The CEO's loser wife
51 She has a boy toy Part 4
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The CEO's loser wife
Author :Yolohy
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51 She has a boy toy Part 4

After talking to mama Meng, and with the guilty look on Runyan's face, Su Lin figured something had happened.

Runyan hesitantly showed her the news and gossip circulating. "I mean don't worry sis. I didn't know you were married to someone so famous. This usually happens. See tomorrow the netizens will move on to someone else. Nobody cares about this shit."

But, Runyan's words were just hitting the wall... Su Lin was bubbling with anger looking at the same things being repeated again.

Obviously she also understood that these are all very temporary but there was one thing which was bothering her again and again.

Why the fuck do they keep calling her Mrs. Meng. Aren't they fucking divorced ?! Did she not have a self identity ??!!

It was infuriating. Not long after, her so called ex-husband also dropped by to add more fuel to the fire. It looked like he had directly dropped by here right after breakfast.

As usual, he rudely and arrogantly walked in as if he owned the place. Looking menacingly at Su Lin, he chuckled. "You have been busy.."

"Huh ?" Su Lin mumbled without looking at him.

"Looks like you got back from your secret trip and immediately caused some trouble as well?"

Su Lin "Thanks...."

If there was one thing she had learnt, it was to not talk with these idiots, let it be him or his mother or the wannabe who hangs around them.

Saying anything is pointless. It is just like talking to rabid dogs. No matter what you say, all they have to do is bark louder and annoy you.

Surprise flashed across Shi Meng's face. The woman standing in front of him looked more and more composed with their every meeting.

"Can you tell me one thing ? Why did you go to a remote mountain location ? That too for 4 months?"

In the past few days, he had asked himself this question several times. Even the extremely capable woman he had sent to spy on Su Lin returned back empty handed.
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And thus he finally broke down and decided to confront Su Lin in person regarding this. As an added bonus, it might even throw her off the game and maybe she will let slip some minute details ?!

This was the plan .....

But unfortunately, all Su Lin replied was "Quiet introspection"


"Yup and I would definitely recommend the same for you. I heard it does wonders to people who are paranoid." It was Su Lin's turn to sarcastically chuckle.

Looking at the mockery written on her face, Shi Meng gave up on this silly endeavor and turned back to walk out rudely, when Su Lin's voice assaulted him again at the door step, making him almost stumble.

"Now that you are interrogating me in person, have you finally stopped spying on me ?"

Caught red handed Shi Meng's temper immediately flared. He turned back looking fiercely into Su Lin's eyes. This time she didn't look away and unnervingly stared right back at him.

"Know your place. It would be in your best interest not to push me.. Even now I can crush you completely without even lifting a finger. Don't forget."

Looking at her one last time, he rushed out of the store. Hmph. She has grown more arrogant than before.

Paa... Su Lin crushed the paper in her hands and threw it at the door. How laughable ?! The mother and son duo are begging for my attention.. hmm..

Taking her eyes off the door, she looked back at the screen blinking in front of her. Now, who the fuck took a picture of her with this asshole?! What new hell is this ? I need to settle this right now before things blow up further!

Grabbing Runyan, Su Lin rushed back home resolutely. As expected, one middle aged man and one younger looking man were sitting comfortably on the couch.

A movie was rolling in the Tv and multiple half eaten dishes were strewn about on the coffee table. Fuck ! This is not even my house you idiots !!

Not wasting any time, Su Lin directly went to Luther and grabbed him by his shirt to throw him out of the house.

"Yo slow down miss. Who ate your lunch ? Why this violence ?" Luther grinned.

Su Lin gave a deathly stare, locked the gates and went back in to deal with the other useless guy.

Awkwardly ruffling his hair, Luther mumbled and walked away. "How the hell do I get close to her ?!"

Not long after, out of nowhere, Monkey appeared next to Luther. "Yo boss !! So .... "

He fidgeted with his hands for a bit, before continuing to stab at Luther's fresh wounds, "Looks like you struck out back there ! He he. Is it my turn yet ? I mean it's only fair ?"

Not very amused, Luther leaped to grab him for some much needed beating, though only to miss... Monkey had the good sense to already start running away.


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