The CEO's loser wife
56 As you wish my dear Part 5
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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56 As you wish my dear Part 5

Luther chuckled amusedly and walked in, sitting comfortably on the couch opposite to Su Lin and Runyan.

Good thing no one else was present here. What would happen to his reputation as a crime syndicate boss, if he was being ordered around by a small little cutie.

"You.. I know why you keep circling around me !" Su Lin looked at him confidently.

"You do ?"

Wow, she actually knew people were about to kill her ?! Luther was surprised.

She crossed her legs in a haughty manner, like a loan shark forgiving someone's debt and spoke with a gentle and generous tone.

"I saved your life back in the mountains and now you feel like you owe me. Your entire life belongs to me. You are all mine. You are madly in love with me. You just want to stay near me. And so on and so forth. Am I right ?"

"... ummm ?"

Luther was trying his best to control the laughter which was erupting in his mind. Girl you are so full of yourself !!!

Bitch please !! the debt is already cleared. I saved your puny ass just a few minutes ago.

Using every bit of self control he had, he composed himself and spoke.
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" Yup. Let's say it is something like that. So ?"

Su Lin smirked and continued, "Listen not to offend you or anything. But I don't have any sort of romantic interest in you."

Ouch. Yup ! That hurts ! Luther was snickering inside.

"But don't worry. I appreciate your sincere gratitude and have a counter proposal for you. "


"I am in need of your services for a different reason. Can you give me 6 months of tour time ?"

"Pffffttt... What now?" Luther choked on his water and spat everything out.

"I am dead serious. I need this help and you can consider it as repayment. Think about it. It will be like a sort of contract."

Luther was dumbfounded. He honestly didn't know how to react. This was too crazy and hilarious. He had just come here to bid her good bye ... but what now ?

Could he even bring himself to refuse her ? He didn't know !!! This was completely unexpected.

Several minutes of silence passed by ... Luther still couldn't bring himself to say yes or no to this cutie in front of him.

Both of their eyes were glued onto him, making him more nervous and uncomfortable.

Looking at him hesitating, Su Lin was worried. She had a plan, but he was crucial to the plan. She didn't want to lose him.

Maybe she broke his heart too much ? That's why he is feeling sad and unable to answer ?

Clearing her throat a bit, Su Lin decided to go all in oh her bet. She sheepishly looked down and murmured quietly.

"Umm.. you know if you are working with me for 6 months, who knows something might even happen between us."

She was fine with this statement. It might be false but at least if she compensated him enough monetarily, he might not be disappointed.

With a gaze full of expectations, she continued staring at him fervently ..

Luther on the other hand, was struggling ! He couldn't even bring himself to meet her eyes. He was the boss for god's sake !

He can't possibly take a 6 month vacation !! So why was he thinking about it so much. Maybe if he used a phone more often ?

No no ! Come on. You can say no. Just tell her no. Think about how others will react !! They are already packing their bags !!!

Luther was trying his best to reason with himself. But sometimes, your brain says one thing and your heart says another thing !

He looked at her and wanted to tell her that he was sorry and couldn't possibly help her with this ....

But .. In the end ... all he could say was.. "As you wish my dear."

Both Runyan and Su Lin looked at each other and smiled. This was good. This was too good !

With him now, they can turn everything upside down ! What bitch ass modeling agency and what bitch ass models !

Look his face !!! Who can even compare to these gorgeous features ?! If this face can't make people stop, turn back and come into their shop, then no one else can !!!

Luther was sweating. He even got goose bumps all over his body. You guys !! Please control your emotions.

Everything is written so clearly on your face ! Can you please not treat me like a piece of meat !!!

Already regretting his decision, he broke the silence and got up. "Ok ladies. I need to go and settle some things. I will see you guys back later tonight. And ...."

"And ?"

"Don't miss me too much. Ha ha "

Rolling her eyes, Su Lin shut the door. A lot had happened today, but in the end, somehow things worked out ! Phew.

While Su Lin was grinning satisfactorily, Luther gloomily approached the hotel his men were staying in. How on earth was he going to explain to them ?!!


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