn in for the night. She didn't even know his last name. Where will she go and look for him ?!

Unbeknownst to her, in a small dark corner of the garden, Luther watched her close the curtains and turn off the light.

He was still in a state of shock. What happened today was something that shouldn't have happened..

It was an extremely small thing, but the effect it had on him was not at all simple.

Someone like him who had taken the lives of countless number of people did not deserve even one moment of peace, let alone a good night's sleep.

Even though he was pushed into this business as a child and had no say or choice in the matter, he still was accountable and responsible for everything he had done.

The guilty conscience that had been eating at him for a really long time, had surprisingly let up tonight and given him a moment of peace and serenity.

How can he ever express his gratitude for even that single moment.. that single moment when he had forgotten all the pain and suffering.

This woman .. she keeps saving me again and again..

Luther closed his eyes and stood guard outside Su Lin's window throughout the entire night.


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