The CEO's loser wife
58 Keeping it low profile Part 2
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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58 Keeping it low profile Part 2

Tang Yue was pacing back and forth in her bedroom, throwing multiple curse words out every now and then.

"Unreliable idiots !!! So meticulous when it comes to getting the payment but not one of them is picking up the phone !! Hmph."

Since this was her first 'not so legal' conduct, she was a bit anxious and worried about the outcome.

And to make matters worse these stupid assholes hadn't contacted her since afternoon. Not even their boss was picking up the phone.

This is what particularly made her nervous. Their boss never went out on missions and purely handled things from sidelines. And he usually is always reachable !!

She has worked with this group a lot for other minor stuff like leaking nude photos online, spreading rumors, bribing and so on.

But it's the big game now !!? Did they drop the ball ? What happened today ? Tang Yue was biting her nails despondently.

There were several benefits to having a mayor as your dad. But the biggest disadvantage is that you are always under a microscope!! These idiots ... they better not screw up....

Actually, it was not clear who was having the tougher night !!! Tang Yue or Luther ?!

After the embarrassing announcement about his 6 month 'vacation', Luther walked back to Su Lin's place with a confused mind.

He himself was not sure why he was doing this. She did save his life.. It was a debt that possibly couldn't be paid off... so it's ok to just give her these few months ?

Deep in his thoughts and oblivious to what was waiting for him, Luther entered Su Lin's house.

"Anybody home ?" Luther stepped in. Wang Yu was out somewhere and the door was wide open without anyone in sight.

"Seriously!! these two don't even shut their doors !!" Shaking his head, he closed the door and walked in, sitting comfortably on the couch.

A multitude of bright and glamorous fashion magazines lay strewn about on the small table in front of the couch.

"Heh.. A typical female abode !! Come to think of it, why did she even need me for 6 months ?" Luther pondered.

Considering that these two were almost killed this evening, maybe they want some bodyguard services ?! But they don't know about the attack ..... so why ?

A few minutes later, Su Lin walked into the living room, excitedly welcoming him. "Right on time. Did you have dinner yet ?"

Luther looked up and opened his mouth to answer, but immediately blushed.

Woman ! Change your shirt or something!

Su Lin was busy preparing a special medicinal bath and her shirt was a bit wet from all the prep work.

Her wet salmon pink t-shirt was completely transparent and one could clearly see the perky firm well proportioned breasts, giving Luther a small nose bleed.

Though monkey kept calling him a flirt, in reality Luther had extremely limited encounters with women.

Too embarrassed to point it out to Su Lin, he just looked away like a gentleman. Stuttering, he mumbled in a low voice, "That.. that. You should change your shirt."

"What ?!" Su Lin looked down and saw that she was almost naked.

"Oh" Not reacting at all, with a blank expression, she just took a towel lying on the couch and wrapped it like a shawl, leaving behind a dumbfounded Luther.

You are a woman for god sake !!! Can you at least blush a little !!!
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But she was on a completely different page, excited to take her first step forward in building her empire in this world.

Looking at the still flustered Luther, Su Lin calmly said, "Why don't you come inside. I will explain everything to you."

It was a small house. Only the garden outside was enormous and the house itself didn't have many rooms.

She led him to the bathroom, down the hallway, perplexing Luther more and more.

What the hell is happening here ? Why is she leading me to a bathroom? Are we showering together ??????!

Luther's thoughts were completely going crazy and running wild. Isn't this all a bit too fast !!!!!?

Stopping at the bathroom, Su Lin turned and instructed him, again with a blank expression. "Undress and get into the tub. We can talk when you are soaking."

"Undress ?? Are you sure ??" Luther asked , his ears turning red and blushing. It was not as if he was a virgin or anything, but ... isn't she a bit too direct ??

He was confused. You explicitly said that you weren't romantically interested in me ??!!

Slowly unbuttoning his shirt, Luther looked at her, straight at her unwavering eyes. They seemed to be gazing at him and his body, with complete undivided attention, as if in a trance.

He dropped the shirt down and started unbuckling his pants...

Still without a trace of hesitance or awkwardness in her face, Su Lin lifted her hand, tracing his sculpted chest with her fingers. Her eyebrows creased whenever she outlined a scar, frowning a bit.

What a painful life he must have had ...

Not noticing any change in her, Luther bit his lips and dropped his pants to the side as well.

Damn it woman !!! Fine, if you don't mind, why should I !!!

Bending forward, he loosened his trunks and started removing them, when a loud shriek interrupted the silent atmosphere.

"No no. You can keep your trunks on." Runyan interrupted the couple, with her cheeks fully flushed and reddened.

She came here a few minutes earlier, but looking at them very close and intimate, she didn't know if she was supposed to interfere or not !! Flustered, she decided to err in the side of caution....

Now, this is how a woman was supposed to react !!


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