The CEO's loser wife
55 As you wish my dear Part 4
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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55 As you wish my dear Part 4

Su Lin kept frantically searching for any signs of foul play and even thought about just grabbing Runyan and getting the hell out of there.

In the midst of the chaos in her mind....

Bang Bang.. Two loud shots were heard. This was it. Su Lin quickly checked herself and Runyan. Both of them were safe. But clearly they weren't still out of woods.

She grabbed Runyan and started running madly. Obviously someone from one of these houses is shooting at them. In this residential area, where else could one hide?!

It was a perfect plan. Find an empty house and silently snipe your oblivious non suspecting target, who is just out for a casual daily walk.

Forget about cornering them in the middle of the night or kidnapping them to a remote location. This method was even better.

After running a while, both of them were panting. It didn't look like they were being chased or anything. Su Lin scanned to make sure no one was following them.

The street returned to it's original calm and quiet state and everything looked normal again.

Interestingly Su Lin was also not feeling nervous or anxious. All the danger and crisis she sensed seemed to have disappeared as well.

But still not stopping the duo ran quite a distance, when Runyan grabbed Su Lin's hand, coming to a stop.

"Hey hey don't panic so much ! Maybe a tire got punctured ! Ha ha ... Shit.. Look at you ! You are shivering ! Why did you get so scared out of nowhere."

Out of breath, Su Lin's chest heaved up and down. Looking at that smiling innocent face, laughing at her, she could only helplessly shrug her shoulders. No wonder they say ignorance is bliss... You idiot..

Just when the duo relaxed a bit and started walking back to their house, someone jumped out of nowhere and appeared behind them.

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Startled, both Runyan and Su Lin shrieked, even attracting the attention of a couple of passersby.

"God damn it. Why are you here again ?!" Su Lin furiously kicked the grinning dude. Is this why she felt anxious sometime before ? Hmm..

Sighing out loud, Su Lin looked at Luther up and down. From the outside, this guy didn't seem like he was serious about anything and appeared very jovial and casual, without any motive or intention.

Tsk.. Tsk .. If only it was that simple.... Something tells her that it is not going to be an easy task to get rid of him....

Su Lin glared at Luther for a whole minute, while he just smiled and waved at both the ladies. His perfect cheekbones, decorated by that atrocious scar would make anyone want to stare at him without blinking.

Shit.. Stepping out of her trance, Su Lin finally remembered the paparazzi, which always seemed to somehow spy on her and her whereabouts.

Not to mention, scandalous titbits were already flying around about them.

"Just meet me back in the house and take another route", she hurriedly mumbled to him and started walking back in longer strides.

Luther looked confused for a second and then winked at her, nodding in agreement. Watching the two ladies walking away, he couldn't help but smile.

He had actually just wanted to see her one more time, before leaving this place. Maybe even warn her that someone called Tang Yue had ordered a hit against her.

But now ..

He even received a personal invitation to the house ! Heh .. Might as well talk to her at her house !..

Luther obediently followed Su Lin And Runyan at a distance.

The man who had exhibited extraordinarily nimble assassination skills, just a few minutes ago, was now just casually strolling in the street whistling a tune.

In a matter of 5 mins he had ended the life of 10 men. 5 mins ! Even egg needs more time to boil ! But he cleaned out an entire mercenary hit team within a few minutes.

While monkey was grumbling and cleaning up the shit show of a crime scene, Luther silently followed Su Lin to make sure they reached home safe and sound.

Once they were back at Su Lin's place, Luther even purposefully dilly dallied a bit to make it look like he had taken a different route. Ah ! The things he had to do for this cutie !

They had actually been following this duo all day. The cutie had rejected him upfront, that too very strongly ! To make matters worse some magazines had actually called him a gigolo.

Not sure how to approach this situation or how to even get closer to the cutie, Luther and a few men were hanging in the vicinity of Su Lin all day.

And finally their patience had paid back, when they found some other group following the duo with ill intentions. They had even managed to clear their debt by disposing of all the danger !

At least that's what they thought.....

Hrmm ..... Clearing his throat, Luther swaggered into the house.

Runyan and Su Lin were waiting for him, sitting on the couch by the entrance.

Unexpectedly these two were actually happy and excited and were nervously waiting in anticipation.

Why the sudden mood change ? Luther was curious. He had prepared a whole dramatic entrance and story reveal of how he had saved the day. But this ...

As soon as he stepped in, Su Lin's expression changed. She actually added a bit more attitude and arrogance to her behavior and commanded authoritatively like a queen.

"Come sit down."


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