The CEO's loser wife
57 Keeping it low profile Part 1
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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57 Keeping it low profile Part 1

Monkey, Panther, Rabbit, Panda, kuala and Squirrel.

No, these are not zoo animals. These are six beefy and sturdy well built men. Right now they were sitting around a table in a hotel room and playing poker happily.
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And yes they have revolted multiple times to Luther to change this insane naming system.

For god's sake, cute animal names do not go along with scary mercenaries. What part of this did that bastard not understand ?!

Luther opened the room door and silently entered inside. The rowdy boisterous crowd immediately noticed him and all greeted him cheerfully.

"Boss you want a hand ? We just started ?"

"I already packed your stuff, flight is at 6 in the evening."

While others were concerned about other things, monkey sneakily asked, "umm.. is cutie back at home ? I might just take a walk to say good bye ha ha."

Monkey was Luther's sort of body guard. Not that he needed any. But even if you are a great god, sometimes it's best to have a back up.

Rabbit was the team strategy specialist and assigned missions to every body.

Panther was the master assassin and took the SS rated difficulty jobs.

Panda and Kuala were both in charge of their safety and anonymity. They were expert computer scientists and handled money transfer and group funding.

And lastly squirrel was a trained general surgeon and was in charge of everyone's health and training regimen. He was also a interrogation specialist.

All seven of them including Luther, were very close brothers and have gone through multiple thick and thin situations together.

Apart these 6 guys, no one else in their whole organization has seen or even heard of Luther.

He preferred to remain in the dark, prowling in the shadows like a silent mastermind.

Amidst the chaos, commotion and noisy chatter, Luther sat down cross legged and cleared his throat.

Only rabbit sensed something was wrong and lifted his glasses, looking at Luther quizzically.

"What's up boss ? Something happened ?"

"Yaaa.. umm.. I kind of have to stay here for about another 6 months." The usually cool and confident Luther was stuttering and stammering.

Plus, the guilty look on his face was an obvious tell...

But ....

Contrary to what he expected, the brothers simply laughed it off and brushed it aside.

"Ahem ahem.. I am fine working out of here for another 6 months. I found a really good eatery next street, which is totally worth more visits." Panther helped out first.

"Yup I am good too boss. You know I am pursuing that cutie seriously. Just don't become my love rival. That's all I am asking." Monkey chimed in.

Taking the hint, one by one, they all supported a very flustered and embarrassed Luther. His sculpted face turned red and his cheeks were burning.

Chugging the bear on the table, he left the room in a hurry. "Ok then. I owe you guys one !" He could still hear the roaring laughter behind him.

Literally running out, Luther left the hotel with a flushed face. Why am I even doing this !!! He wondered.

On the other side ...

Not understanding his plight, Su Lin and Runyan were celebrating in the house for very different reasons.

"OK this is our chance. We need to attract a lot of new clients in these six months." Runyan cheered.

"Ya. Our herbal mixtures are great. So all we need is the customer to purchase it and use it once or twice and they will be buying it again for sure ! And with a face like that, at least some women are bound to stop by and take a look." Su Lin mumbled while trying to put together a special batch of herbal mixture for Luther.

"What is this one for sis ?" Runyan asked curiously.

"Did you notice earlier ? That guy had an amazing bone structure and physique, but his skin quality was not too great. It is a blasphemy actually. A thing of beauty like that covered with scars and blemishes."

"Hmm.. now that I think about that. You are correct. But not many men put effort into skin care and stuff." Runyan said.

"Exactly. In fact, I don't think he has ever used anything on his skin. But all we got are 6 months. So we need to start working on him as soon as possible."

Su Lin made herself busy by preparing a big batch of herbs and taking a huge sauce pan to bone dry them first.

She then adjusted the proportions and started mixing them evenly with the right amount of water.

After a few minutes, she added in boiling hot coconut oil and evened out the consistency of the mixture.

A faint pungent smell started emerging from the mixture. And several different looks crossed Runyan's face while observing Su Lin at work.

She believed in her friend's godly abilities but this smell ...?

Isn't it a bit too weird and strong ?

And it turned worse every minute till Su Lin finally heaved a sigh. "Done."


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