The CEO's loser wife
53 As you wish my dear Part 2
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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53 As you wish my dear Part 2

Su Lin lazily yawned and stretched. The pleasant morning sunlight, coupled with the birds chirping rejuvenated her salty mood from yesterday.

Ever since she got here, she has been gathering quite a bit of karma and debt. Some good some bad .. but they all have to be returned in the end.. if possible with interest.. Determination shined in her eyes.

Focusing on the positive events in her life, Su Lin looked at her website. Five new orders had come in today. Maybe this whole website thing was not a bad idea ..

She got freshened up quickly and knocked on Runyan's door.

"Hey babe." Su Lin cheerfully greeted her.

"Good morning." Runyan replied sleepily. She sounded fine but her eyes had huge black bags.

Looks like she might have cried herself to sleep yesterday.. But not dwelling on that, Su Lin gently patted her. She might have to wait some more for Runyan to open up to her. She didn't even know her last name.

"Can you make us all some simple breakfast ? I will go and search for Wang Yu. It would be good to have breakfast together and chat about our company."

"Our company ?" Leaving behind a very confused and surprised Runyan, Su Lin walked downstairs chuckling. Wow, I have changed a lot.

Su Lin indeed had changed a lot. In her previous world, she was always a lone wolf.

Not without reason though, she has experienced more than her share of betrayals and back stabbings.

But here ... these two people.. they were almost as lost as she was.. with no one to care for them.. she didn't see any reason not to trust them.

And this time maybe she didn't have to feel so lonely at the top.

After all nothing is as resilient as human heart. Even after a hundred betrayals, give it a month, it will be all healed and ready for the next one ..

But then there of course were the truly hopeless cases, from which one never really comes back.
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In a corner, Wang Yu was napping under a tree, without a single care about anything. Look at him ! Sleeping like a baby. Su Lin shook her head and smiled.

She slowly approached him and took a special joy in breaking his slumber, with a nice little pinch.

"Get up. Breakfast is ready."

"Ummm ?"

Wang Yu walked into the house half asleep and confused. Hmm .. She has never really made breakfast for me till date. Did the sun rise from the west ?!

He saw Runyan sitting on the table with some soy milk and sandwiches. Su Lin silently went and sat next to her and dug into her food.

Looking at them both having breakfast, Wang Yu innocently joined them on the table as well. But just as he took a bite ...

"Runyan these are some good sandwiches thank you. I feel like I need to do something to thank her. Don't you ?" Su Lin smiled and looked at Wang Yu.

Still confused Wang Yu nodded his head hesitantly. Is she going to make me cook lunch ? But what's with the obviously elaborate pathetic drama?

"Ahem ahem .. so .. apart from the moisturizer, I need to add a couple more products to the website. You know .. " Laughing nervously Su Lin tested the waters.

Ha ha ha. Wang Yu burst into laughter.

"Did you guys lure me here early in the morning to load more work ?! Seriously monsters !! I am already watering the plants every day !! And you want me to do more ?"

Su Lin frowned and looked Wang Yu. This dude was an enigma. How on earth can she persuade someone who literally did not give a shit about anything ?!

And they were too poor right now to employ anyone else .. and Su Lin didn't like working with strangers.

"Just this and you can go back to sleeping !" Su Lin mumbled looking down.

"You guys don't understand anything. What are you even trying to do here ?! You need lot more money and resources for starting a proper company !"

"And more importantly, you need a model !! Someone to advertise, endorse and pose for your products. Have you guys even compared how your shitty shop looks and how other cosmetic shops look ?!"

Wang Yu continued his lecture for another good hour, when he finally left the two anxious and confused.

He he he. Serves you right for waking me up and giving me chores. Wang Yu chuckled and disappeared somewhere.

Contrary to how unhelpful and indifferent he was in the morning, around noon the website was swiftly updated.

Organicaa now sold a cherry shade lip gloss and a coconut based herbal hair oil. Though it has been about four months since the website had been up, it only had a measly 200 visits.

Out of these, there were actually only five legit customers. Su Lin skimmed through the records and checked the details of the customers.

She was immediately able to recognize the first name, Mrs. Zhenghai. She had literally been the only person to come to her shop and buy something for sane reasons.

Unfortunately, she couldn't recognize any of the other four. But considering she hadn't done any sort of advertising or publicity, these people were most probably friends of Mrs. Zhenghai.

Word of mouth can be a good publicity method for local restaurants but for cosmetic brands ? A hard no.

They can't afford to wait and add one customer at a time, else she will be forever selling just 5 to 10 products every month.

But improving her store front ? That can catch more customers right ?! Hmm .. Something to make it more trendy and attractive. Something to make people want to stop by and check out the store..?

And suddenly something Wang Yu said that morning sparked her thoughts. Getting a model might just do the trick..


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