The CEO's loser wife
54 As you wish my dear Part 3
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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54 As you wish my dear Part 3

After a lot of brainstorming sessions, coupled with walking back and forth, Su Lin and Runyan, finally left the house around 2 pm in the afternoon.

When it came to medicine and herbal treatments, Su Lin was like a God dominating anything and everything.

However this didn't come along in a single day. She was not a born genius. This sort of thing was slowly molded from within her. It was several hundred years of practice and more practice.

But when it came to other things, she was just as naive as anyone else. She only had an average IQ and because of her mentality, she also took her sweet time in exploring and understanding things.

And just like her, Runyan was also a simple girl next door.

Hence the clueless duo had to discuss a lot before arriving at a conclusion.

With no business expert to rely on, they talked among themselves and made an appointment with a local model agency.
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It was relatively close by to their small house and hence they decided to just walk over there. Unbeknownst to them, two groups were following their every move very closely.

On reaching the agency, Su Lin approached the receptionist and enquired her about the appointment. For some reason, the receptionist gave a dirty look and continued with her work.

She in fact ignored the duo for a good five minutes before signaling them to take their seat on the waiting couch.

Perplexed by this behavior, Su Lin murmured, "Didn't she talk well on the phone ? What happened now."

Even Runyan didn't understand. After waiting for half an hour, she again tried to get the receptionist's attention, but was instead met with some sharp words.

"Don't you people have any manners ?! It is common sense to wait until the respective party is free for meeting! You don't have to disturb me and act as if you are standing in hot water! I will call you when it's your turn."

Su Lin sneered. Clearly something else was going on here. She didn't want to take some random nonsense from a no name receptionist.

"Why do you have an appointment system then ? Everybody is busy and have their own schedule. If you can't respect that, you could have mentioned it earlier over the phone ! I also don't want to do business with a company, which is so tardy in its dealings."

Hearing the commotion outside her office, a tall slender woman walked out. She looked very elegant and professional, with a mole on her cheer, adding more allure to her figure.

Looking at her, Su Lin patiently repeated the issue. " We made an appointment for 3pm. It's already 6 pm. And your receptionist hasn't offered any explanation and is continuing to be rude."

The manager gave a stern look at the receptionist, but nevertheless turned towards the duo and resolutely cut off the conversation.

"Sorry we won't be able to do any business with you. Please find your way out."

Not surprised, Su Lin chuckled. "Aren't you even going to apologize or act like you are sorry?"

As if this result wasn't obvious! Making someone wait for 3 hours idly does send a loud and clear message.

"Hmph. I don't have to answer you." The manager returned her gaze with a smug arrogant look and quickly shut the door behind her.

Once she was inside, snickering she picked up her phone. "Did you hear that madam Tang ? Are you satisfied?! Ha ha . I am going back to my work now." She smiled and cut the call. Her dear friend could be pretty childish at times.

But she is the mayor's daughter and getting invited to important events in the city was a must in her line of work. So she wouldn't dare offend this childish friend of hers.

Childish huh ?! On the other end, Tang Yue was pretty happy and content with herself. Today this chapter was finally closing.

And to top it all, she even managed to give some face slap before ending her life. Ha ha. All the remorse and hesitance she felt, had long since disappeared.

The men Tang Yue sent finally stood up from their hiding spots. Even they were grumbling from having to wait idly all afternoon.

They had even scouted a isolated place nearby, which provided the perfect chance to silently snipe the target.

Looking at the duo exit the agency, everybody dispersed and silently got into their positions.

Even Su Lin was not able to sense anything unusual and out of place. This was just a normal and casual residential place. It was only normal to have random people in random places.

But for some reason, something was prickling her conscience. Something was just not sitting right with her. Now that her soul sense has reached complete stage 1, she needed to trust and not ignore these smaller inklings.

They were important and they often meant something significant. Calming herself, Su Lin frantically scanned the area. There was a sense of urgency in her action.

Even the number of people on the road suddenly decreased. She paused walking and held Runyan's hand, coming to a complete stand still. She looked around. There were only huge gigantic houses on either sides of the road and nothing was suspicious.

Nothing was shady. This was in fact a good and posh neighborhood and one should feel safe walking here. That too it was not even dark yet.

And Su Lin repeatedly to the best of her abilities scanned the surroundings, but all she sensed was regular people just living their lives in their respective houses. So why is there a feeling of impending crisis nagging at her ?!


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