The CEO's loser wife
52 As you wish my dear Part 1
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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52 As you wish my dear Part 1

Under the luminous rays of the healing moon light, a tall handsome man entered a local pub.

"Yo boss here", a well built man greeted him.

Luther slowly sauntered into the booth with a sulky and gloomy expression. Sitting down, he grabbed a drink on the table and downed it in one gulp.

Sitting in a corner of the table, monkey took small hidden peaks at the apparently disgruntled man and was smiling contently.

Not able to tolerate this weird and ominous atmosphere around the table, one of the burly men voluntarily broke the silence.

"How long are we staying here boss ? This city is a shit town."


Luther was still gazing at the empty glass and was deep in his thoughts.

"Boss just a suggestion. We all know your plan and of course we are all very grateful to her but ... can't we just transfer the money and leave soon ?"

"hmmm.. and that would show our gratitude?" Raising his sharp eyes, Luther seriously looked at Panther, who had just voiced his opinion.

A cold shiver ran through Panther's spine and not daring to speak further, he immediately quieted down. Nudging the guy sitting next to him, he focused on the glass in front of him.

In a few minutes, another meek voice could be heard. "So what is the plan boss ?"

"Hmmm" and silence.... It looked like Luther was intent on not saying much tonight.

Time trickled by and the entire table was getting more and more uneasy. This is a bar for god sake ! Why is he torturing us here !

Finally after downing several drinks, Luther mumbled in a gruff voice. "Let's work from here for a few days. We can talk about this next meeting."

Panther cautiously spoke again. "Boss are you serious about her ?"

Chuckling sarcastically, Luther looked at him. "Doing what we do, how can I ever be serious with anyone.."

He stood up and walked out, his lonely silhouette stepping into the darkness, pondering how to pay back this enormous debt he owed.

Coming from no where, this young frail woman had unexpectedly saved his life. His pathetic life... Did he even deserve to be saved ..

Little did he know that he would get an opportunity the very next day.

In other crazy parts of town, Tang Yue handed out a wad of cash to five well built men.

"I need this done today." She commanded furiously. She has had it enough with Su Lin and her lucky stars. She was like a bug that just won't disappear, always clinging to Shi Meng.

"Fuck it. So what if you are that lucky !! I, Tang Yue, will make my own luck." She resolutely decided to end this all today.

A few weeks back, intent on competing with Angela, Tang Yue started working in Shi Meng's office as an assistant. She didn't want to be all beauty and no brains.

Even she was capable of flourishing and developing in the business world.

And of course, why wouldn't she want to start this process in Shi Meng's office. One phone call to dearest daddy mayor Tang and everything was arranged.
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She started her morning cheerfully, having completed more than necessary work which Shi Meng had requested.

She was even able to have breakfast with him and his mother. This was originally going to be an amazing day. But no .. that thorn in her path showed up again.

In the one hour, between home and office, apparently Shi Meng had stopped at her store for a chat ! Ridiculous!! Bitch was missing for 4 months and everything was peachy !

But the day she comes back, Shi Meng immediately runs and visits her. Tang Yue didn't like it at all. Not one bit.

And it looks like no amount of slandering and defaming is going to stop this interest and relationship.

She already has her hands full trying to compete with that blonde monster. Now Su Lin again ?!

While she was boiling on this information, Angela called and Shi Meng actually dared to send her out, closed the door and then continued his conversation over the phone.

Tang Yue stood outside the office, frozen on the spot. Her eyes were almost tearing up. Her heart ached to see the man she loved, standing only a few inches away from her, but in reality so far away... always almost out of reach.

And unknowingly, this became the match that lit everything up.

Tang Yue braved her heart and decided to get rid of Su Lin permanently. She was too tired of this back and forth dance filled with uncertainty.

Who would even care ?! After all, Su Lin was an orphan, with no one to even miss her if she is gone.

After confirming the mission with the five thugs, Tang Yue walked reluctantly back to her car. She still had doubts about this in her heart.

She has done a lot of scheming and cheating in her life, but not once has she ever crossed a line. But somehow, when it came to Su Lin, her heart was surprisingly merciless.

" It's done. No use thinking about it now. This is all for the good of everyone. Mrs. Meng, Shi Meng, papa, mama everyone will be happy."

Tang Yue calmed herself down. Her hands were shaking. She quickly drove back to the office and sat in her desk.

Glu glu glu .. she emptied a whole bottle of water and finally let out a sigh.

She looked over her desk and watched that tall and majestic man talking seriously, interspersed with small charming chuckles.

And all her doubts and reluctance vanished in an instance .... He needed to be mine .. at any cost ..


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